Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Jalandhar goes to kailash.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mahadev screaming in anger jalandhar. Jalandhar hears this in his palace and says what was that sound? Someone screamed my name
There mahadev says jalandhar has done sins for which he shouldn’t be forgiven, but he will still get a chance. Mahadev gets angry and removes his damru, he starts shaking his damru and the sound waves reach everywhere. The sound waves concentrate and then hit jalandhar’s kailash. Jalandhar and vrinda are in the palace and jalandhar’s kailash and palace starts shaking. jalandhar says how is our palace tremoring? What is happening? Suddenly the shaking turns vigorous and all pillars start collapsing and the walls and ceilings of palace starts falling down. jalandhar gets angry and gets up, he holds vrinda’s hand and says we have to see who is doing this, I will kill whoever did this. Jalandhar then falls down and vrinda helps him get up, trees and everything start falling in jalandhar’s kailash. Mahadev’s voice is heard, mahadev says jalandhar you have done a very big sin, you changed the rules of nature, those rules which have been carefully been established by me, lord Vishnu and brahma dev, your foolishness almost led to the world’s destruction, I wont forgive you for this again, I give you one chance, come in kailash and ask forgiveness from me, I will leave you otherwise you will die a torturous death for the sins you have done. Jalandhar says who is this? How dare you try to scare jalandhar? I am the greatest one alive and I will kill you in a jiffy. Mahadev says it is me, mahadev! And you have crossed the limits of your sins now. Jalandhar says mahadev? I am not scared of you, I will come and kill you. Vrinda is scared and thinks I have to stop jalandhar. Mahadev says jalandhar, your ego and arrogance shall kill you today. Mahadev disappears. Jalandhar says I will go to kailash and kill shiv, I will show everyone who the real god is. Vrinda says no my love, don’t do that please. Jalandhar says no vrinda, mahadev ahs challenged me and I will destroy him. vrinda says why don’t you remember what rishi shokracharya said? He told not to go near kailash and mahadev otherwise you would be killed, I am scared. Jalandhar says scared? Angrily. Vrinda says I mean worried for you. Jalandhar says don’t worry vrinda, you know if you are alive nothing can happen to me and I will not let anything happen to you. Jalandhar now takes his weapon and walks out of the palace. Vrinda thinks I have to stop him and she goes behind him. suddenly jalandhar stops and vrinda stops too, vrinda thinks maybe he thought of not going, that is good, he will be safe. Jalandhar turns back and says vrinda, I have to go. vrinda is shocked. Jalandhar says but I will see to this nothing happens to you, I will make a shield around this palace and you, you will be protected inside. Jalandhar uses a spell and puts a shield around the palace. He then goes to kailash.
There lord Vishnu says to mahadev, prabhu I think I should go and make jalandhar understand, if you both go to battle, the universe will have to face destruction and many lives maybe lost, let me go and make him understand because he has after all been born from your rage and there can be some of your good too. mahadev says okay. Lord Vishnu goes on garud. Ganesh thinks before I could say, mama ji went, no one other than father can kill jalandhar.
There jalandhar comes outside the palace door and sharpens his weapon and says where are you shiv? Are you scared? Suddenly garud and lord Vishnu come. Jalandhar sees lord Vishnu and says ohh. So shiv sent his soldiers to fight me now? Vishnu you cannot defeat me. Lord Vishnu says jalandhar you were born from mahadev’s anger, but anger doesn’t always have to be destructive, it will lead to your end after everything. Lord Vishnu says, jalandhar think, maybe you have the good in you, let go of your ego and ask for forgiveness from mahadev, he will forgive you. Jalandhar laughs and says Vishnu, you shall die from my hands, that is what is written in your destiny, I will not ask for forgiveness but you can ask forgiveness from me, maybe I will forgive you and keep you on your position after I kill mahadev. Lord Vishnu gets angry. Jalandhar attacks lord Vishnu, lord Vishnu attacks arrows and destroys the attack. Lord Vishnu then attacks a spear and it goes through jalandhar, thus making a huge hole in his stomach. Jalandhar screams in pain and vrinda is worried. Suddenly jaaldnhar’s body regenerates and jalandhar laughs, he says you cannot kill me. Jalandhar then hypnotizes garud, garud gets out of control and flies into space. Lord Vishnu says that evil demon has taken control of garud ji.

Precap: mahadev gets angry and fights jalandhar using his trishul. Ganesh comes to save the world.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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