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Hey Everyone !
Aamna Here ?

How are you people ?

Well I am back after a long time and have to say a lot but at the end of the shot ?

It is bit long compared to other shot’s ? And I am back? Hope you people will like it ?

Let’s start with a Smile ?



After spending a joyful day with Leela and having delicious dinner specially made by Leela for them , they were back home , after a tiring day , kunj was lying on bed using his mobile while Priya and Kriya were completing their homework..

Though it was Sunday tomorrow but still they wanted a whole day free , twinkle wasn’t present in room , looking after the small house chores that were left..

Aftet completing her drawing Priya set her bag back at corner of room where it alway’s is while Kriya followed her , after placing back thing’s , Priya and Kriya raced toward’s bed , to see whom will reach kunj first, giggling all the way ?

Priya was the first one to reach kunj and hurriedly lied on him , while Kriya pouted cutely keeping her hand’s on her tiny waist , kunj looked at them and smiled ?

Kr: That’s not fair ? I wanted to lie on papa ?

Pr: (Happily) ? But I won na ? (teasing kriya and hugging kunj tightly) My Papa ?

Kr: Huh ?

Kunj smiled at his daughter and then opened his arm for Kriya , she cuddled herself in his embrace , both Priya and Kriya were busy telling him there ever famous stories ?

While kunj was listening them patiently and admiring them , when suddenly Priya said making kunj surprised ?

Pr: Papa (looking at kunj)

K: Hmmm..

Pr:(cutely) Ek question puchu ?

K: (pulling her nose) puch meri choti siyappa queen ? (Priya pouted cutely making Kriya and kunj giggle ?)

Pr: Papa ! What is Valentine’s Day ?

Twinkle who came back from kitchen after competing house chores and heard priya’s question was also surprised but kunj answered her which brought up a smile on Trio Mother – Daughters Faces ?

K : Valentine’s Day is celebrated to Convey your Love and Feeling’s towards anyone ?

Kr : Means anyone Papa ?

K : Yes princess anyone ? It’s all about conveying your Love to anyone wether your Mamma , Papa , Nani , Friend’s anyone ?

Pr : (Cutely) Ooh ?

T : (interrupting) Chalo Priya and Kriya ! It’s time to sleep..

Pr : No Mamma I don’t want to sleep ?

T : (switching of Room’s light and moving towards bed) Haww Priya ? It’s already 12 at night ? How long you want to be awake ? Chalo sleep…

Twinkle layed down on bed while Priya was making cute faces ? Kriya cuddled twinkle and slept immediately being tired whilst Priya’s pattar pattar was still on ?

Pr : Papa you know ?

T : (interrupting) Priya Sleep Now ! Aren’t you tired ?

Pr : No ! I am not ?

T : Okay fine than in Morning I was thinking to make some brownies but when you won’t get Up early than you won’t be able to eat ? I will give them all to Kriya Only ?

Pr : Haww ? No ! No see I am sleeping ?

Priya immediately closed her Eyes and acted as if sleeping whilst twinj giggled at her Cutness ? Kunj dropped a Kiss on her head mumbling ?

K : Meri Choti Siyappa Queen..

Even Twinj closed there eye’s and fell into mild slumber but someone was still awake who was none other than Priya ? She opened her one eye narrowly to see if twinkle was asleep or in’t ?

Twinkle was sleeping cuddling Kriya , Priya raised her head a bit and looked at Kunj whose eye’s were closed looking asleep , priya pouted cutely at the sight ? She again rested her head on Kunj’s chest and tried to sleep but it was far away from her ?

Finally being tired of trying to sleep , she slightly whispered in Kunj’s Ear awaking him..

Pr : (whispering) Papa..

K : What happened bacha you need something ?

Pr : Areh no papa utho na ?

K : (Sleepy Tone) You didn’t slept yet Priya ?

Pr : (Cutely) Papa I want to eat ice cream..

K : Okay subha kha lena ! Abhi sleep..

Pr : (stubbornly) Nahi ! Nahi Abhi papa ?

K : Mamma Ko pata chala toh daant padegi princess ?

Pr : (giggling) Aap hona to save me ?

Before kunj could deny her priya again requested him cutely making him melt ? and how can he ever deny his princess..

Kunj picked Priya in his Arms without making any noises and went towards kitchen , He made her sit on kitchen slab and took out ice cream bucket from fridge and put some for her in a bowl and then passed it to her to eat until he keeps the ice cream bucket in fridge..

But when he returned back he saw priya still not eating and sitting with her hand’s under her chin and pouting cutely making Kunj confused ?

K : What happened Princess ? Don’t you want to eat ?

Pr : Offo Papa feed me na ?

Kunj smiled at her innocent demand and started feeding her by his own hand’s both father and daughter was enjoying their moment’s , In between Priya was feeding kunj..

Pr : Papa wait ?

K : What happened Princess ?

Priya took spoon from kunj’s hand took some ice cream and then forward it to kunj making Kunj smile at her while Priya frowned confusing kunj ?

Pr : Uffo papa ?‍♀️

K : Kya Hua Priya ?

Pr : Papa eat na warna meri ice cream pighal jayegi ?

Kunj shook his head laughing slightly and ate the ice cream priya made him eat..

Kunj was feeding her while Priya’s endless talks were still going on , kunj was smiling at her cute antics , after making her finish her ice cream he cleaned her face , washed the bowl placing things back at their place..

He lifted her in his arms and was about to go toward’s room when Priya stopped him..

Pr : Papa I am not sleepy ? Plsh let’s go in Lawn..

Before kunj could denie her she interrupted him and asked in a sweet And dramatic way making Kunj agree..

Pr : please papa ? (blackmailing) You say na I am your choti siyappa queen so won’t you agree me (puppy face)

Kunj shook his head smiling at her antics and went outside in backyard of their house which was more like a cozy Lawn..

At some distance there was placed a comfy couch covered with a roof under a tree , it was big enough to easily fit four of them (TWINJ, Priya and Kriya)

He sat inside with priya and layed down conmfortably in it , priya jumped on him layed on him resting her head on his chest , kunj smiled at her and cuddled her in his embrace..

Pr : Papa Story ?

K : Hmm Story ? So princess which story do you wanna Listen ?

Pr : A princess story ?

Kunj was telling priya story while caressing her hairs lovingly , in between there were many inumerable questions from priya which kunj answered her calmly , after a while he heard faint sounds of snoring and looked down to see his princess sleeping all cuddled upto him..

He smiled at her and placed a kiss on her head and mumbled to himself..

K : Mera baccha ?

He tried to get up along priya so he can move inside in their room but priya stirred in her sleep so he thought to layed down their only , he was looking at Priya and caressing her hairs seeing her sleeping peacefully in his embrace , when he smiled remebering his conversation with RT..

(RT died after 3 years of twinj marriage , twinj are married to eachother since 6 year’s , Rt was great support of twinj specially when kunj took the decision of separating from his parent’s)


It was almost two year’s since twinj were married to eachother , they were in Taneja mansion spending quality time with LeeRT , that time twinkle was 4 Month’s pregnant having a cute baby bump which had grown a bit bigger than of any other pregnant women as she was expecting twins.

Kunj & Leela was sitting on one couch whilst RT & twinkle were sitting on one couch talking and spending time laughing at jokes kunj was cracking or at twinkle’s cute antics.

When they heard faint snoring sounds and saw twinkle sleeping resting her head on RT’s shoulder , Leela and Kunj smiled whilst RT placed a kiss on his daughter’s forehead.

Leela and Kunj were admiring both father and daughter ? When kunj spoke making Leela and RT smile ?

K : How cute siyappa queen look’s na Maa ?

RT : (With a slight smile) Kunj beta when you will see your child sleeping like this in few month’s na then you will understand the feeling seeing your child sleeping peacefully and calmly ? How contended you feel seeing your child sleeping peacefully in your embrace forgetting everything around herself ?


Kunj covered himself and Priya with the blanket kept beside him and hugged her protectively to himself and slept there only with a contended smile on his face ?


_Twinj Room_

Twinkle woke up and yawned a bit and smiled feeling a tight grip on her ? Kriya was cuddling twinkle tightly hiding herself in her mother’s warmth , Twinkle placed a kiss on her forehead and looked around to found kunj and Priya missing ?

She was wondering where had both father and daughter gone ? She wasn’t worried or panicked cause she knew this wasn’t anything new , it was either sometimes Priya and Kunj or Kriya and Kunj missing in morning some times and she would found them somewhere in house ?

Kunj had always been a doting father and a husband every girl wish for , He had always been her support through out there time together , they were married since six year’s but are in love with each other since 9 year’s , his care , love , respect for her and affection is same as it was 9 year’s back , time had changes but never his Love.

She had seen him more protective , loving , caring and supporting with the passage of time.

He had been through so much in past cause of his so called parent’s , He had been all alone until she came in his life , even after their marriage they had to face difficulties and wrath of his parent’s , their act’s some times made her doubt wether Kunj was really there son or it was yet another one of their Lies but truth was anyways bitter.

For world buisness tycoon Manohar Sarna and Usha Sarna had always been happy family but as we say’s never judge a book by it’s cover , same was the case of Sarna Family ? there act’s and evil plotting against their own son made her feel disgusted ?

Kunj is complete opposite of his parent’s , his parent’s are greedy for wealth and money where as kunj loves to be in simplicity , they are prude of their money and status whilst she had seen a down to earth person in Kunj , they love everything lavish around them whilst for kunj his comfort zone is when her and their daughter’s are around him ?

How she thought that like any other women she had to look after their daughter’s at night all alone but once again this man whom she admire and Love most in world proved her wrong , in spite of having hectic schedule which sometimes was really tiring he had been awake along her at night’s to look after their princesses.

It was never only her duty to wake up at night and look after their daughter’s , she can never forget that night when she woke up to find both their daughter’s in their father arms smiling and giggling surely after giving him a hard time to manage them ? But that day was surely the best day for both of them , the happiest day of their Life ?


Priya and Kriya were just 7 month’s old who started speaking in their own language ? they haven’t yet started speaking properly or say Maa or Papa nor had they started walking but yeah they were able to stand by support or walk with support , They were sleeping in their big cradle which kunj specially on order got ready for his princesses , it was beside twinj’s bed.

Twinj were sleeping cuddling eachother when kunj’s sleep was broken due to soft voices , He opened his eye’s to find twinkle sleeping peacefully resting her head on his shoulder , While both the sister’s were wide awake and was sitting in their cradles he noticed tiny tear’s in their eyes And they were gurling softly , they were scared thinking they were alone but he can’t even see those tear’s in his daughter’s and twinkle’s eye’s , it felt as if someone had stabbed him..

He carefully separated himself from Twinkle who was still asleep being tired as whole day he was busy in his office and cases while twinkle had to look after Priya and Kriya alone while the care taker whom they appointed to help twinkle while Kunj wasn’t home was on holiday to giving twinkle a tough time to look after both the babies as they were still very small.

He went near the cradle hurriedly, after seeing him both of them started crying softly and showed him their hand’s asking him to pick them in his arms ? With quite difficulty he managed to take both of them in their arms and tried to calm them , He tried his best not to wake up twinkle by noises as he knew how much tired she might be so took them near the window and showed them stars to which both of them stopped making noises and were looking at sky with their wide doe like eye’s ?

He was moving along them trying to make them sleep but the little cuties were in mood to trouble their father ? He was talking to them and occasionally kissing their forehead’s or cheek’s to which they were giggling as his slight beard tickled them ? Twinkle woke up from slumber hearing soft giggling sounds and found her both daughter’s in their father arms smiling and giggling while he was talking to them.

Realisation hit her as she saw him handling them all alone and even he didn’t wake her up But at the same time beautiful smile adorned her face realizing his Love and care toward’s her , He himself was whole day busy and had a hectic schedule which must be tiring but still he choose to handle them alone and let her sleep.

She was about to move toward’s them who were still unaware of her awaken state when she saw their both princesses resting their head’s on his either shoulder lovingly as he sang Lullably to them and within moment’s she saw both of them closing and opening their eye’s , she went near them , Kunj was Suprised seeing her awake , She knew it was difficult for kunj to carry both of the babies at same time so carefully took Priya in her arms to which she instantly recognizing the lost of touch and father embrace started crying even Kriya’ s sleep was getting disturbed so kunj quickly took priya back in his arms.

Her soft cries came to stop , she was gazing kunj with tiny tear’s in her eye’s to which even kunj’s gaze turned glassy , she again rested her head on his shoulder and spoke something which shocked And surprised twinj at same time , their happiness knew no boundaries ?

P : (babyish crying tone) P..pa..pa..papa..

K : T..twinkle..

T : Kunj she spoke papa ? OMG kunj she spoke for the first time..


Twinkle put her thoughts to rest shooking her head slightly and with care put Kriya on the bed carefully covering her in blanket making sure she isn’t uncomfortable at all and placed a kiss on her forehead to which small smile appeared on Kriya’s face which twinkle smile and again place a kiss on her head , she set out to look for Priya and Kunj.

She searched them in whole house except Lawn and found it to be empty , she wondered if tgey had gone out this early morning but found the gates of house locked ? she then set out to look for them in Lawn but found that even empty making her worried but before she could panic or would call kunj her gaze fell on the couch and a figure lying inside it , She knew it was kunj and Priya.

She walked upto the couch to find both the father and daughter still sleeping making her smile , their position made her giggle a bit ?

Kunj was lying on his stomach facing the back to the roof of couch whilst Priya was lying on him , her one hand thumb in her mouth whilst from other she was hugging Kunj from his waist and sleeping soundly , she clicked their picture from her mobile in her hand and smiled wide remembering her childhood memories when she used to be same with her father.

She carefully stepped inside the couch making sure she won’t disturb both their sleep , She placed a soft kisses on their forehead making them smile in their sleep ? She giggled at their cute expression and again placed kisses on their forehead.

Kr : Mamma..

Kriya who woke up as twinkle left her sleeping came after her without twinkle’s notice , Twinkle picked her up in her arms and took her inside the big couch , both mother and daughter looked at eachother with a naughty smile and within seconds Priya and Kunj were giggling and laughing trying to save themselves from the tickle attack both mother and daughter started on the other team ?

K : T..Tw..twinkle stop it (trying to stop them)

P : Haan…mumma..Kriya stop…Hehe…

After a lot of tickling finally Kriya and Twinkle was exhausted , all the four layed down laughing and smiling , twinkle was lying on right side of kunj keep her head on his right shoulder while Priya and Kriya was lying on his left side.

This was how mornings went , they were small , happy and contended with their lives but it was surely a silence before storm ? Their fate had planned to test them.

So here I End sixth episode of TERE SANG YAARA ? I hope you all liked it ?

It was supposed to be posted long back but I could not due to my exams ? I know have been to lazy about posting my writing but I really could not help with my schedule and more over I had to give 12 th exams and I really can’t compromise ? I have to do my best to attain the percentage I have gained in 11 th boards with much difficulty ?

But now I am finally free from these tension so I will try to be regular but once the THREE SHOT COMPETITION is over ? I have participated for twinj and currently I am working on that story so I need bit time ?

I know you all are eagerly waiting for FRIENDSHIP N LOVE but there are few things I need to sort out before posting the LAST EPISODE ?

Yes Last ? I still can’t believe one of my own most favourite story is heading toward’s it’s end , As much as it has been your favourite it’s my favourite to cause I have lot’s of memories along it which I will surely share with you all at the end of the last episode ?

In last post I asked if you all want season 2 or in’t and everyone’s answer was YES ? So yes I will start a season 2 but not soon as I want to wind up few stories before it ? Don’t worry I won’t be ending Twinj stories of mine but I want to end my stories I am writing on wattpad ? But surely 2 of twinj stories other than FRIENDSHIP N LOVE is heading to their end which you will come to know soon ?

Okay on a serious note Are you people liking this story or should I End it ?

How were flashbacks ? Specially kunj and his daughter’s cute moments ? Hmm do you all want to know twinj past fully , specially kunj’s past ?

Anything you feel is missing in this FF ? Or anything you think I should add ?

I hope you all will answer the questions I asked so that you all cause it will help me alot to improve ? Don’t forget to share your views about the Episode ? 

Anyone who is interested in reading my stories on wattpad can read on @Crazy_Sidhantian profile ? There you can find my work on many other TELLYWOOD COUPLE than twinj ! You can find twinj stories there ?

So here I bid adeau but will be back soon, surely sooner than I promised last time ? 

Bye Everyone ? See you soon ? Aanu ❤

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  1. Hello amna di aap itne din baad aaye ho par aake story paash ke dil khush ho gaya kunj and his daughters were so cute and I just love the stories where twinkle is expecting I love these stories as I really wanted to see this in tei but couldn’t see bit u have kept them alive by ur stories I loveeeeeee the flashback and i have read on insta all ur stories bit I am not using insta means I don’t have any account so I could not comment I can just see and read bit I love that so much love u take care post soon

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you Sia ♥️
      I am glad you are liking the story I am writing on instagram ? Soon enough I will be writing that here to with some amendments ?

  2. Hey Aamna,
    Well I think its been months since you posted this story. I had to first read the 5th shot to recall where you left last.
    Trust me, these flashbacks are so beautiful and loveable. All the father- daughter moments were amazing. In fact, the one in which Priya called kunj as ‘papa’ was the cutest and my most favourite one.
    I loved it so much.
    *A perfect happy family* ?
    Yes, ofcourse! would love to know kunj’s past story. ?
    I think now there is no need to tell how much I love this story. ?
    Please I have been waiting for ‘Friendship and Love’ to be posted.
    Do post asap.
    And yes! I’m happy that you will write its season2 as well.
    I hope you get good result in 12th.
    Plz try and be regular now.
    One update in a week will also work to me !!
    It isn’t any pressure but a request dear.

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you so much Vibhu ♥️
      Your comment always encourages me a lot ?
      Surely I will try 2 weeks in a week if possible ?

  3. ohh aanu finally u posted haan ….i was waiting for it from long time ….
    such a cute & lovely epi ….luved it…every part of it…priya & kunj icecream scene was lovely ..flashback was really awesome specially kunj & his daughters part was so cute …
    so let’s start answering to ur question …
    first all the best for competition….
    I m luving this story ..because it has twinj parenting …this story is very cute & lovely moment …
    I m luving the flashback…
    want to know more about kunj past ..
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    luv u babes.

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you yashika ♥️
      Surely kunj’s past will be revealed soon ?

  4. awesome episode…and cute too
    loved very scene of it…especially the fb scene of kunj with his little cuties was really amazing…u don’t no how much i wish to see this type of scenes in tei..but it never happens? i really love the bond u show between kunj and his daughters…and what to say about twinj they were amazing as always and their love for each other always made me admire them…u r really an amazing writer…love ur all stories…post ur other stories soon can’t wait to read them…
    take care

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you ♥️
      I am glad you like all my stories ?
      Even I wanted to see Twinj and their baby in TASHAN E ISHQ but poor us it never happened ?

  5. Superb episode aanu I love twinj flashback scene n finally u r back on tu post soon dear I’m ok with what u have decided n please post soon ??♥️

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you Sophia ♥️

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    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you riya ♥️

  7. Sameera

    Omg such a beautiful suprise today …
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    Loveddd it soooooo much
    It was tooo cute to see kunj with his daughter
    Yeah he is perfect in All senses …
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    Then the flashback ..when Priya calls him paapa …
    Too cute that was …
    Loved it post soon yes want season 2 ..
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    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you Sammie ♥️
      Glad you loved it ?

  8. Baby

    aanu ??
    finally god took you so long hehe but no compromise srsly exams are exams
    well i missed this missing toh nahi hai but how i wish nothing negative comes in this FS
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    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you Damu ♥️
      Surely I will try new story along season 2 if possible ?

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    Loved it a lott…
    Priya and Kunj bond is adorable…

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you nooha ♥️

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      Thank you megha ♥️

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      Thank you swara ♥️

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      Thank you ♥️

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    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you ramu ♥️
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      Thank you so much SSK ♥️

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    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you mahi di ♥️
      Sure will post soon ?

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    1. Aamna_2690

      Aww I didn’t expected this surprise ?
      Thank you so much sumo (even I am gonna call you that only from now) Its really a surprise to see you commenting ??
      Love you ??

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