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Thanks guys for your wonderful support hope everyone likes the story .so no more talkies..let’s get into the story ….
    ” what have she done? She eloped from this marriage ..but how can she go as such ..she never thought about ma and pa. How they gonna handle this? ” sona thinks while asha comes there. Asha , sona..where is anjali? Sona stands lifelessly while asha looks at the paper in her hands. She gets it from her asking what’s that and was shocked to know the truth. Bijoy too comes there and all three where shocked and confused.
      Arya sees dev sitting in tension. He thinks to tease him. Arya comes to him saying bhai..why you are looking stressed as you are girl going to marry unknown person. Come on bhai..she loves you and you loves her. .then why you are taking tension.. dev,  arey.. I am getting nervous as I don’t know why..I feel like something wrong gonna happen.arya patting his back , bhai..nothing gonna happen don’t worry. That time niki comes there while arya calls her. Niki,  ha bolo. .. arya, did you saw anjali is she looking ? Niki,  no yaar..she is getting ready ,so we are waiting for her. Arya,  ok go..niki starts to move but stops saying you know what..because of you I am trapped. Arya looks confused as Dev.  Arya,  me..what I did.. niki, sona is asking me to help her in dance and it’s all because of know right ..she can’t dance then why you challenges her as my head is spinning in between. Arya chuckles saying i feel happy while teasing sona di.  Though she gonna finish her bachelor’s she is behaving as a kid… niki laughs at his sentence saying ok ..i am leaving..
     ” how can she do like this?  She never thought about my son..he can’t even take this..he will broke down after hearing this truth..then he will never agree to marry again” Ishwari broke down while asha consoles her. Bijoy,  I never thought my daughter will do like this .. I am sorry Ishwari..this marriage could not happen. Bijoy sits down in the chair saying everything is over now.. she never thought about our respect…now what will these people talk about us. And how I am going to get sona married as all will ask about her elder sister. Ishwari kneels before Ishwari asking bhai..why can’t sona marry dev as you know dev will not agree to marry another girl..I could not see dev living alone…for that I am asking bhai..why can’t they marry?  Asha looks at bijoy who looks at her. Asha,  but can we do like that? Dev should agree for this right ..and sona didn’t even finished her degree. Ishwari,  we are not going to say dev that he gonna marry sona. After marriage I will explain to please make sona agree. . Don’t worry about her ..I will take care of her like my daughter know what..she remains silent then continues when I came to your home I thought it’s sona whom dev gonna marry and was happy but soon it vanished after hearing it’s anjali. But now too nothing is wrong..please speak to sona.she folds her hands before then while asha asked her not to please and will talk to sona.

          In bride’s room , sona sits on the bed holding the letter thinking how can she do? She never informed me about this..I would have stopped her. I know She loves dev and looks at the envelope near her phone . She takes it and starts to read..
     Hello sona..I know you will be in  anger after knowing the truth. I know I did a mistake as I came to know as I could not live with Dev . You know he never supported me in my carrier ,he always have an argument with me and you know why I left from there as he is marrying me only on the basis that I will not continue my carrier. You know my dream is to become a top most fashion designer..I could not suppress my dream by marrying I am leaving from there..I know dad and mom will be worried about me but I also know you are there with them.take care of them..soon I will meet you once this is cleared.. love you darlu. anjali.

     Sona cries out aloud saying you must have informed I don’t know what to i gonna console them. She heard the door opening and wipes her tears turning to see who was that. Sona runs to bijoy seeing them while he hugs her saying everything is finished beta…sona says no papa..we will solve dont worry ..bijoy,  how I gonna face everyone ..and cries. Sona asked him not to worry as he is the back home of this family. She continues , you are strong baba and will face how much complicated..please don’t take stress.. bijoy looking at sona , beta can only help us. Sona confused asking can I help you… she looks confused while bijoy continues , have to marry dev. Sona was taken aback by his words. Sona , baba know what you are can I marry him as he loves di baba and he will never accept for this. Bijoy , if dev accepts for this marriage..will you marry him? Sona continues , can I …and how will he accept as he loves di. Bijoy thinks sorry sona .. I have to lie to make a bright future for you and also to for our family respect..I know you will be fine after marrying him . Bijoy, accepts for this it’s time for have to acceot for me beta…till now I never asked you anything..first time in my life time I am asking this..please beta..and folds hands before her.sona holds his hands asking whats this baba..okay I agree for this marriage.. Asha and Ishwari comes there with neha and riya. Ishwari , neha , riya..Make her  ready and bring down when I call you..she moves to sona saying i am happy for you beta and kisses her forehead saying god bless you.. the trio leaves while sona sits lost…..

Will be continued…

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  1. Rj12

    Loved it ?
    But sorry to say I’ve read this kind of plot in the swaragini page named love beyond ages

  2. Really amazing…. ???

  3. Priya12

    Akka, superbbbb….eager 2 see luv after marriage 4 devakshi…….pls post the nxt epi soon…

  4. Super di waiting for ur next post…

  5. Awesome awesome awesome awesome episode dear plz plzz plzz post soon next episode.

  6. Aditiroy

    It’s’s your wish to say about this..but it’s purely written by me..let’s see if it continues…and not need to be sorry..

  7. Erina

    Well its nyc dear but even i have watched a love story which is quiet similar to dis n now i’m waitingggg for ur next ff for finding whats ur thinking n i hope i will get definitly something interesting so plzzz post soon i’m eager to read ur next epi…….

  8. Aarti32

    Dis was a total TV serial types twist..Fab yaar..

  9. I its damn good yr plzz post the next episode soon can’t wait?❤?

  10. Superb ?… Very interesting dr…Post d next one soon…

  11. RiyaDcruz

    Actually aditi sorry 2 say bt ive read these kind of strt in many bt urs will be different nd gud coz u r soo creative u can also write book nd u hv a grt future nd pls dont stop writing…

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