A NEW LIFE – A MANAN FF (Chapter 22)

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Happy new year guys!!!! (Im prettyyyy late. I know ?) Its 2017 so fasst!! 2016 was not that grt for me… but i have many lovely memories. How was yur 2016??
Srrrrryyyyy for not updating.
For u guys, a fresh new update waiting down!!! ???

Pa was still in hospital, but he was stable. “Mumma… nanu ish fyn na?” Niara tugged my kurti and asked. I lifted her up amd hugged her. “Yes niara. He’s fine. Nanu is strong na?” I said. “My nanu is superman.” She said. “Yes baby.. he is.” I sighed.
I was thinking of what all happened today. Manik. Pa. I didnt know how to handle these situations. Manik, i dont know wht have idone to him. Its hisright to be angry on me, that i left me, but cheap was not the word. I could also e angry. He never once called me. Never searched for me. And now pa and going to india. I sighed. Life is gonna be difficult.

I was leaving for my flight. I didnt want to stay here one second longer. “Dad. We r leaving rn. Pls.” I said to my dad. “Wht happened, manik? All of a sudden.” He asked. “Yes dad. Vikrant(his assistant) called. Sum urgent work in office.” I said fake smiling. “Achha ok beta. Let me book the…” “Dad.. i have already done it.” “My beta is so smart just like me.” “Dad we need to leave.” I said.
And we left for our flight. I just wanted to go away from here. From her.

We took pa to home. He was resting. I was so worried abt him. I sat with me.
“Pa pls get better. We have to take u to india. India. All my past is there. Manik. Fab5. Navya. Everyone. Manik now hates me very badly. He doesnt even want to see my face ever. I have lost him.” I cried. I let my tears flow freely.

I went to my room. I saw niara sleeping peacefully. Tom we will take pa to india. No matter wht. If my past awaits for me… i will go face it for my family. I have to do it. I kissed niaras forehead and thanked my stars for giving me such a lovely family.

Pa was awake now. We were boarding the flight now to india. Niara was pretty excited. “Mama.. india ish very beautiful na?” She said. “Yes baby… it more beautiful than u think.” I said smiling. “Yaayy.. im going to enjoy. No studies plsss.” She said. I tickled her and she giggled. “Yur command is my wish.” I said. “Good mama.” She said kissing my cheek.
Atlaasst aftee 14 hr journey we reached mumbai. “Nandini beta.. call the auto.
Lets go home before it gets dark.” She said. “Sumthings wrong. Why r people shouting ad hitting each other. Nandu go n check na pls.” Pa said.
I turned and saw the situation. I went to a man and asked wht happened. It seemed there is a taxi and auto strike. “Ayyo.. how do we get home.” I said. “Beta.. listen to me… go stay in a hotel nearby. For today. This could be very dangerous. There is a hotel nearby called Sunshine hotel. U can go there with yur family.” He said. “Thank you very much uncle.” I smiled .
“Ma pa .. there is a strike of auto and taxi. We need to grt into a hotel.” I said.
We checked in Sunshine hotel for 1 day stay.

My flight just landed. We got out. I called for our driver to pick us up. “Saab… i cannot come to the airport.” He said. “Why. U have any problem coming?” I asked. “No saab… there is a strike and all roads are blocked. It will take very long for me to reach the airport.” “Damn it.” I said. “Ok leave it. We’ll stay in a hotel nearby.” I said and cut the call. The nearest hotel was Sunshine hotel.
We went there and checked in.
My phone started ringing. “Whos it?” My dad asked. It was Moms. “Ya mom. We r alright. Yes yes. We r staying in a hotel. Ya ok. Take care love you.” Isaod and cut the call. “Mothers.” I muutered. “Wifes.” My dad muttered. We looked at each otherand gave a high 5 and laughed. My mom called my dad too.

I was laying on my bed. I couldnt sleep at all. Niara was asleep. I decided to go put and have sum fresh air.

I coildnt sleep after wht all happened yesterday. Why did she like do this to me.
I went put for sum fresh air.

There was a strange feeling in me after coming to this hotel. Like manik was here. No he would be in US. Doing his work. I heard he became the CEO. So nice. I feel so proud that my Manik became the CEO. I smiled. But it vanished away. My life is gonna change fully.

Manik and Nandini have checked in the same hotel. Wht will happen when they meet. To know, read, vote and comment!

Hey guys.. i know its a very very tiny chapter. But i could write only this much. Im srry. Next chapter, promise it will be a long one and i will make sure manan will meet.
Till then,
Wait for the next update!

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