Nimki Mukhiya 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Babbu contests in elections

Nimki Mukhiya 17th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki recalls what Tettar said and now he insulted Tettar. Nimki recalls what Ritu said. Nimki tries waking Babu up. He says are you okay? Nimki says I wanted to talk. Nimki says take me to my home. You should also live with me before they kick us out. Babbu says they can’t. Nimki says if he becomes MLA we won’t be anything in front of him.

Ismail says to Nehar why are you sitting here. Ganes says today is contesting registrations day. Ganesh says he didn’t file. Nehar says what if tettar wins. He played a big game. Ganesh says we have to stop Tettar. Nimki calls Nehar says I need your help.

Tettar says is everything ready? Diamond says yes. Ritu says are you with us? He says yes I am on your side. Tettar says is everyone here? Jariya says yes all posters are there. Dable says I prayed for you in the temple. Pandit said no one can stop your defeat, I mean win. Consider my business after winning. Annro does Tettar’s arti. Sweeti comes. Annaro says come here. Sweti says I am not part of all this. Dablo says stay sweeti. Annaro asks her to do arti. Sweeti does arti.

Nimki says on call I will come. Today is our FIL’s nomination. Nimki says let’s go. Tettar says you can’t go. Nimki says your party invited me. We are in your support. Tettar says we dont need yours or babbu’s support. Babbu says we won’t give it either. He holds Nimki’s hand and says let’s go watch a movie today. Nimki says yeah we had a movie plan. Let’s go. Nimki says should we stop at collector office? Tettar says don’t even dare to come near that office. I will kick you both out the moment I win the elections. Ritu says let’s go. Ritu and Tettar leave.

Scene 2
Tettar comes to collector office. Party chairman asks your son and DIL didn’t come? Ritu says they would. Nehar comes there He says scared? Tettar says you have no worth contesting these elections. Nehar says you would know your worth in the elections. Tettar gets the papers. Chairman says your son and DIL are here. Right on time. Ritu asks Tettar to keep calm. Tettar says you came to support me? Chairman says he is your son after all. Babbu says give me a nomination paper. Ritu says what are you saying. Babbu says yes I am Babbu Singh. I am also contesting in elections an independent candidate. Nehar says this election would be fun. Nimki asks everyone to chant for Babbu.

Babbu recalls he was angry. He said Tettr would kick me out of this house? Nimki said he said Ritu is his everything. Babbu said I did everything for him in the last election. I won’t let him win. Nimki says no one else is contesting. Why don’t you contest? Babbu says I? Nimki says yes you MLA and your wife Mukhiya. Ritu won’t stand in front of us.
Babbu fills the form and signs it. Tettar is shocked.

Precap-Tettar says Babbu shouldn’t be seen here. Babbu comes in. Babbu says to Tettar if I win, you wont live in this house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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