New story teaser and poll by Abhilasha

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Hello my dearest friends!!!! So I m back with few shots!!
I know I got invisible but now for one month atleast I m here.
This is an apology for my sudden absence!
So there is a poll basically for the story!

1. Will I ever get justice?
It’s a much serious issue in today’s time …….ya it’s a story of rape survivor
Who will be fighting for justice and how her life changes . This is not a live story actually ….just reality!
Female lead- Sanchi by awards thigale!
Male lead- Kabir by Vikram sakhalkar!
Other cast will be introduced as per poll results!

2. Beauty and the beast (title not sure)
This story will be a dark love story of a girl and vampire!
Lead pair- Kanchi!
Other cast will be introduced as per the poll results!

So both stories are completely different ….one is woven around the harsh reality of our society and one is completely made in parallel universe because it’s beyond the real world full of mysteries .

So without delaying start voting with a warm welcome for your
Love uh all dher Sara! Keep smiling!

So another thing guys a big sorry for not reading any ffs or not writing too but Iam really busy nowadays but  if you all sweet people can find time for reading then I will too manage so this is just for you all!! Please give your love as you all have given previously!

And meri tu bak bak queens …….Mai zinda hu!!!????????

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  1. RuCh23

    Are you sure you’re alive? Or it could be a bhootni ??? welcome back Abhi ??? missed you more than words could comprehend!! Loved both of your plots but I choose the second one. First one is very realistic and it’s good but we didn’t have a vampire story here ??? so I like to read that!! But whatever you start to write, I’d read it anyway!! Love you loads ???

  2. Anee

    Zinda toh hai par hai kahan?? dikhai kiun nai detii??

    Anyways I’m so happy that u thought for coming back…..okay so my choice no: 2 I love to read full of suspense and dark love-stories.

    By the Way…do u miss me??

    I missed u so much…

    Luv u dear

    bye tc.

  3. Both of them were amazing plots. But my favourite is second one post soon??

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  5. Neha.love7873

    Hey Abhi !! What a surprise !! This was surprise you were talking about ?? By the way both the plots are awesome and I loved both of them … Start the stories as soon as possible !!??????
    Love you ! Take care

  6. Hi abhilasha
    I think I am a silent reader to you
    Both you story’s are amazing but I would like to read the 2nd one (Beauty and the beast )post soon!!

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  9. Mannat77

    Bhooootttt aayaaa bhagoooo???…urja to zinda thi but abhi shyd bhoot bn gyii thi…chl tu wapis to aayiii…missed uh articlesss a lotttt…donu mast hai…ek ko choose krna mushkil hai mere liye…phla wala mast hai pr dusra to jhakaas hai…post nxt asap…ab gayab nhii hojana…lv uh dheeerrr saaara???

  10. Aafiya

    Hi.. How are you? Glad that you are back.. Both the plots are awesome.
    My choice will be the second one…
    Post soon.
    Take care.

  11. Both the plots are amazing, but I will go with number 2.
    You are back after long time so please don’t you think to leave us alone this time, take care.

  12. Welcome back go with 2 plot as of till no writer has tried vampire story on kaanchi

  13. Anu88

    How are you dear……..we miss you lots yaar…….both the plots are so so amazing and interesting yaar………you start your writing soon yaar ……..I can’t wait more for your writing yaar…….I want both story…….1 and 2 is so so amazing yaar……..I can’t chose one plot from both the plots………. please yaar try to write both story yaar…… u lots yaar…….. it’s your punishment for vanishing suddenly…… write both two story for us………tc dear

  14. Vanu

    both plots are amazing but i will like to read vampire story
    post soon

  15. Dhruti

    hii finally tu aayi to sahi TU pe………………btw both plot are superb but i really want to go with 2nd one…………….post that one soon……………….tc……………love you a lot………….

  16. Ur back after a long time….. It sure was a surprise…. I like both but the 2nd would be a different story

  17. Priyanshipp

    Meli ulja didi aa gyi or agal iss baar incomplete choda to teri khair nhi…. ig pe h to pta h tu zinda h ….. trisha b pta nhi kha h…. chal chod jldi se 2nd wala post kar…. luv u abhiiii ?❤

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