A NEW LIFE – A MANAN FF (Chapter 18)

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“Get up, lazy bones.” Dad shouted. “Aaa… dad lemme sleep.” I said sleepily. “Waah.. ladies and gentlemen I present you the CEO  of Malhotra industries.” He said. CEO. Malhotra industries. I knew sumthing. Sheesh. I woke up. “Good morning?” My dad asked. “Daadd… I forgot. I can’t sleep too..” I said sulking. “Manik come we will miss our flight for US. We have a meeting. Come in 10. I am waiting.” My dad said. “Oh yaaa… US. Gimme 2 min. I’m coming.” I said as I hugged my dad. “Haah mera kumbh Karan.” I smiled.
I finished all my morning work and went to have breakfast. I checked my watch. Half an hour for the flight, grt going Manik Malhotra. I patted myself in my mind.
“Hi dad. Hi mom.” I said. “Hi beta… atlaast u got up. I could hear your dad screaming to wake u up.” Mom said. “Momm.. leave all that. Tell me whts for breakfast. We have a long flight of 16 hours.” I sighed. “Haah.. here take.” She passed me some Nutella bread.
Nutella bread. My mind kept tugging me for this word. Nutella . Nandini’s favorite. I loved her seeing eat Nutella and the whole thing used to spread all over her mouth….
stop. I said to my mind. I don’t want to think abt her.

“Manik I’m waiting for u in the car. Manik. Manik.” My dad said. I just looked at him with blank face and suddenly realized he was talking to me. “Umm.. ya.. ya .. dad. I’m almost ready… justIhavetotakemyphone.” I said telling everything fast. “Wht?” “I’m coming dad.” I said as I got up to take my phone. “Love u beta. Tc. Have food in the flight ok.” Mom said. “Yes mom. Don’t worry. I’m a bhukkad. I’ll miss yur food… but it’s for 2 days only na.” “Ya I know. Bye beta. Yur dads getting restless. Go bye.” Mom said and I kissed my moms forehead.

I sit in the flight. And atlaast my office journey starts. I’m excited.

(A/N – Nandini and Niara live with ma and pa in US. So MANIK’S Dad and Nandini’s Pa are very good frnds. So he is coming here to meet him.)

“Niara stop screaming. U don’t want to wakey wakey Nani.” I said. “Oh yesh.” She put a finger on her lips. I just loved her cute antics. I gently kissed her cheeks. I went to the fridge and gave her her favorite chocolate and she started munching happily.
I was washing the vessels. Suddenly I felt water on me. Niara was putting the water on me.  “Niaraaa… Wht r u doing.” I screamed. “Nothing… just putting water.” She said . “Niara.. ” I said. Just then, “Nandu, Wht happened? Why u screamed?” Ma asked. “Ma, tell Niara na.” I said. “Oh I see…” ma smiled. “Ma tell her to stop spraying water on me?” “Niara come here. I have sumthing to show you.” Both Nani and her best friend went. “God…. whts this. Niara has drenched me.” I muttered. I started cleaning myself and I remembered the moment when Manik had done the same thing. Like father like daughter. I smiled. But the smile went away. Manik would never come to know he has a daughter who is so like him.

“Dad.. where are we going?” I asked. “Umm.. a good question.” Dad said. “Ok.. I knew this was gonna happen. I have a booked a room for us in the hotel.” “That’s why na I know my son will arrange everything for me. So I don’t need to worry.” He said smiling. “Achaa.. listen .. I have to go meet my old frnd.. I told u abt . Mr singhania. I need to meet him. It’s years since I didn’t meet him. Do u want to come?” He asked me. “Dad.. well yes. I’ll come.” I said. “Hmm.. good.”

We reached their house.
“Hi Raj!” Sanjeev opened the door and said. “Sanjeev… mera Yaar. Kaisa hai tu?” Dad asked. “Achaa hu.. is that Manik?” He asked looking towards me. “Ahah… yes Manik.” My dad said. “Kitna Bada ho Gaya he. When I saw u, u were very small.” He said. “Hi uncle!” I said. “Come in and sit” he said.
The house was beautiful. “So Manik how is office life going on? I heard u became the CEO of Malhotra industries.” “Uncle its good. It’s hard being the CEO.” I said smiling. Just then a kids voice screamed. “Daduuuu….” sumone screamed and came next to uncle. It was a cute kid. She saw us and then became quiet. “Daduu.. my Nutella ?” She asked cutely.
“Meet Niara! My small cute granddaughter.” He said smiling and hugging her. “Oh.. she’s so cute. Where is yur daughter, anyway?” Dad asked. For a moment I thought I saw a change in his expression. But then it disappeared. “Woh.. she has gone out… leaving me this prankster with me.” And Niara made a cute pout there just like… just like Nandini. Nandini. She makes the exact same cute pout. “Niara go say hello to everyone!” Uncle said. “Hi. My name is Niara. I am 2yrs old.” She said smartly and came and shaked my hand. I tried to tickle her and she started laughing. She was so adorable.

“Niaraaaaaa…. beta come here. I have yur Nutella here.” And Niara jumped and ran away. But that voice. I have heard sumwhere. It can’t be…. it can’t be… Nandini. No how can it be? She doesn’t have a kid. My kid? No it’s not Nandini.

What would happen when Manik finds out Niara is his own kid? How is he gonna react? To know keep reading and commenting.

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