Nimki Mukhiya 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Babbu has no image in election posters

Nimki Mukhiya 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Babu comes to Diamond. He says no I didn’t say anything about nimki.. I mean bhabhi. Babbu says I know. Does it hurt? Annaro says you hit him. Babbu says I was angry He misbehaved. Babu says I am sorry. Come I have a thing for you. Ritu says let him rest. Babbu says don’t speak between us. Babu shows Diamond his bike and says see what I have for you. Nimki is sitting on the bike. Everyone comes out. Jharyia says you wanted this bike. Annaro says what is this girl doing here? babbu says nimki told me I hit Diamond so I should give him a gift to resolve all this. Nimki says your brother loves you, Diamond. He sits on the bike, Nimki has the keys. Diamond says thank you Babbu. Nimki says not just thank you, you would give me a ride. Diamond says sure. Nimki sits with diamond and they go for a ride. Annaro is angry. Rekha says what.. Another one is gone. Sweeti smirks. Annaro says he let her sit with him? Babu says she is his bhabhi. Before this hatred from your heart. Nimki and Diamond come back. Nimki says wow. Annaro says give it back. Diamond says why? Annaro says this girl is ruining our house. Don’t ever sit on it. diamond says Tettar promised me a bike he never gave. But my brother and bhabhi did. I will use it. Nimki says she sees things from filter of hate. They all go in. Ritu says to Annaro you have to calm down or Diamond would be out of hands too. Rekha says you and Tettar won’t have anyone.

Scene 2
Mono is not well. He keeps taking Nimki’s name. Tettar says should we call Nimki? Mauha says she is dead for me. Tune says but she is Mono’s sister. Mauha says she doesn’t care about anyone. Mono is my brother. Ramla comes in. She says I have seen Nimki since childhood. Your mother died, Nimki picked Mono. She would cry with him when he would cry for his mother. Nimki isn’t selfish. She hides her pain. And she smiles for us. Tune says didn’t you see? She wasn’t even weak after her rape, only because of you two. Ramla says Nimki is your strength. She stood by you two even when Ram left. Nimki did wrong but she can’t be selfish. Ramla says mono take this tea. She makes Mono drink it.

Diamond says to Dablo did you see my bike? Dablo says get hit again you would get a car. They laugh. Dablo says babbu give me something too. Nimki brings tea for everyone. Babbu says to dablo once Tettar becomes MLA we would all rule. Dablo says he won’t give us anything. Babbu says I will get us our right. Rekha says really? Nimki says yes. Diamond says he would be angry about this bike. Babbu says you’re my brother and I got you this.
Jhariya comes in with posters for Tettar. Babu says tomorrow is nomination. We would have a great rally. We would have at least 1000 people. Nimki says show me the posters Jhariya. It would have Babbu’s photo too. He opens the poster. Babbu isn’t on it instead Ritu is. Nimki says it doesn’t have Babu’s photo? Rekha says he has Ritu’s? Nimki says are there more posters? Jharya says all are same. Nimki says he removed your photo because of me?
Precap-Tune says for Mono you have to calm down Mauha. Nimki comes in and says where is mono? Mauha says he is my brother. She has no relation with him. Mono is fainting. Babbu comes in too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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