Thodi Si Diwana Hai Hum…..Invited…! (Anika’s POV!)

Anika continues:

Days passed….

One day, Tia, Shivaay’s childhood friend came to our house. She was invited by Pinky Aunty. She was studying for further education in social psychology and went to London through her scholarship. She came to Dehradun because she was just waiting for the results.

Pinky Aunty had a good relationship with her. Tia was known to her since she(Tia) was a child. Pinky Aunty loves Tia like her own and not only that I used to feel that Tia is having some hidden feelings for Shivaay. It was Pinky Aunty who told Tia to come to our house when she is Dehradun.

Once Pinky Aunty told me to cook dinner for everyone. In the house, we have a lot of principles like particular time to eat food, eating together, etc. Everyone eats food at sharp 9.00 a.m. I have only 3 hours to cook. No one will help me as it is my first rasoi!

I try to make it, but because of my panics, I messed it up! Now, most of the vegetables has finished in the house and I had to cook whatever is there!!!

The time is less! I have only one hour left!!!

What will I do!!!!!!!!?

It really reminded me how my milkshake messed up with his cooking!! I once had fever because of which I was bedridden. He went to the kitchen to make food.

After some time, I got a smell of something burning. I thought there was fire and started screaming his name, to know if he is fine. He replied everything is fine, just that the food got burnt.

Even now I used to make fun of him, with this incident!

I knew that my kitchen messed up. I cursed myself!!!

I seriously don’t know what will I do!!! I am going to be dead!!

I panicked again!! Seriously, I knew everything went wrong!

Suddenly, Shivaay came there and I was like, “Oh Shit! He saw it! “

But what he did surprised me. Instead of going back as typical husbands, he helped me in making the food.

At last within one hour we prepared the food and I served it.

It was nine o’clock, when I served the food on the table. Everyone liked it, even though it was not really made by me.

While serving the food I could see Tia burning in jealousy, as per her expressions, I think it was jealousy.

Days passed….

Even though I never liked him, we used to act loving couple in front of the family. But now, Tia felt something wrong in our acting.

She starts her jasoosi, that time onwards.

She somehow, found out that we don’t sleep on the same bed!She tried a lot to create mess with us, but she fell in her own plans.

It’s not that me and Shivaay never tried to be friends. Shivaay tried to be friendly with me, but i can’t forgive him, he played with my life. Me and Shivaay used to fight for petty issues every time. So, we never try to be together.

Tia even tried to impress Shivaay to get sympathy, but he never got impressed with her.

One Month passed…

Once, Dadi called all of to prepare for an outing. You cannot call it an outing, but….

Where did Dadi want everyone to go?

What will happen?

Any guesses?

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