Nimki Mukhiya 10th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Tettar kills Babbu

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Nimki Mukhiya 10th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ritu says to Babbu that you have to say sorry to Mukhiya, Babbu says what? Ritu says think big, say sorry and accept her then they will say you are a big person and brought in your life again. Babbu says parents wont accept Nimki back. Ritu says then go against them, people will think that you are standing up for her, villagers and Nimki will vote for you then. Babbu says you are with me? Ritu says I will be with Tettar but I will work for you under cover. Flashback ends. Nimki asks Babbu if he remembers everything now? Tettar says Ritu and Babbu planned all this? Nimki says yes, Babbu tell them what your plan was, you were not using me, I was letting you use myself, you were playing a game but I was not part of it. Tettar says how Ritu came to you? Nimki says Jhariya was working for

me and sent me that video of Babbu and Ritu. Tettar says he is a cheater. Babbu says I was doing all this to win elections, you would get respect that you want. Ritu says forget everything, I respect you a lot but you should give your power to Babbu. Tettar says you both tried to fool me and now you will pay for it. Ritu says we planned everything to end your tenure, nobody is with you, whole family is with Babbu so accept your defeat. Babbu says your son will win so dont worry. Ritu says to Tettar that if you want then kill that Nimki. Tettar gets angry and shoots on Ritu’s arm. Babbu starts fighting with Tettar. Mai tries to stop them. Nimki looks on. They are trying to over-power each other but bullet is fired.. Babbu is stunned and falls back. Tettar has shot Babbu. Babbu falls down. Nimki says this happens for evil, Babbu is evil like his father and a jerk, even if you had changed, I would never forgive you, no rapist should be forgiven ever. Mai rushes to Babbu and says nothing will happen to you. Nimki calls police and says someone has been shot here, I saw Tettar killing Babbu. Tettar is stunned. He says I wont spare you. Nimki says you think you can keep running this movie? Tettar tries to shoot but there is no bullet left in gun. Nimki asks Diamond and Ritu to testify against Tettar otherwise they will go to jail as well. She puts on her glasses and leaves from there. Mai cries for Babbu. Babbu dies. Police comes on spot. Nimki gives her statement against Tettar. Mai tells inspector that Tettar shot my son, Ritu tell truth. Ritu says he shot me also, he shot Babbu. Inspector arrests Tettar but Tettar runs and hits Ritu with a stone on head. Inspector takes Tettar away. Mai cries for Babbu. Nimki recalls her life before Ram, then becoming Mukhiya, marrying Babbu and everything that happened in her life. She recalls her rape. she smirks seeing Babbu lying on ground.

PRECAP- Nimki becomes government officer and says I always liked red lipstick and big offices. She enters her government office.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Disappointed in the ending and even more disappointed in Nimki. As someone who studies criminal justice and has worked with police before along with dealing with rape victims I feel that this “realistic show” has slipped into the generic tv domain.

    First of all, Nimki while taking and representing rape victims as strong comes off as cold hearted as her oppressors. She takes the level of revenge against Babbu to a whole new level by manipulating those around her such as her family and Sweety. Those were the good guys, yet in my eyes Nimki is no different from Babbu Singh and the haveli lot. Of course the directors also delved very little into the change of Babbu or the other factors like Nimkis pregnancy.

    The last few weeks have been a constant shit show, I felt deep down Nimki was playing a game, but the ending episodes really left a lot of things in the dark. When did Nimki find out Babbu was playing her for the second time? What about her family? And sweety? Honestly, I admired Nimki for her honesty but I felt that her character took a severe hit. The miscarriage scene was really potent with me, and I felt that it dropped her even further in my eyes.

    1. Nimkia likes many men doing it!

  2. Sudesna D. Paul

    Also there is something about Bhumika that just irks me. I can’t put my finger on it, but I think her personality has just changed a lot. There’s just something off about her that bothers me.

  3. The makers have again character assassinated for the third time to enhance Nimki’s character. The makers have always maligned Babbu and favoured Nikki on cast and gender discrimination. Baby has been used and abused by all. He is the hero who has been forcefully projected as villain. How could he rape Nimki when he had never even touched her earlier, it is the conspiracy of the makers. It is well known that marital forced s*x is not rape in India, at worst it can be tried under domestic violence and may form ground for divorce. But Babbu, despite being acquitted by court, has been branded as rapist by the makers. The irony is that Nikki has still not beenfibrcrf from him. Is this not conspiracy? In this last episode,the maker (Nimki) explained how Babbu was a conspirator, but the story is not at all convincing. In fact, it is another conspiracy against Babbu. The fact is that Nomki is the greatest vamp, worse than Tetar Singh. She is a smooth operator.She has murdered her husband Babbu. She is ruthlessly ambitious. She would trample any one coming in her way – mother,father, brother, sister, lover, husband, or even her own child. Thank God, this serial, an ordeal, is over. Nimki and the forthcoming serial ‘Nimki Vidhayak’, both need to be boucotted because the makers are fooling us and Nimki id playing with our sentimental. They must be punished

    1. Will you say the same thing if marital forced s*x happens with your own daughter???

      1. Yes

    2. Having forced s*x without consent of even any one of the individuals involved is rape. It doesn’t matter if it involves strangers or a married couple. And the person who commits this heinous crime is a RAPIST. It’s easy to say that marital forced s*x isn’t rape as a third person. But only the person who has gone through this knows that it is just as worse as any other rape. In this show Nimki might have used wrong means to get her revenge on Babbu and his family. But honestly I feel Babbu kind of deserved it. Ofcourse I wasn’t expecting a logical ending since it’s a TV show so I wasn’t shocked. But it would wrong to say that just because he was her husband he isn’t a rapist.

  4. Nimki has murdered her husband treacherously. Both her story and videos are inconvincing. Her flicking of goggle in Rajni Kant style after the murder is adding insult to injury of viewers.She is a vamp, and cannot be accepted as lead actress of ‘Nimki Vidhayak’. Boycot her and her forth coming show ‘Nimki Vidhayak’.

  5. It’s very weird ending. Babbu really became victim at the hands of writers and then abhimanyu dealt with same. Nimki always did what was right for her and used to only explain it to others at her sweet will. It’s like Boone had any feelings except her. Abhi was being used for only marriage purpose whoever wants to but still till end din get married to anyone. Badly ruined the whole plot.

  6. Mainthili Yadav

    Nimki is a vamp, worse than Tetar. She is a smooth operator. She got her husband killed by treason by Tetar by concocting a story and producing a video which is just not convincing. The makers are to be blamed as well for selling cock and bull in name of reality. They claim to be different, but are worse. Thank God, part1 is over. Let the viewers ignore part2 to teach them a lesson.

    1. I fully agree with you. After murdering her innocent, repentant, grieving husband, fighting to avenge death of his child, Nimki flicked her goggles in Rajni Kant style and walked away, thus shaming humanity.

  7. SsiyAa

    baseless and unnecessary climax…. it would have been better to kill babbu and end all characters of nimiki mukhiya here itself, and if they really wanted to bring new season should have taken fresh plots with fresh faces..and everyone here knows that same actor will be back as mintu singh so ofcourse he is not dead…. other characters are also same it’s just nimki’s position is promoted from mukhiya to vidhayak, so what basically gave them thought to bring season 2…. this really need to be stopped

  8. NIMKI is always was ho! She is a good pros!

  9. I m from Singspore.
    Nimki was a waste of time. After taking revenge. She should have gone to her family. Should have married Bdo Abhmanyu. That was her fathers wish. Nimki is a very self centred witch. Stopped watching nimki. Abhimanyu was alwsys supporting her. Nimki is a useless character.

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