Nimki Mukhiya 20th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Annaro insults Mausi

Nimki Mukhiya 20th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says parbatya bring sweets. Annaro says shut up. Who would listen to you. Mausi says Nimki is your daughter in law. Anaro says she can’t decide for my daughter. Mausi says thats why I am here to talk to you. Nimki says sasu ji you wanted your daughter to be happy. ANnaro says get out of here. Get lost. I don’t want any proposal. Sweeti says can you talk politely. Annaro says how dare they come here. What worth are they? If Tettar was here he would have shot them. Nimki says she is like my mom. I can’t let you talk to her like this. Annaro says then take her to ghat tola nad get him married to your sister. Nimki says what is not there in Abi? He has a good job. Is any of your sons like him? Your dablo can’t pay rent to my dad. And Babbu and diamond live

on dad’s money. All three of them combined can’t be equal to abhi. Sweeti says enough. I will decide for my life. Neither amma nor tettar. Sweeti says Mausi you shouldn’t have come here. These people are not humans. I am so sorry. Mausi faints. Nimki says parbatya bring water. Annaro says you wont get water here. Nimki says don’t cross your limit. Sweeti brings water. Rekha says look at how sweeti is serving her. Sweeti and Nimki pick mausi and take her out.

Dablo says to diamond and babu come see my office. He asks secretary to bring cold drink. Babbu says we are here to talk. I met Ritu today. He tells Dablo everything. Babbu says is he right? Didi meets Abhi. BDO and Nimki are playing this game. Dablo says what do we have to do? If she is divorced we will all be insulted. Babbu says I wont forgive ritu either. Dablo says please forget it. We have to bring Ritu back home.

Scene 2
Abhi says to mausi why did you go to haveli? Elena says to take your proposal. Abhi says do you even know what sweeti is going through? I am calling her. You have to apologize. Abi calls Sweeti. Sweeti picks the phone. Abhi says I called to apologize. I didn’t even know they would come they will apologize. Sweeti says let it be. They don’t have to apologize. Abhi says to Mausi I am sure nimki would have asked to do all this. Nimki comes. She says mausi and I want to settle your life. ABhi says enough. Don’t interfere in my life anymore. Nimki says so our friendship is over? He says yes. Nimki says wont be over if you say. You are getting a good girl. Whats the problem? Give me reason. Are you not interested in girls? Are you happy with moray lal? Abhi says what are you saying. Nimki says I will get you married to Sweeti.

Tune and Ramla make Ram walk. Tune says to Mauha will you go for a movie with me? She says I have a lot of work. Take nimki. Tune says if you want okay. Mauha says yeah I am not dying to watch a movie. Ramla says please go. You will feel good. Mauha says I dont’ like Emran hasmi. Why should i watch his movie? Tune says oh she doesn’t like him.
Nimki recalls elena saying papa liked you. He wanted to marry you.
Abhi comes after her. He says I wanted to talk to you. Nimki says look at these women singing for the new bride. Abhi says I can’t marry Sweeti. Nimki says because you love me? Abhi is dazed.
Precap-Nimki says I will tell Babbu you hit on his wife. Abhi says don’t pretned. i know he doesn’t love you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This show is getting so stupid, and pointless.

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