It was a breezy winter morning, as I placed my strong mocha on the table and was preparing to sit when I heard some girls chatter about Swara’s birthday. So the rude class captain’s sister’s birthday I suppose. I would not lie, I liked Swara , she was like a doll, pretty features and the perfect poise. She was way better than ivanita, my former crush. Swara wasn’t drop dead gorgeous, but she could attract eyes , and that was for sure. As I saw her sitting brightly in a baby blue dress, I went to wish her.

I didn’t approve of the idea of actually going empty handed to wish the girl I had a crush on, but I had to. But then I checked my bag .

I rushed to the canteen and saw Swara sitting, waiting for her annoring hot headed sister , Ragini , the local Indian monkey !!

I approached her.

  • Is this seat taken ?
  • Yes well actually ..i was
  • Ill be super quick coz I need to talk…

I grinned at her , placing my fries and pina colada on her table, refusing to let her speak.

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  • Hey relax Swara , I hope im not bothering you , you can always kick me out before your angry nagging witchy bitchy sister comes !

I saw her open her mouth to protest but she was too sweet  to lash out and broke into laughter. Suddenly, “ek ajnabi haseena se” started playing and I couldn’t help but groove to it in my seat. I saw her look at me in surprise and laughed .

  • You’re very pretty !
  • I know

Mehedi sir was right. She was really smart and confident. He liked it. I liked it too.

  • Not trying to hit on you or or something Ms.Khan . although ..why not ?? I’m single and you are stunning and clearly very smart too. So..are you single ?
  • That doesn’t concern you.

She smiled mischievously and took a sip of her drink.

  • It does , actually . I just told you I think you are really ..
  • Dude. Whats the rush. I don’t want any fling or something ?
  • .didnt mean to bother you something..i am sorry if I …

My face fell and I was about to get up when she smiled at me warmly .

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  • Hey its okay. I didn’t mean to upset you or anything. I was just being casual . you didn’t make me uncomfortable at all. You are wonderful.
  • Works everytime !

I winked at her. She laughed and nodded her head in disbelief. I was known for my humour and she just boosted my ego a million times more. Which guys doesn’t get floored if a pretty girl laughs to his jokes and makes it pretty apparent that she enjoys his company.

I chuckled , took out an orange from my bag and gave it to her .

  • Here, take my orange
  • What ?
  • I like you . so I am giving you my orange .
  • Uh ?
  • Its not poisoned or something Zum . come on take it. Think of it , as a rose. Only, its more round and more fat than a rose . but you can each it and get the nutrition and its better than throwing away a dead flower after a week no ?
  • You are so funny . aren’t you ?

She shrieked as she broke into laughter.

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I smiled. Swara still had baby fat on her cheeks . she was damn cute . adorable.

  • This orange is your birthday gift. Happy birthday gorgeous lady !
  • Thankyou. Undoubtedly the cutest gift I have ever received Laksh.

She smiled cutely and cuddled the orange  . she had my heart. Aww. A girl getting happy over an orange is a sight rare .

I winked at her and walked away .


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I entered the classroom and saw a crowd , gathered in a circle around Sanskar . he was wearing a white t shirt , a pair of bright blue denim, converse shoes, his hair lightly ruffled. A sight of him was enough to floor me.  I had started liking Sanskar, and his personality. He was fun , charming and had the right words to say. Always !  as I went closer , and entered the crowd , I saw him hold a guitar, with his name carved on it. It had armaan malik’s signature. Aagggh!! Armaan , my first , one , and only love . my cutiepie ! my dream prince !! okay . no more arman-ing here.

As the crowd looked at me , smiling, giggling, hiding something, I raised my eyebrows . then I saw a huge paiting of me, an oil paiting, with me in a red dress. And the more I wanted to stop myself from blushing. I couldn’t. it was beautiful and I was touched.  I had later learned that the class had gotten me this beautiful painting . aww. I was already flat with this surprise when I heard a familiar tune. I looked back, and saw Sanskar walking around with his guitar, playing it. And then he started to sing . his voice . damn. And sorry armaan, I loved it more than yours.

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Baby I, I wanna know
What you think when you’re alone
Is it me? Yeah
Are you thinking of me? Yeah
Oh, we’ve been friends now for a while
Wanna know, that when you smile
Is it me? Yeah
Are you thinking of me? Yeah
Oh, oh

Girl, what would you do
Would you wanna stay?
If I were to say

I wanna be last, yeah
Baby let me be your
Let me be your last first kiss
I wanna be first, yeah
Wanna be the first to take it all the way like this
And if you only knew
I wanna be last yeah
Baby let me be your last
Your last first kiss

Baby tell me what to change
I’m afraid you’ll run away
If I tell you
What I’ve wanted to tell you yeah

Maybe I just gotta wait
Maybe this is a mistake
I’m a fool yeah
Baby I’m just a fool yeah
Oh, oh

Girl, what would you do
Would you wanna stay?
If I were to say

I wanna be last, yeah
Baby let me be your
Let me be your last first kiss
I wanna be first, yeah
Wanna be the first to take it all the way like this
And if you only knew
I wanna be last yeah
Baby let me be your last
Your last first kiss

He had sang it walking around me, smiling, blushing and staring at me the whole time . he had sang it beautifully. And by the end of the song, I had a tear in m y eyes, I was blushing profusely , and had my palm covering my mouth . he smiled at me and wished me a happy birthday. I could hear girls gossiping and smell them fuming with jealousy , but I liked the feeling. I started wondering if he really meant all the lyrics . or he just sang it ? I secretly wished the answer to be the former and turned all red . this was the first time a boy had caught my eye. Or maybe my heart. I lost the chance to even thank him properly as I was suddenly dragged by my girl pals and Ragini, who had planned a treat for me too .

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After a few hours of feeling terrible ,of not actually getting the chance to thank him for such a lovely gesture , I finally managed to find him In the locker room , playing with his cricket uniform. I knocked as I entered, and had found him all alone there .seeing me, he grinned and sat on a table, and placed his face on his palms, his elbows on his lap. I walked towards him.

  • Hey .
  • Hi .
  • I wanted to say thanks . it was such a lovely gesture . I am flattered . thanks . really

I managed to say , still blushing profusely. Sanskar didn’t smile . instead , he sighed . dramatically .

  • That was so pale Swara . I expected a brighter , fun thankyou from you . for such a pretty and bright girl you are .
  • Oh well . I …
  • A sweeter thankyou , I suppose . only , if you know what I mean .

He winked at me . I gulped. He oozed hotness . I sighed. Suddenly, my face fell and I pouted of thoughts occurring to me. He was so damn charming, flirty, he must be like that with all girls .  a part of me felt jealous . but cmon we shared nothing deep to get jealous and possessive about each other. I tried to brush off my possessive jealous attitude and thoughts , but miserably failed . he scanned my face . I caught him scaring when he broke into a naughty grin.

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  • Are you red in shame ?or embarrassment ? or anger ? or is that blush ? did I just make you blush ?
  • Sanskar …!
  • Yes , beautiful ?

His voice always touched me , and sweeped me off my feet. His tone was so tender , so  gentle , sugar coated . I lost my words

  • Uh .
  • Yes ?
  • Do you speak to everyone like that ?

I muttered under my breath. I didn’t want to sound desperate or jealous . but I could feel my face turn red , my cheeks puffy and my lips pouted in a way that babies have when they are mad . I saw him think before answering.

  • .maybe yes. Maybe not .

What was this guy’s problem ? why cant he give plain answer. He plays with words so much. Ugh. He smirked right after.

  • And do you blush around everyone like that ??
  • Uh . what ? no . offcourse not !
  • Acha ? so only around me. That’s so direct. You are so bold. Isn’t it too much information ?? already ??

He suppressed a giggle, tounge in cheek . I quickly defended myself.

  • You are only assuming . its not like that .
  • Accha ? okay. You said it. I’ll believe it .
  • Umm.
  • You look really cute when you pout like that. And really sweet when you blush . really beautiful when you smile.

Sanskar was back to his overly sweet self and I felt admired. I was flattered and couldn’t help but smirk.

  • And really hot when you blush !

He added, biting his lips . I couldn’t thank him this time too, with my friends pulling me away again.  I had to stagger behind them  , and heard him shout “I’ll be waiting for the thanks” . ugh. I was losing all of me to him .


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I was working on my laptop for a huge while now. I was busy. Damn busy. Busy in those stupid history and bengali assignments that everyone in the world hates. Okay , maybe not everyone. But atleast the english version students do.

suddenly, I got up, and tripped on a banana peel once again and fell down. And surprisingly, there was no muscular jock with a million dollar smile to help me get up or push me down. He was busy playing soccer. But Luckily he saw me and  , ran to me !!! I was wincing in pain. Being the usual tomboy I was , I was not supposed to care about how I looked. But there I was , concerned if my hair was in place and regretted that my lip balm wasn’t tinted.

I winced – aaahhhh !!!!

Sanskar sat on his knees….

He looked concerned – Fab , u okay ???

I faked a smile  – ah…Sanskar…u…its okay, im fine..

Sanskar frowned  – no ur not, show me ur feet…

he touched my feet, and sent a zillion tingles down my spine. Somehow, my cheeks managed to shush down color when I was shy. Rather, my ears became a dark shade of pink.

He  held my foot…

Sanskar flashed his famous smile  – it will hurt a bit, but then u’ll be fine…

i looked on….

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He quickly, moved my leg, rotated it, right, then left, then again right and left, and it produced  a cracking sound !

Sanskar asked furrowing his brows – did it hurt ???

I didn’t hear him so I interrogated him yet again – hmm ??

He nodded his head in disbelief  – did it hurt ???

I came back to my senses , now back to reality , from his hazel orbs.

– huh ?? umm..yeah..aaahh !! im hurt..hehe !!!

Sanskar laughed…

He then flashed a charming smile – its done….

I managed not to show my 32 teeth – oh..thankyou !!

Sanskar chuckled  – ur welcome  cutie !!

I blushed yet again !!

He left ….and joined the team again…

I was busy looking at him till I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was our other Bff Anika . Anika was plump, tall , and had man shoulders . but hey ! don’t judge her, she had the most beautiful straight, mohagany long hair on earth. The hair that makes men drool and swoon and faint . she had does hugedoe eyes of a 1 month old, and a smile , that spoke of cheerfulness and innocence. Anika was damn ambitious, and had decided to be a doctor since she was 5 years old and worked hard for it . she was really studious and calm. But she was also really fun to be with. And she was the bubbles , who complted our power puff girls gang, with me and Swara as buttercup and blossom.

Anika’s POV

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I was noticing her from a while now. Ragini was the girl who would always be pissed off with Sanskar . but today it was different . she was looking at him and admiring him as if he were a goldplated stethoscope . Okay , not a stethoscope but asilk physician’s apron. okay No wonder, the best in the world. I even heard Sanskar calling her cutie , for a change. For another change , Ragini didn’t lash out . she blushed. Ragini blushed !!!!!! dafuq !!!!!!

I tapped her shoulder and sat beside her to know about the scenario. …

I grinned  – hey Babes !!

She smiled at me – hmm say !!

I tried not to tease her-  r u blushing ????

She  – me n blush ?? have u gone nuts ???

I Insisted her  – Fab , seriously, it was the first time that anyone called u sweetie or cutie ……and u !! u didn’t lash out !! like wow man !

She   – oh..he helped me na .so..

I rolled my eyes  – I hope u didn’t start loving him….

She   – r u crazy…!!!

I   – good …coz u r gonna be called gay !!!

She pouted – shut up…oh.. im getting late for physics class.bye bruh !!

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She went away walking !

I sighed  – bye bruh !!

It was good that she didnt’t love him coz I don’t want her to get becoz loving him was a bad option for her..i had noticed something, that would kill her everyday,  and that was, the very way she looked at Sanskar, was  also the way Sanskar looked at Swara !


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I was standing near the corridor with Sanskar….i took a perfume bottle from him and poured some liquor on the floor to make it slippery.

I couldn’t help but smirk !!

Sanskar looked as if someone snatched a candy from a 5 year old – bro …my perfume  !!! it was branded!!! It was gucciiii !!!

i rolled my eyes…and gave him a helpless frown  – have some shame yaar , ur my brother. We are not harming her. We are only revenging her. Revenging her for what she did to me . she insulted me broo !!! and my little brother , Sanskar , the innocent little sweetheart that he was , nodded as I said. I smirked. It was tounge’s turn to wince .

He reasonated  – oh i ..i forgot what she did to you…but it was branded !!!

I sighed dramatically and whispered  – shh…..keep quiet, she’s coming….

By she I meant Ragini. Yes, Ragini was coming to our direction. We hid behind the wall. She was walking in normal speed, but the surrounding and all that anticipation had made us feel like she was coming in slow motion. she put her feet on the perfume liquid , and slipped hard…..and fell down slipping, with her head banging on the floor !!!!

And……………………………………….Bang !!!!!

Sanskar almost shouted – ouch !!!!!

I smirked my evillest best  – yes!!

Ragini winced in pain and anger…..

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and her bestie Swara came running !!!

she helped her get up. I and Sanskar moved away from there before guilt could engulf us.




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