Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 8

Hi friends. Sorry for late updates. Lets go to the story now.

Recap: Kaira go to library.

Naira: I dont know where to start.

Kartik: What is your assignment topic?

Naira: Anatomy

Kartik laughs.

Naira: Why are you laughing?

Kartik: Such an easy one. I will help you. You go and sit. I will get the books for you.

Naira: But?

Kartik: Ms.Sherni I am your senior. I know all the books. You go and sit.

Naira: Haan. Teeke.

Kartik goes to the racks. He searches and collects books. After 15 minutes..

Naira: Kartik??? Kartik??

Kartik comes with books stacked in such a way that it even cover his face.

Kartik in a feeble voice: Naira I am here.

The books are about to fall. Naira runs and holds the books. She takes some of them.

They head to the table and keep the books on it.

Naira: Hey bhagwan. These many books. What will I do now?

Kartik: Why fear when Kartik is here. I will help you.

Both sit down and take notes. It gets dark. Kartik switches on the lights. They continue to work for a long time.

After few hours Kartik looks at his watch

Kartik: Naira! Its 10:30. Pretty late. Lets go home. Rest can be done tomorrow. He closes the book and notes. and pushes it aside and leans on the chair with his arms folded over his head.

Naira: Ek minute bas hojayega.

Kartik gets up and goes near her.

Kartik: Wooow. I think its enough for your assignment. I have also written some. You just compile them and give to your professor.

Naira finishes writting and closes her book and notes and looks up at Kartik.

Naira: I hope it comes out well. My first one

Kartik holds her hand and: Everything will be good. Come on lets go home.

Naira: I will call bhai to take me home.

Kartik: Wait. I will drop you. Why to disturb him. Provided you dont have any problem

Naira: No. Its ok.

Kartik: Hmm. If you have problem I will wait till your bhai comes.

Naira: Ok dont feel. I will come with you.

Kartik and Naira arrange the books in shelf and then leave. Kartik takes his bike to Naira.

Kartik?: Beto memsab.

Naira sits behind him and both leave. They travel home.

Khayal tera jagata hai… Khab tera sulata hai. …Har jaga ab toh tuhi nazar aata hai. ..Yeh rishta kya Yeh risdhta kya kehlata hai…Yeh rishta kya Yeh risdhta kya kehlata hai… plays in back round.

They reach Singhania house as Naira gouide Kartik with the route.

Naira gets down. Naira holds his hand.

Naira: Kartik COme inside na.

Kartik: Nahi.

Just then Akshara and Naksh come out hearing the bike sound.

Akshara: Naira beta.

Naira: Maa. Ye hai Kartik. Just see he is not coming in.

Naksh: Kartik come in.

Kartik puts the bike stands and gets down and goes in.

Akshara: Thanks for dropping her beta. Naira why did you disturb him You might have called bhai na.

Kartik: Aunty.. I only offered to drop her. After all its a friends duty.

Naksh hugs him.

Naksh: Kartik sorry for that day. He folds his hands as an apology

Kartik holds Naksh’s hands and bring them down.

Kartik: Please dont feel sorry. Aap toh sahi the. Any bhai will react like that.

Naksh: Thank you for understanding. By the way I am Naksh.

Both hug again.

Akshara: Beta please sit. I will give something to eat.

Kartik: Sorry aunty. Voh at home all will be waiting Got to go.

Akshara smiles: Ok beta. But next time should eat something.

Kartik: Ji.

He takes their leave. Naira smiles as he turns back to see her while walking to hte door.

Kartik comes home.. He sleeps peacefully. scene freezes.

Scene shifts to a exhibition hall and its an afternoon. It is revealed to be Prerna’s . 

Prerna is in her cabin just then a clerk knocks the door.

Prerna: Yes come in.

Clerk: Mam the client has come

Prerna: Ask them to come.

Anurag dressed in formals enters.

Prerna stands up and : Aap?

Anurag is also surprised : Aap?

Prerna: Please come and sit.

Anurag sits. Anurag: Is it your hall?

Prerna: Yes. Was that your company asking to host the jwellery exhibition

Anurag: Ji haan. Nice to see you.

Prerna: Mujhe bhi. What will you have?

Anurag: Nahi kuch nahi

Prerna: Please mere liye..

Anurag: Voh I am hungry thought of going out for meal after the meeting.

Prerna: Acha her face becomes small

Anurag: Dont become sad. I will have whatever you say.

Prerna smiles: O Sorry for troubling you. You just have a meal if you are hungry. I will wait till then.

Anurag: Why dont you come with me there. Its almost lunch time. You too must be feeling hungry. We shall complete the meeting there.

Prerna: Voh..

Anurag: Only if you are okay with it.

Prerna: Before sagaai.  What will others say? If anyone at home knows about it.

Anurag: If you are not comfortable no problem. Lets go on with the meeting.

Prerna: You are hungry. Lets go to the nearby restaurant.

Anurag: Thank you. He smiles.

Both leave for the restaurant. They reach and take their seats and order food.

Anurag: This is better than a cramped office.

They talk official matters and meanwhile food arrives. Both start having food.

After some time. Ice cream arrive and they start to have it.

Some icecream is near Prerna’s lips. Anurag gestures her about it. Prerna rubs the opposite side and then on the right side but below it.

Anurag gets up leans over the table to wipe it.

Prerna blushes. Her hair falls on her face. Anurag pushes it aside. He then sits on his chair smiling at her.

After few minutes of silence Prerna: How long do you need the hall

Anurag: For 7 days.

Prerna: Ji. Tomorrow We will send the official acceptance letter to your office.

Anurag: Ji.

Prerna: hmm.

Bill arrives. Prerna is about to pay it. anurag keeps his hand on hers.

Anurag: I will pay. Its our first date right?

Prerna blushes and takes her hand away. Anurag smiles. Scene freezes.

Hope u liked it.

Precap: Anupre’s Engagement date is fixed. Naitik Akshara have an accident.


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  1. Very nice, please keep updating

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  2. Marvellous

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      Thank you Vini

  3. Superb dr..
    Anupre scenes were so cute…
    Bt worried abt ur precap of naitik akshara accident

    1. Sai07

      Thank u dr. Don’t worry their accident is just to bring some spice in story.

  4. Jasminerahul

    kaira library scene was nice.surprised to see anurag as prerna’s client.icecream scene n hair scene were romantic. anurag saying that he will pay as its their first date was nice

    1. Sai07

      Thank you Jasmine. Please keep supporting.

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