Nima Denzongpa 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Maniya and Nima get together

Nima Denzongpa 14th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Maniya says if she sees you it will be huge trouble. Priyal says I am going. Krish starts crying to stop her. She says to keep crying. She leaves. Maniya comes. She says I was looking for you. Priyal says what is it? Nima is hidden. Priyal says I want Virat. Can you give him to me? Nima is shocked that its Priyal. Priyal says I heard a noise. She looks around. Krish comes and says I scared you. Priyal says go back to your room. Priyal goes out. Nima asks Maniya what’s going on? She says aai please she will see you.

Sia says I am selling my jewelry to go to Dubai. Sunita says you won’t go there. Let me tell Nima. Sia says tell her Shiv called me there. Please don’t bother aai she’s so worried herself. Nima asks who is Birla? Maniya says Priyal madde this entire plan. She tells her everything. Maniya says Priyal is pregnant with my child. She keeps threatening me. She’s using him to blackmail me. She will kill my child. Maniya cries. Nima hugs her. Nima says why didn’t you tell me? Maniya says I was very scared. You always felt suspicious about her. I didn’t listen to you. Please find a solution. She will kill my child. Nima says she shouldn’t know I know anything. Do all she says for now. Maniya hugs her and cries. Priyal comes in. Nima and Maniya pretend to be normal. I want juice. Nima says I will get it. Nima leaves. Priyal asks Nima did you tell her anything? Maniya says no.

Priyal asks Maniya to massageher feet. Maniya massages her feet. Mona coughs. She asks Nima to massage her other food. Nima says Virat is calling. Virat says stop calling me Virat ji. Nima says what is it? He says call me Virat first. He says I shortlisted some schools for Krish. Nima says really? He says yes.

Scene 2
Priyal says to Maniya get me more food. Nima should fight with Virat. Make it happen. Maniya says how will I? She says we used to give these aggression tablets to Krish. Give them to Nima now. Virat comes home. Priyal says to Maniya don’t act smart. Give it to her. Maniya pretends to mix it in her room. Maniya says you will really like this deal. She gives it to Nima. Nima says in her heart sorry I made you eat that Virat but we’ve to win Priyal’s trust. Virat eats the daal. He says there’s a stone in the daal. Nima says what? I made it myself. If you don’t wanna eat it say no. Don’t do this drama. She acts triggered. Nima keeps fighting with Virat. He asks what happened? He says I was just asking about the coffee. I understand you’re overwhelmed with work. Let me make you coffee. Nima starts crying. She says I can’t keep Virat in dark. Priyal asks Maniya to give medicine to Virat as well. She says are you planning something with your mom?

Virat’s phone rings. Nima picks it. Virat gets angry. He says I have some privacy. Respect my boundaries. Nima says why are you getting so angry? He says go, please. Leave me alone. Nima leaves the room in anger. Virat calls someone to ask about shiv. He says I had to pretend to shout at Nima because I can’t tell her about Shiv. Nima says to Maniya should we tell Virat? Don’t worry. Priyal won’t know. Virat will help us. Mona asks Priyal what are you planning? Do you think you can defeat Nima alone? You’re risking your life. Maniya says Priyal is happy that you both fought. Priyal asks Maniya what are you doing here? Are you planning something against me? Maniya says aai was crying. I made my mom cry because of you. Maniya says prove that this child is more important than your mom. Maniya says how? She says I don’t know. Maniya asks Nima what should I do? Nima says Virat and I understand each other. We’ve to make her believe you can make me and Virat fight. I’ve an idea.

Virat’s stomach hurts. Nima asks are you okay? She says it happened because of me. He says you care so much for me. Nima says are you okay? He says I am sorry I scolded you. I pretended to get your attention. Nima says you’re very nice. I should respect boundaries. He says I can never talk to my wife like that. Nima says you’re a very good person. Because of me you ate that daal. He says I can eat anything from your hands. She says I wanna tell you something. He says did you find out? Nima says do you know about Birla? He says what about Birla?

Episode ends

Precap: Maniya says to Nima, our plan worked, Priyal believed everything I said.
Priyal listens to everything they talk.
Nima is about to talk to Viraj, Maniya calls her and says that Priyal learnt about their plan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Now that Nima knows the truth, I really hope that this time she confides in Virat and tells him what that psychotic b*t*h is up to and that she’s not really pregnant.
    Also, between them two, they expose her and Mad Mona . After they are overheard by Nima and Virat.

    Really hoping for some good news for Siya.

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