Bigg Boss 12 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sree gets upset with Dipika and Neha

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Bigg Boss 12 11th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saba says she really wishes Sree to come back. When he hugged her, she felt like he’s her elder brother. She says sorry if she did anything wrong, but she respects him a lot. Sree and Anup watch everything from secret room. Somi, Deepak say KV and Dipika are very manipulative people. Romil then says Shiv and Sourav are also same. Sree tells Anup that he was shocked with Shiv and Sourav decision. Deepak is speechless. Sree tells Anup that Deepak is a good guy. They further talk about getting shocked with Dipika took Sree’s name. Sree tells Anup that he was shocked too.

Inside, Dipika tells KV that Sree told her that he wants to go and he sounded serious.

Outside, Sristy tells Sourav that she was connected to singles only because of Sree. Sourav says Somi-Saba had found his

weakness. Sristy defends Sree saying he plays natural. He doesn’t try to hide his emotions. They can’t judge someone just from 1 task.

Day 24, 12:15am

Sourav comes to Neha and Dipika. Neha says Saba came to her and said sorry saying their bonding is strong and she had to take her name. Other side, Saba, Surbhi, Deepak say for how long they will act sad. From inside, they are happy. Shiv and Jasleen join Dipika’s group. Dipika feels she is biggest villain of this house. Shiv says she doesn’t need to justify herself. Jasleen says other group that was giving him gaalis and make him angry are all of a sudden very sad for him. Deepak sings a sad song in memory of Sree.

In secret room, Sree says when he was going, he was like he doesn’t want to lose against these people.

Day 25, 8:00am

Song plays. Most of the contestants are still sad.

Sree tells Anup that Neha doesn’t seem to care at all. Beside KV, Neha and also Dipika turned out to be danger. He finds Deepak genuine guy. It’s understandable when they take name for nomination, but for eviction? He didn’t expect it from Dipika as he told her he’s finals material. Them two would be standing against each other in finals.


Dipika tells KV that Sree really wanted to go home. They all miss their families, but him missing was different. KV asks how can she tell that? Dipika says he wanted to see his wife, kids. KV asks that was the only reason? She says obviously. Sree tells Anup that she knows whole world is watching, so she’s showing guilt now. Dipika further says she saw Sree yearning Anup says come on! Him and Sree laugh saying such a drama. Sree says she just wanted to save Neha. That’s all. She didn’t want to save KV either. Now she needs him because he (Sree) is not there. Dipika continues justifying her decision. Anup and Sree say she will make KV on her side as well and when time comes, she will vote against him. KV eventually says yes he used to say every time, he wants to go.


Jasleen tells Neha that Sree was just acting he wants to go, but she doesn’t think in actual he wanted to go. Neha says that’s Dipika’s point. She thought both are performing well and when Sree himself was saying he wants to go, she took his name.

KV motivates Sristy to win captaincy task. KV also says this time he will take Dipika’s name for jail.


Final captaincy task. All housemates will get magnetic plates. Sristy and 1 from Saba-Somi will try to get plates from them. Then they will place it on board and write their name. Until the final buzzer, Sristy and Saba/Somi can remove each other names from the plates on board and write their own. Dipika will be sanchalak. Saba-Somi decide to send Saba.

Saba tries to make Sourav, Shiv on her side. She then goes to Jasleen.

Sristy also tells Urvashi why she will be better captain.

Sourav intends to support Sristy. However, Jasleen says Saba-Somi should be given a chance. Neha tells Sristy that she had become captain because of Saba-Somi’s vote. She is in dilemma what to do.

Neha, Jasleen give their plates to Saba. Sristy asks Romil whether her explanation would change his decision. He says no. Sristy doesn’t try to convince him then. Sristy then goes to talk to Shiv. Shiv says he has given word to Saba-Somi and also almost everyone has given their plates to Saba-Somi. Sristy is surprised with Neha, Jasleen supporting Saba-Somi.

Saba is putting plates on board and writing her name. Sristy comes and erases Saba’s name. Saba pushes / defends. Dipika asks them to not hurt each other while doing the task. There are small pushes from both sides. Saba then pushes Sristy hard saying she grabbed her hair. They continue to try to erase each others names from plates. Dipika says after erasing, they must write their name otherwise that plate won’t count for anyone. Sristy, Saba continue to erase names. Saba tells Sristy to go ahead and erase her name. While Sristy does that, Saba throws all Sristy’s plates. Sristy also tries to do the same and Saba pushes her to defend her plates. Sristy falls down and she attacks on Saba. Dipika and others stop their fight. Sristy is angry saying she has not come for this. Saba says she was the one to start pushing and Sristy fell down because she lost balance. Sristy locks herself in bathroom. Dipika tells Saba that push was not done. Sristy is very angry and seems to be throwing stuff all over in bathroom. KV tells her that she will get justice like last time. Saba is doing the task outside. KV tries to get Sristy outside, but she refuses. Bigg Boss asks to stop captaincy task. Saba cries. Surbhi tells her she has not done anything wrong. Romil and their group tell Saba this aggression was wrong from Sristy. Other side, Dipika manages to get Sristy out of the bathroom and says she came with a lot of aggression and that is why she told her to take it easy. Sristy says she didn’t have enough plates. She cries saying she can’t do this and she doesn’t want to be captain. KV says Saba’s defense was like an attack.

Outside, Surbhi says yesterday when she pulled her unintentionally, they created scene and today same girl did that purposely.

Jasleen says Saba just defended. Sristy fell because she lost balance. She got up and started fighting. Dipika adds and tells KV if she didn’t come in between, then Sristy could have easily got herself into trouble by slapping/punching Saba.


Sristy is crying. KV and Sourav are sitting with her. Somi tells outside that Sristy is crying. Surbhi says she just lost her mind because she didn’t get enough plates. KV tells Sristy she can either express what has happened or accept what she has done. Saba is also crying outside. Somi consoles her. Jasleen, Urvashi are in support of Saba. Even Dipika is somewhat on Saba’s side.


Bigg Boss asks Dipika to tell what happened during the task as she was sanchalak. Dipika described exactly what happened, not favouring anyone. She says how hard the push was, she can’t say. But after Sristy got up, she was in a lot of aggression. Whether that was reaction to her falling down, she doesn’t know but if Dipika didn’t interfere, then it could have created a big fight. Dipika asks other housemates to correct her if she’s wrong. Everyone agrees with her description. Sristy says she just pushed Saba after getting up and she didn’t pull Saba’s hair. Her hand just got stuck. Bigg Boss reminds how just 2 days ago, Surbhi and Romil were disqualified for their actions. Today same exact actions happened again, so it’s time to take some action, not just try to make them understand. Bigg Boss blames both equally and say they will never be able to become captains. Romil and Surbhi will continue captainship this week. Bigg Boss also says hurting yourself is not allowed either, if anyone does that ever again, then there will be strict action against them.


Saba is crying. Romil defends her saying if someone pulled his hair, he would react same way.

Outside, KV tells Sristy they are more devastated from this punishment. Sristy says if both were going to get equal punishment, then she should have done same.. make her fall down by pushing hard. She also shows displeasure how Dipika explained the situation. She thinks it was Saba who started. She says she will stop talking to everyone now.

Neha doesn’t get how both were equally responsible. Dipika says yesterday when Surbhi pulled Sristy’s hair, she didn’t attack back. Today, Saba pushed her and she fell down. That’s her mistake from her understanding.


Dipika and KV talk. Dipika says Sristy was wrong. KV says both were wrong. Dipika tries to justify herself. Sree and Anup say she is not able to justify. She must have thought Bigg Boss would disqualify Sristy, but that’s not going to happen. Sree says both Dipika and Neha are playing very dirty. Neha joins KV, Dipika and agrees with Dipika. Neha says today Saba was relaxed because she knew she had more plates. Dipika says Sristy just couldn’t take her failure. Sree says he will show Dipika and Neha’s true face to the whole world. Anup says he is with him. Sree feels sorry for Sristy.


Neha comes to Sristy. Sristy thanks her for being honest and saying she will give plates to Saba. Neha says for her, both were equally deserving to be captain.

Sree tells Anup when Sristy was crying in bed alone, Dipika didn’t feel like going to her despite both being from same field. He says it’s good he was not there, else he would have gotten in big fight with Dipika and Neha.

Precap: Dipika takes Sristy’s name to send her to jail for hurting herself. Sristy says she will not accept that. Sree gets more irritated with Dipika.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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  1. I used to be a fan of Dipika but now i think she just wants to be good in everyones eyes and have favors toward her. Neha is being double sided also.
    Sristy was wrong today… she should not have attacked bc she was losing. i think everyone in the house is fake and irritating. i hope salman says something about this instead of favoring

    1. Wow… So much of discussion…i missed it yr… Hi to everyone… Well todays episode is a perfect ex to that proverb which says ” neki kar dariya me daal” dipika ke itni achi baatein kisiko yaad ni bt unka ek decision has made her the villain… Oh god.. Like really…wow..abhi sree is saying that he is against dipika…jst bcoz he took his name…bt agar dipika ni hoti toh sree toh kab ka hungama karke bahar chale gaya hota… It was dipika who supported him throughout.. And unka reason genuine tha ki wo ghar jana chahta hai… Usme galat kya h… Iska matlab sree bi ab tk game khel raha tha itna sab natak karke…aur baaki sab jo sree ke peeche uski buraiyan kar re the ab uske jaane ke baad uske liye ro re hai…wat an irony…aur saba srishty ke beech jo hua..doni galat the.. Heat of the moment dono se galtiya hui… Galti galti hoti h yr.. Kam galti jyada galti kuch ni hota.. Bigg boss ka decision sahi tha… And lastly yehi bolunga.. Iss ghar me bachcha koi ni hai… Sab players hai.. Apna game ache se khel rahe hai… And whoever uses mind and emotions well… Is gonna win dis show…nd yaha bi favouritism hona shuru ho gaya hai…sab apne favourites ka support karenge…nd arohi ur comments were bang on.. I totally agree wid u.. So all the best guyzzz… Tkcr..

      1. @ABC007…

        the decision to take name of sree to eliminate him is justified…

        but what was her behaviour in saba/shristi matter was totally wrong… and this is the reason many of the ppl who used to like her are talking against her..

        but as i saw when saba pushed srishti.. except kv and saurabh no one went to support her…
        atleast they should console her….

        but nhi dpka ne wo bhi nhi kiya…

    2. According to me deepika agar neha k namleti tb bhi use sunna padta , if she take kv name tb bhi deepika ko sunna padta but kv nd neha ne kbi nhi bola ki hume ghar jana hai ,, lekin shree ne kafi bar bola hai ki use ghar jana jbki kv nd neha ne kbi nhi bola …..deepika neha k nam leti oth hum sab kehte neha se insecure hai jealous hai… kv k leti tb bhi hum yhi kehte sb
      i m not deepika fan ,,but little bit kv .
      if i am worng please correct me

  2. yesterday someone said dpka is bossy and negative…
    and today i totally agree with it..
    i am just feeling angry … and hating deepika from the core of my heart… ab ye chahe ghar m kitne bhi acche tsk kar le ya fir kitna bhi accha perform kar le.. but respect gain kabhi nhi kar payegi..
    It was clear that all are targeting shrishty for no reason
    I can feel her pain… if a so called jahil and sanki commoner push a celebrity like that much force then it is really very insulting …

    I was literally shocked by neha and dpka’s behaviour…. what kind of person u r… u have no problem with sab somi.. who called u dayan ghatiya aurat bla bla bla… many times…

    but dont know y uhave this level of hatered for shrishty that u totally lied when bb ask for the whole scenario…
    I was very angry when no one went after shrishty when she locked herself in washroom accept kv and saurabh…
    like last season.. i am proud of my choice(KV) who took stand for everyone….he is the only genuine person…

    yesterday someone said this thing too that dpka is faking her emotion… well ..after watching today’s epi.. i feel the same..
    ab apne sree ko eliminate karne k liye vote kar diya .. and ek baat justify kar diya… ab bas kar do.. aur kitna pakaoge… dpka ka itna zyada rona and shree topic ko justify karna was looking fake…

    i know somewhere shrishty is not gelling up with celebrities but it is clear that neh/dpka have some grudge for shrishty.. she is not able to understand who is with her and who is with her not…well after watching today’s epi i only found kv sree and saurabh her genuine frnd….

    and the precap is disturbing too… dpka took shrishty’s name for jail…it is ridiculous… jab boat task m dpka ko ye logo ne abuse kiya toh dpka kihalat kharab ho gayi thi and aaj shrishty ko itna forcefully push kiya wo dpka k liye matter nhi karta..
    i wish karma come back soon.. and saba somi do the same with dpka.. tab dekhte h dpka k reactions…

    well i am totally supporting shrishty now..


    1. Clearly that evil shameless cheap Saba pushed Shristi, Bigg boss is favouring these cheap sisters as Salman Khan likes them.

    2. I agree with ur each n every points. I can feel srishty how insulting ot was for koi b muh utha k aye or kisi celebrity ko ese utha k fenk de. Deepika to h hi dyan fake khin ki.mujhe kbhinpsnd nhi thi ye. Par ab to i hate her. Mujhe to lgta h ab kisi celebrity ko bb me ana hi nhi chyie ku apni in tucche logon k samne indult krana.

  3. sry for the dpka/jasleen/saba-somi n bla bla bla fans..

    but shame all the contestants except kv and saurav and sree…

    i saw the clip 10-15 times and it is uploaded on twitter too that dpka didn’t see when saba push shrishty…
    salute shrishty’s patience…

    1. @Xyz, you should not be sorry even..bcs we all feeling exactly same emotions as you.
      I had very clearly seen the first time itself Dipika didn’t see how hard saba pushed srishty..alteast she should have admitted like ” I dint see” instead of saying ” both r wrong in her eyes..” later also she changed her mind like srishty is at more fault.. sanchalak dipika was as worst as sanchalak Neha.. both have some grudge against srishty. Dipika never wanted srishty to be captian.. don’t know exactly why they hate her.. while trying to justify her voting out Sree , Dipika looked fake to me today for first time.. if she s right abt her decision she should nt be this much sorry… Something is wrong with her actions.. I feel now she was fooling us.. Kvb is the only contestant whom I like now.. don’t know how long it wil last..
      Sree thinks Deepak is genuine guy..LOL!
      He thinks himself as finalist too.. so what was all those drama of knocking doors often??
      He is double standard too..
      Saba was more aggressive bfr she pushes srishty hard.. after srishty fell , she realised what she did..then started playing victim..
      Surbhi pulling srishty’s hair and srishty pulling saba’s hair were never same… Surbi might not b done it intentionally so srishty forgave her.. but saba pushed intentionally for sure.
      I can’t believe jasleen saying saba was only defending and srishty fell bcs she lost balance… Same jasleen called Dipika cruel for only rubbing her face… even complained dipika for their sultani akhada fight..
      Srishty is indeed alone now..

  4. I felt Dipika did not perform her sanchalk role well today. She was wrong to say that entire fault was Srishty’s. Saba and Srishty were both using hands and their bodies to either attack or defend but it didn’t seem like it could badly hurt either one of them. If I looked at the task correctly Srishty was trying to cross Saba’s name from her plates. Saba was the one who took off Srishty name plates and threw them on the floor. As a reaction Srishty went to take down Saba’s name plates from the board and Saba just pushed her. I felt pushing and throwing someone on the floor is totally wrong. Deepika didn’t even see the push as her back was turned toward Saba Srishty..even then she is defending Saba and accusing Srishty only. When Bigg Boss asked for her explanation she could have honestly said that her back was turned to them so she didn’t know the intensity or intention of Saba. But she again blamed Srishty here. Two wrong decisions by Dipika two days in a row.

    1. It was Saba’s fault, she was the one who pushed shristy and instigated her. Moreover she was the one who threw Shristy’s plates first when Shristy was striking out the names on Saba’s plates. I wish Salman shows this footage at weekend ka vaar. I support Shristy rode.

    2. @sandeep… each word is correct…..
      the task was to cross name… first saba started to throw plate..
      saba could be resist shrishti by standing infront of her but to push someone like that is breaking the rule..
      that push was intentional

      shrishti was my least fav. but his time time she is not wrong at all…

      1. Your silver lining

        Dipika should have disqualified saba when she was throwing srishty’s plates… There would have been no pblm then… and while giving explanation to Big Boss also she was deliberately emphasising on srishty’s name again and again… and what was even worse that nobody except two or three even asked Srashti if she was hurt or not… so disappointing!

  5. All r targeting torturing cornering srishty for no reason

    1. It’s they’re bad, Srishty will win this season. The more they corner her like the contestants did with Shilpa last season, the more she will inch closer towards winning BB12.

  6. What I don’t like about shrew is that he’s easily influenced .He sides with people as per his convenience.And for goodness sake ,deepika cldnt have saved 2 people ,she chose neha ,what’s d fault in that .I wld have preferred her give a valid reason like shrew not performing in tasks rather than wanting to go home.But I feel shrew is going to come back to hurt dipika which he’s not supposed to do.And was shocked when d Jodi’s were saying the singles guarded shrew so much n used him .that’s silly.shrew isn’t a kid ,and intact he’s been infuriated most often by the jodis.what double standard Jodi’s show after shree’s sent to secret room.imagine the fake tears n all while targeting others esp dipika.

  7. Your silver lining

    Heyy guys!!
    I am commenting here for the first time.
    Bigg boss is being so unfair this time… Why did he ask dipika abt the scenario??
    He should jave decided himself..
    I used to like dipika but now she is coming out as a very negative character…
    She’s trying to justify herself to kv so mant times…
    And her crying looks so fake mahn..!
    So much of melodrama!!
    It was clearly saba’s fault…she pushed her so hardly but dipika manipulated the entire situation by her twisted words…
    May she is thinking that shree to chala gaya, iss week neha kv m s ek ar jaega…bachenge sirf do celebs…srishty ko disqualify kara do violence k liye n uska competition kam ho jaega… She’s playing dirty game..
    Let shree come back…sbke chehre dekhne layak honge…

  8. Your silver lining

    And yes….dipika n neha are not realizing that in sbme fayada srishty ka hi ho rha h…srishty is gaining more sympathy n more votes… I’m feeling bad for srishty…she is all alone now… Somewhat her situation is like gautam and shilpa…
    Last year i liked vikas…n shilpa to some extent… but this year nobody yet…
    I think dipika is playing too safe by being in everyone’s good books… She is getting exposed…
    And saba-somi k to kya kehne..!
    In chor-police task… Agar sree galat tarike s pakadte h to disqualify ho jaenge… And after his eviction… He was like an elder brother!!

    And the irony is saba-somi and srishty were the most desperate to become captain from day 1..!! Ar dono hi pure season k liye captaincy s bahar ho gae..!

    1. True that, these contestants are fools. Shristy will win.

  9. Your silver lining

    And the worst part is do din pehle surbhi was disqualified from the captaincy task and today she has become the captain again!! Wow what a biased decision!!
    Bigg boss favouring surbhi!! Bigg boss favouring jodis!! Bigg boss not taking action against physical violence!!
    This is the worst season..!!

  10. I will start my comment today by saying I have been a KV girl since day 1.
    So, the thing I am going to write, I guess no will judge me as someone’s fan.

    First and foremost, there were three people during that nomination ~ Karan, Neha and Sree. Who is more capable to stay in the house? That was the question asked to Dipika.

    Karan has always been politically correct and a man with senses, the one who keeps the team together solving the problems that arose every week. 🙂
    Neha is the performer who did her tasks well, accepted her mistakes, apologized. 🙂

    Sree is the one who couldn’t even take the placard portraying virtue of being “mentally strong” from someone, left the tasks many a times, didn’t perform when the team had done so much for him to make him the captain, made strategies everytime and not played for the tasks, wanted to go home.

    After all of this, being closest to all the 3, how can Dipika be wrong to nominate Sree?
    Just how?
    She was crying not to fake it in front of the world. She was crying because she was feeling guilty for Sree’s loss. To cope up with this guilt, she found a friend in KV and placed in front him the thousand reasons why she did choose Sree. It was not “double standard”. It was a human nature even I would have done if I was feeling guilty or people were blaming me.
    That was absolutely okay to justify herself. 🙂 We all do.

    Secondly, in that task, Srishti could have done her own work. Instead, she instigated Saba even before she started her own task !
    Dipika told clearly she didn’t know the intensity with what Saba pushed Srishti.
    But was that unfair? Was that unjust?
    Someone who will continuosly disturb me, can’t I defend myself? Saba’s reaction was justified to Srishti’s action. Whatever be the intensity of the push!
    Then she starts crying to justify herself.
    Jasleen, Dipika, Neha were right that in today’s task Srishti was wrong. Why was she irritating
    Saba? We don’t have control how we push someone. Saba did it unintentionally. For the first time, I support Saba.

    Then comes Sree who tells Srishti was crying alone and Dipika is nowhere to pacify a girl who came here having no one to talk to!
    Dude, Saba was crying too and she wanted to be a captain more than Srishti did. When Srishti fell down, she shouldn’t have gone leaving the task. She should have done it before leaving crying!

    I say, Sree, you are WRONG. You are supporting people other than Dipika because you are hurt as Dipika took your name !


      Aarohi Exactly my point I just don’t get it she could of done her own work and about Sree Idek what to say anymore Deepak has instigated to Sree bout Dipika so much that he doesn’t realise who’s true Nd who’s fake this is honestly the worse season I’ve seen and why does it depend on Dipika Sree wanted to go he got what he wanted now he wants to hurt her Nd give her the pain that she gave to Sree wtf he should of respected the fact that Dipika was the one who helped pushed him away from the fights anything too cool his anger down but no he’s just lashing out on her shame on the fans who are calling her fake disgusting man just how could he and I support Saba at this point I don’t see no where in wrong and when she pushed shris I felt bad that was hard I seriously think that since ever Sree is gone KV is giving more respect and support to shris than dipika that’s rly sad you hater fans need to open your eyes and stop hating on the women who supported Sree Deepak is just like hina man wtf dipika reminds me of bandagiil how she used to keep her man away from these fights that’s true and loyal friend and no other like dipika would do what she did respect on dis women love you dipika hope you win this show your the strongest of all I’ve seen so far keep it up pls shut dis sree guys mouth he’s irrating atm could see dipika in pain her tears were real asf u mfs need to open ur blind ass eyes lame b*t*hes

    2. @ Aarohi I absolutely agree to every word you said.????

    3. Are you sure you’re kvb fan? Coz every kvb fans on twitter didn’t liked the way she was manipulating him. Even he felt uncomfortable when she was crying n explaining things for no reason.

      1. @ABC, see that is a very real human emotion. When people blame us, we too start giving the thousand reasons to justify ourselves. We may say we don’t care, actually we don’t care of the others ;
        but we want our families, our friends to believe us, have faith in us.

        Similarly, no matter what, none can be purely good, we do have flaws… And for Dipika, she is scared to lose her friends. Maybe, she tries to dominate others being a Leo girl, but that doesn’t count because she is trying to justify herself in front of KV, Sree and Neha.
        Is that wrong to give justifications so that our friends stay by our side? She didn’t say anything to anyone else.

    4. I am a silent reader here. Never comments .. but today’s situation where everyone is suddenly against deepika.. there Arohi i totally agree with each n every word u said…

      1. Thank you so much.

    5. Totally agree with you Aarohi !!! One decision made deepika villian. Now jodis will instigate singles against deepika and even if didn’t say anything they will tell k she said it and singles will also believe them giving benefit to ppl like deepak and surbhi.
      And ha someone said Sree and KV are honest LOL !!!! No one in this house is honest. Its just that bcz of the twist deepika became the target and now they know she is the strong contender so they are like v ll show her true face to all. From day 1 Sree and KV knows that Deepika and Neha are playing games than why they made strong connections with both the girls. Its jz k Dost ko pass m rakho ya nhi lekin dushmano ko humesha apne pass rakho and this is what exactly sree did. Sree is a gamer and he knows how to play he was jz acting to be like Rimi Sen of BB12.
      And Hats off to the Actor from Jodi’s – Deepak, Saba, Surbhi behaving as if they were so close to him that they can’t live without him in BB12 espcl Deepak and Mr. Sree smartest among all believes them. Deepak again became honest person in his eyes LOL !!!

  11. Noooo Dipika, just no, I was a fan before but not after what you’ve done to Shristi, it was well out of order. Not cool ???

  12. This is so not done.
    Saba really pushed her!

    Shristy was pushed. She went to bathroom and locked her self. She was crying! Why was there no one to support her? (Except KV, Sourabh and of course Sree.)

    And again, why do I find Big Boss favouring some contestants?

  13. I am so happy with this episode.i always knew Neha and diploma are not good people just good actresses.inused to think why people are not understanding this that they are just acting into be good.and I am glad it came out now.and captaincy task me dono ki ghalti thi.srishty was attacking too..Deepak ne gana again apne acche dikhane ke lie likha tha.hate him.

    1. Srishty was not attacking. Bb k har game ka rule hota h ki tum samne wale ka game b bigad skte ho, chije chori kr skte ho etc etc to is task ka b rule tha ki samne wale ka naam hata k apna likh skte ho. Agr wo nhi krti to wo captain kese bnti. To ye rule k agnst nhi tha. Wo sirf name remove kr rhi thi. Then saba said ki lo mitao mitao. Or srishty mitane lgi. Then saba ne uske sare magnets girane lgi thi to ye dekh kr srishty ne b giraya. Or bb house me physical violence is not allowed at all so koi b ye nhi soch skta tha ki koi tumhe achanak ese itni zor se dhakka deke gira dega. Jaha samne wale ko tm frnd smjhte koi ye expect nhi krega. So tell me what srishty done wrong???

      1. @Appy… well explained….

      2. thx . 🙂

    2. @Heba…
      agreed with u with neha/dpka part
      but yaar shrishi was not attacking… to cross the name on the plate was part of the game and she was just trying to cross the name…
      shrshti didn’t use any force to harm saba that hair thing was unintentional…
      but saba used her full force to push shrishti…
      and it is very well clear it was intentional.

      1. She attacked multiple times..and in that way saba was also following rules by protecting her magnetic she pushed her.checkout the video again.and agar srishty ghalat Na Hoti to task cancel nahi hota Balki srishty captain bn jati aur saba baar dono ghalat the.though I feel bad for srishty coz she got thrown at floor and got targeted by everyone including dipika(diploma) and neha but physical vo bhi hui thi.

  14. Your silver lining

    @arohi…. I beg to differ…. I saw the video again and dipika was not even looking when saba pushed srishty but behaved as if giving details of each second…
    Plus, neha and jasleen saw saba pushing srishty but jasleen said saba use hata rae thi ar srishty ka leg slio ho gaya… Andd dipika without seeing anything quoted the same to bigg boss…
    I liked dipika… And i still like her… But yesterday she was wrong… From day 1 she is against srishty…

    1. Maybe, you are correct as I have not seen the fight so much in details.
      But why was Srishti doing that? Saba didn’t disturb her, at least she should have started the task.
      And, have the mind of Vikas but perform like Hina! If she really cared for the task, she should have gotten up and started performing. She would have gotten more votes for her courage. She started that nasty instigation, was hurt, went crying ! Wow ! And I was feeling bad because Saba always wanted to be the captain.

      1. Your silver lining

        Crossing other’s name anme and writing your own name was a part of the task yaar… Please see the episode on voot again… The task clearly stated that you can cross others name and write your own name…

  15. Why everytime only dipika or neha read the notifications from big boss and only they become the sanchalak’s every time

  16. Dipika is playing mind games lol. Sree said it right as a human being acchi n caring hai but she’s a player. I think there’s a reason that they r targeting shristy. Neha n Dipika in the first week made a pact n said hum dono ek saath khelenge but last me competitor banenge. They knows that celebs will give them a tough competition thats y they r targeting them 1 by 1. 1st Sree, now Shristy. Agar celeb out ho jaenge to commoners ko to waise v itne vote nhi milenge compared to them. Dipi is not only manipulating Kvb but also us audience as well. Baar baar camera k samne rona, explanation dena, justifying her deeds, saying shristy is wrong. But audience are not fools. She manipulated Sree,lied that she didn’t knew who was talking behind his back, stopped him to resolve his issue with Neha, also had a problem when he was talking 2 romil lol.
    People who r saying she took care of Sree, no1 askd her 2 do dat,not even Sree. Usko gusse me shant karne isliye jaati thi coz she wanted to look mahan, she wanted to control/manipulate him.Thats the only reason. Now the same thing she’s doing with Kvb. At first he was saying both saba n shristy were wrong. But Neha n Dipika to picche he par gayi ki only shristy is wrong.

    1. Correct ABC. BUT I Don’t like srishty much. Not know why. My hope is on surbhi. She will bring forth the reality of these fake persons.

  17. Also wanted to point out the fact that when saba said Neha went physical in volcano task Shristy said jaan bhujkar nahi kiya hoga, unintentionally lag gaya hoga yaar. But yestrday Neha was like it’s all shristy’s fault. She actually asked Dipika (near the kitchen sink) ki what’s Saba’s fault that they both got the same punishment. I was like what? Felt really bad 4 Shristy. Only kvb stood 4 her. Sree as well secret me hone k baad v liked the way he was supporting her. Also he get one point from me by not listening to Dipika n made Shristy a captaincy contender.

  18. Stay strong u always..dipika is a very bad sanckak everdo she has her back turn to both srishty and saba she is still saying that srishty is wrong…i dnt knw why dipika and neha have so many problem with srishty and thanks to kvb,sourav and sree for supporting srishty….stay strong and calm audience are watching

  19. @Your Silver Lining,

    Sorry I posted this twice. ?

  20. @ABC,EZRA,Your Silver Lining,osika,abhishek,sandeep,kaushik….

    agreed to u guys…

  21. I don’t know why most of people are thinking that Dipikia was wrong yesterday.I know whatever happens to Srishty was wrong but this is true that all this was started by Srishty. First she pulled Saba’s hair (i know that was not her intention) but Saba thought that she did it intentionally. And i don’t think Dipika did any wrong by taking Sree’s name. He himself used to say that he don’t want to live in bigg boss house and if it happens why he is feeling bad. #isupportdipikaandneha

  22. sree , kv are the most honest in the house , but sree gets anger easily , deepika was not good as sanchalak ofcourse , when shristi pulled saba’s hair , she did not react much because it actually did not hurt , but saba pushed shristi nicely , any person would react

  23. deepika tried to be perfect from beginning , but she utterly failed , when she took shree’s name and now this , yesterday also , she was like correct her me i am wrong , you are wrong depika !!!!!! she tries hard to be perfect , but she is not able to . my vote next time goes to shristi , shree or kv , nobody else

  24. Big boss deleted the clip where Saba pushed Sristi in the repeat telecast episode. Don’t knw why.

    1. @Nisha… bcz they dont want to take any action…
      last time priyank got eliminate when he push dadlani..

      but his time there is no strict rules…

      and somehow it is clear bb team is favouring saba-somi as in wkw salamn have never pointed out their mistakes…

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