Nimki Mukhiya 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi worries for Nimki

Nimki Mukhiya 11th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tunne trying to change Ram Bachan’s words. He takes Abhi with him. Mahua wipes Ram Bachan’s tears. Abhi asks why do I feel that Ram Bachan wants to tell something else to me, is Nimki fine. Tunne says yes, don’t worry, Ram Bachan does this so that we make him talk to Nimki, he will be fine. Babbu asks did you talk to Sweety. Anaro says she doesn’t talk to me. Anaro says its over a month now, its enough. Rekha asks what to cook now. Babbu says cook anything, Sweety’s talk is going on. Rekha says Nimki just makes Sweety’s wound fresh. Tetar says yes, its tough to explain Sweety till she is with Nimki. Anaro asks till when will this go on. Tetar says we will talk to Sweety, go and call her. Nimki comes to them and asks them to think for Sweety. Babbu says I have divorce

papers. Nimki says divorce is done, think of Sweety’s marriage. Tetar goes to slap her and stops. He says I understand your game. Anaro says I won’t let you break the house.

Babbu says she is right, till when will Sweety live along. Dubloo says Nimki would know Sweety’s heart well. Tetar asks how will she know that we don’t know. Anaro says don’t forget Dubloo, I gave birth to Sweety. Nimki says you should understand her feelings. Babbu says I can’t see Sweety like this, she stays upset, I want to see her happy. He goes. Nimki says I m becoming Babbu’s fav too. She goes. Tetar asks Anaro to do what’s good for them. Maasi says I m making kheer for Abhi, I will ask him to marry Sweety. Abhi comes home. Elena asks Maasa to talk to him.

She asks how is Ram Bachan. He says he is fine, but Nimki…. He asks them to leave him alone for some time. Maasi agrees. Elena says scold him. Maasa says I made something for you. She gets kheer. Elena says Maasi is like your mum. Abhi says yes. Maasi feeds Abhi. She tries to talk. He says sugar is less. Elena says Sweety makes sweet kheer, right. Maasi says yes, then get Sweety, ask Abhi to marry Sweety. Elena says yes, she will become my mummy, right Papa. Abhi says I understand, leave me alone for some time, I will go. Elena says you got scared Maasi Dadi. Maasi says stop, you have to agree today. Elena says you like Sweety. Abhi gets angry on them. Elena gets upset and goes. Abhi asks Maasi not to talk on this topic again.

Dubloo acts to be on call. Nimki smiles. His phone rings. She says I played this game many times, when are you giving rent. He says today. She asks is there any problem, tell me, I will help you by panchayat, I m Mukhiya, tell me. She gets a call from Abhi. Abhi says I need to talk something imp, can you meet. She says I m taking dad to hospital, then I will meet you at your home. He says not at home, anywhere out. She asks what is the matter, are you going to propose me, please I m married. She sees Dubloo gone and says this is problem of people that they underestimate me. Abhi says Ram Bachan wanted to tell me something. He recalls Nimki’s words.

Maasi asks what happened. Abhi says nothing, is Elena fine. She says she is crying, you scolded her. He says she will forget it in some time. He asks her not to think of him now, think for Sweety. She asks are you worried for Nimki. He says yes, I feel she is in pain and hiding from us. She asks what do you mean. He tells her everything.

He says Ram Bachan wanted to tell me something else. She says Tunne said its not such, Nimki will change her inlaws and Babbu, once you marry Sweety, you will also go haveli. He says Nimki is more imp to me than Sweety, none can take Nimki’s place in my life, I can never see her in pain. Elena looks on. Tetar asks Babbu to sit and talk. Diamond tells what happened with Tetar. Tetar says its politics, Rituraj used to say right. Babbu asks are you meeting Rituraj. Tetar says no. Babbu says I will shoot him. Tunne asks Ram Bachan what does he want, why did he tell Abhi. Ram Bachan says Nimki, Babbu, no… Tunne says you mean Nimki should get separated. Ram Bachan says Nimki and BDO Babu’s marriage. Tunne asks what, do you want them to get married. He sees someone….

Elena says you were never ours, Abhi loved you, he wanted to marry you. Nimki gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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