Nima Denzongpa 16th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Babita gets engaged

Nima Denzongpa 16th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Krish wakes up. He takes photo of Nima and Virat in the bed. He laughs. Nima moves her hand. Krish comes between them. Nima says sorry I thought it’s Krish. He says I am sorry. Nima leaves. Mona says how can a maid take my Priyal’s place. Priyal comes out of Krish’s room. She says an idiot locked me in Krish’s room. Nima comes out of Virat’s room. Mona says you.. Priya says she was with Virat all night. Mona says mummy ji what’s wrong with Virat. I miss my parents a lot. Dadi stops Nima. She says do you have any shame? What kind of woman are you? Nima says what do you mean? SHe says you stole Krish and now Virat. You will always be a maid. Nima says I didn’t want this marriage either. Mona says she was always after Virat. she’s no shame. Nima says you all know why this wedding happened. I know what the truth is. She leaves. Dadi says she’s doing the mistake Krish’s mom did. I will make her cry.

Scene 2
Maniya asks Pakhay ji what’s going on in the house? He says Babita’s to be husband is coming tomorrow. Babita got engaged when you went to the trip. Maniya is shocked.

Virat comes to table. No one talks to him. Alok says you look smart Krish. Dadi says it was all his drama. Alok says Chinkey you’re having paratha? Mummy will be mad. she says I had a deal with her. Priyal kicks her. Nima comes. Krish asks her to sit with her. Priyal leves in anger. Mona comes to Nima and gives her money. She says take it. Alok says you’re the new DIL, it’s shagun. Mona says it’s her salary. Virat says bhabhi please. Mona says have you already paid her? She gives her money. Dadi says stop her Mona. She’s the DIL of the house. She won’t take money to take care of Krish. That’s not right. She takes money.

Nima calls Sunita. Sunita says Krish stopped you again? Nima says I’ve to tell you a lot of things. Sunita says tell me. Nima says I will come in the evening. Sunita says the landlord came for the rent. I don’t like to say to you. Nima says I will manage it, don’t worry. Virat hears.

Scene 3
Maniya says Babita you got engaged? No one told us. Rani says why are you so mad? Why should we tell you? We decide what happens in this house. Maniya says are you being forced Babita? Rani says go to your room Babita. Rani says stay out of our matters. Don’t show your worth to Babita’s fiance’s family.

Virat comes to Nima. She says you wanted something? He says I was going to work. Wanted to say bye to Krish. He gives her salary to her. He says I don’t wanna increase your problems. Sorry about what mom said. If you need anything let me know. Nima says I was thinking to go home. He says I can take you there. Nima says I wanna go and talk to them alone. He says thanks. Please go once I come back. Krish hugs him.

Paras says dadi you got my sister engaged and didn’t tell me? Rani says what’s the big deal. Pushpa says it has her consent. Tell them Babita. Maniya says don’t be scared of anything Babita. Babita says he’s old but nice. Rani says let it happen. Pushpa says paras we won’t let any problems in her marriage now. Babita likes him. Ask your wife to stay out of our matters. The guy comes in. Rani says welcome.

Scene 4
The party planners come. They say we were given advance for his wedding party. Dadi says we’ve changed the plan. There will be no party. I am his mom. they say okay we will go. Priyal says yes party of my destruction. Dadi says there will be part to show Nima her worth.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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