Nimki Mukhiya 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki signs papers Ritu made to fool her

Nimki Mukhiya 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tettar says to Ritu what happened at Kishan’s shouldn’t happen again. Ritu says we have to defeat Mahatu. Tettar says we have to show them who we are. Lets go out in people. Ritu says we can use Nimki for people of ghat tola. Nimki comes and says good morning. Ritu says welcome. We were just talking about you.
Nimki says dadi how are you? Did you tell them all that you did together. Ritu says need signatures from you. She says sure I will sign them. Amma says are you done? go from here now. Nimki goes to her room. Amma says don’t ever cross the limit again. Nimki leaves.

Dablo sees his men. They are all injured. He says you all are so stupid. You couldn’t do anything and ruined the house, He says Dablo you didn’t tell us the right way in. dablo says you couldn’t handle two . He says she shoved me from stairs. They leave.

Scene 2
Nimki cuts out Emran Hashmi’s picture from maagzine. She says why are you looking at me like this? I am married. Ritu says what are you doing. She says my emran hashmi doesn’t talk to me. Babbu and Anaaro comes downstairs. Nimki says babu ji i missed you when you went to patna. Amma says whats happening? Ritu says was asking her to sign the papers. Nimki says I will sign them. She takes the papers.
Babbu says sign them. We will get stamp made later. Nimki says I have to read this first. But this is so much. Annaro says just sign them. Nimki says okay. Ritu says I read them. Nimki says then thats fine. Nimki says but I should only what I did on BDO’s papers. SHe signs them. Nimki says babbu I miss you.

Dablo is running from thugs. He comes in front Nehar’s car. The thugs come and say pay us. They are beating Dablo. Nehar says what happened? They tell him everything Dablo asked them to do. Nehar says go from here. Dablo will pay you both in one month. Dablo says thank you. Nehar says I would help you. Dablo says I know you very well. What do you want? He says I want to be your friend.

Nimki calls Mauha and says I signed a big bill today. It will bring change.
Dadi’s back hurts. Nimki says are you still not well? Sweeti massages her back. Annaro says why are you here? Sweeti says go from here. Rekha says don’t talk when I am talking. Annaro says get lost now. Nimki says where is babbu? Annaor says he has gone to ghat tola. Annaro says Sweeti ask babbu to bring painkillers. Nimki says he wont pick his phone.
Precap-Nehar and his followers come to ruin babbu’s speech.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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