Swaran Ghar 16th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Swaran’s sons question her decision

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The Episode starts with Swaran saying I have got decked up as Kanwal wants. Nimmo asks what happened to her, she is a widow and she dressed in red. Neelu says Nakul and everyone would be coming and get more sad seeing Swaran like this. Nimmo argues with neighbors and asks them to move the vehicles aside. A man comes to see the property Swaran Ghar. He says Swaran had called me to sell the house. Nimmo says come with me, I m her family member, her sons will decide the final deal, what rate will she get, min 15-20 crores. He gets a call. She says I will get the major share for Kiran. Nakul and everyone come home. Swaran sings for Kanwal and cries. The sons come in and cry seeing her. Nakul calls her out. She doesn’t turn. They all hug her and cry. She doesn’t respond to them. She says Kanwal sang this last line and then stopping singing. Kiran says we have come, we will handle everything, don’t worry. She asks Nakul to get Kanwal’s dead body from the hospital.

Pandit asks them to do rituals post final rites. Kiran asks but final rites need to be done. Nimmo says it happened yesterday. They get shocked. They ask who did the final rites, how can this happen, we have come today. Shorvori says Swaran did it. Vikram asks Swaran did she do the final rites. Nakul asks why, why didn’t you wait for us, I called you many times. Vikram says she was busy here in doing the final rites alone. Yug says answer us. Nakul says it was our right, you snatched our right. Ajit and Khushbeer look on. Swaran says don’t shout, Kanwal won’t like it. She asks pandit to start the paath. Everyone prays for Kanwal’s soul peace. Ajit asks pandit to have food and go. Balwinder asks who is this man. Nimmo asks Kiran do you know him. Kiran asks who. Vikram asks Nimmo how did mum do the final rites without them. Nimmo says what could I do, it was her wish. Vikram asks Shorvori why didn’t she stop Swaran. Yug says maybe she is in shock. Vikram asks did you all hear that a man has three sons but his wife does the final rites, she had no right to snatch our rights, who asked her to do this, I know she can’t take this step alone. Nakul comes to talk to Swaran. She recalls hi words and cries.

He says I thought I m your fav son, did I not have a right to see dad for the final time. Vikram asks why did mum take revenge on us. Nimmo says its my mistake, I should have stopped her, I was alone, Kiran’s dad wasn’t here, no one said anything yesterday. Vikram asks who had supported her, she can’t do this alone. Ajit’s son stops him and says its their family matter, leave it. Nimmo asks Kiran to go to Swaran. Swaran says if Kanwal got the injection in time… Vikram says we couldn’t send the injection, so you decided to give us this guilt, right, you took revenge on us. Swaran feels unwell. Vikram argues. She asks do you think so. Nakul asks why didn’t you wait for us. She says I don’t want to talk to you. Vikram says you can’t defend yourself. Kiran looks on. Vikram says I told you, you will be responsible if anything happens to dad, he passed away because of you, don’t blame us, if you agreed to me and sold this house, then he would have been alive today.

Precap: Ajit says Swaran must have not eaten anything. Ajit goes to Swaran and says to her, I got you your favourite food please have it. Swaran is in tears.
Everyone is looking for Swaran.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Can someone clarify if Kanwaljit married Swarn when she was a widow?

    Initially I was skeptical about the show but so far both storyline and acting is superb. Hopefully the writers and the producers will continue to impartially give their best and not screw the show as happens oftentimes. All the best!👍

  2. @sue she was not a widow she was just very young and didn’t really know what marriage was all about but this is her first marriage

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