1st Epi – Harphoul Mohini 13th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohini and Harphoul live totally different lives

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Scene 1
A kid is hanging from a cliff. People are scared for him. Harphoul comes running. He gets up and the kid’s hand is stuck under a stone. He jumps on a rope and goes up the cliff. He removes the stone. He saved the kid, and everyone thanks him. Harphoul stops the rock from his back. Everyone cheers for him. The rock comes down on people. He shoves it and saves them. Everyone claps for him. The kids parents thank him. His mai comes and hits him. A woman says he’s such a good son. Why are you hitting him. She says come home I will tell you. He says maaa, please. He hides behind his bhabhi Shalini. The broom hits her instead. She pretends to cry. Maai says stop this drama. Mai says to his brother Sato couldn’t you help your brother? He was moving rocks. You could help him? He says you think I can help? He has a disabled leg. She says you could stop him from risking his life. Shalini says this is your justice? Harphoul did stupidity and you’re scolding my husband? She says I am scolding my son. Sato leaves. Mai says to Harphoul why did you have to risk your life? He says you taught me not to be selfish. We will make our land fertile this year and get Sato treated. She says don’t be so hopeful. Our village’s land is cursed by God. She says our village is defamed in the country. A girl child is aborted here. In a place where women are treated like that, will land be fertile there? How will God bless such a land? God only blesses lands where women are respected.

Scene 2
In Kerala, Mohini buys things from a shop in hurry and then gets on her scooter. The injections fall from her hands. She jumps to catch it. Everyone looks at her. A man says what’s so important in it? She says lifesaver for a mother and her to-be-born child. Saroj and other nurses wait for Mohini for the delivery. The nurse tells Saroj there are a lot of traffic jams. Saroj says how will Mohini come.. Mohini drives on the footpath and rushes to the clinic. Saroj starts the delivery. Mohini dresses up too and goes inside. Everyone prays outside. The baby is born. Mohini smiles. She tells everyone it’s a girl. they all dance and celebrate. Mohini dances with them too. Mohini enjoys her life in Kerala.

Mohini shows Saroj the prescription and says this antibiotic can’t be taken by a feeding mother. Saroj says I will ask the doctor to change. You’re so smart for a nurse. You could get a seat for MBBS but you came here and became the nurse. She says if dad’s spent all my money on my education what would my siblings do? Do you like Kerala. Saroj says I love it. I got a sister like you here. Saroj calls her home. Harphoul picks and says it’s Jiji. He tells me it’s Jiji. She says I wanna talk to mai. She tells Mai Rashmi’s daughter gave birth to a daughter. Mai says my Saroj can do operations alone. She’s a doctor. She says I am a nurse and I wasn’t alone. Mohini was with me. Harphoul says Mohini Mohini.. He dances around. She says not Durga Mohini. A girl who was with me as a nurse. She saved the child’s life. Mai says your brother also saved a life today. Saroj tells Mohini it’s Vaishakhi in my village today. We celebrate it on a large scale as we do it here on Rangoli.

Scene 3
Everyone dances and celebrates Vaishakhi. Harphoul dances with his boys. Mohini celebrates in Kerala. She does pooja. A car comes to the celebration and stops in middle. Balwant comes out and dances with Harphoul. Harphoul stops. Balwant looks at him. He says something in his ear. Mohini does arti with Saroj. Her brother comes. She gets emotional and hugs him. She takes him to the pooja. He cries. Mohini asks what happened? Balwant takes put Harphoul’s glasses and wears them. He leaves. Harphoul’s friends ask what happened? He’s silent. Mohini recalls her brother crying. She goes out.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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