Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 8)

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hi friends if u feel it’s boring r dragging pls let me knw…. I need feed back.. pls tel me I will crt my mistake..

Epiisode 8

Yuvraj comes to suhani and tells.
Yuvraj talks to her without taking breath (suhani muje tumare help chahiye. Am sry for all wat I did with u before. U r my frnd now . u just act with me for sometime.I don’t want to do this engagement pls muje help karo.. mei dadi se tume intro karogi mere girlfrnd..i want to marry u..thik hain na…tum help karogi na..bolo.. suhani did not listen anything yuvraj told her.. she is busy with typing msg to she don’t want to marry me)
Yuvraj: suhani i talk with u..u listen r not tum help karogi na…. (suhani came back to sense and ask kya?)
Yuvraj: suhani muje shadi pasant nahi hi.. tum mere baat samaj rahi ho na.
(I don’t lik the mrg nd u talk with dadi na..)

Suhani(she thinks about her marriage and says) haan muje bhi yeh shadi pasant nahi hi.. par mei kya karon..(yes am also not lik mrg I should talk)
Yuvraj: suhani shadi me pyar hona chahiye.. kisi se shadi karogi wo apne dil se accept karna chahiye…am I right.(mrg shd happn with I right)
uhani : haan yuvraj tum sahi bolrahi ho.. mei baat karogi zaroor..(ya u r right.i Wil talk about mrg)
Yuvraj thinks suhani talks to dadi and accept to help him.. but suhani thinks to talk pankaj..suhani s unaware about yuvraj baton.
Yuvraj: good.. let come with me now…itself tum baat karo.. saying this yuvraj hold suhani hand and drag her with him to meet dadi..
Suhani: confused.. abhi..yuvraj kisi se baat karogi… yuvraj kahan jaarahi ho mere baat sun phele..yuvrajjjj…(whr u drag me tell me 1st) yuvraj reach dadi.. suhani stop talking.. yuvraj sees suhani..they look each other.. suhani is speechless.. dadi was about to tell about shadi but before tat yuvraj start talking… dadi call yuvraj to stage to announce….

Yuvraj : dadi mei aap se kuch kehana chathi ho.. (Dadi I Want to talk with u)
Dadi: haan beta bolo na..(Ya tel me )
Yuvraj: dadi yeh suhaniiii, mei isse se shadi karna chathi ho.. Do u knw I lik her.. I trust in love after seeing her only. I don’t knw how I fall in love.. muje pata hi dadi aap mere har wish puri karogi…hai na dadi…(dadi she s suhani. I love her..and I knw u also like her..I Want to marry her)
Suhani gets shocked, she cant believe what yuvraj says.. suhani stares at yuvraj.. yuvraj also see suhani and hold her hand tight.. suhani freezes… yuvraj continue
Dadi: kya…tum pyar karthi ho… all gets shocked.. dadi cant expect this from yuvraj.. but she steady herself.. rags ask all guest to enjoy the party..
Sharad and pratima looks shocked.. dadi ask sry to her frnd family… they go from there.. rags come and takes dadi with her..

Dadi: rags tum suna yuvraj ne kya kaha… use ladki ko dekha tum ne.. hamare tara nahi hi wo.. (Rags did u hear wat yuvi says. how he love tat girl? She s not lik us..)
Rags: dadi relax.. bina makup kaise wo jarahi thi bhar… aap socho yuvraj shadi se itna hate karthi ho phir ajanak yeh pyar kaise.. zaroor kuch toh hi yuvraj ki dil me…(yes dadi. She did not put makup how she go out without makup? I think yuvraj cheating and hiding something. He does not lik mrg love bfre but now wat happened to him?)
Dadi: haan rags tum thik kehrahi ho.. I cant believe this from yuvraj.. ok am also go in yuvraj way…
Rags: haan dadi let we check yeh sach aur nahi.. dadi and rags come to hall.. where all are gathered.. outside pratima ask sharad yuvraj kya bolrahi sharad.. sharad about to tell but pratima start walking to yuvraj who hold suhani hand still…
Suhani : yuvraj tum…aisa kyu kiya….(yuvraj wat u did now)
Yuvraj : put his finger on suhani lips.. (saware plays…) abhi nahi suhani… pratima comes to yuvraj.. he takes his finger back..

Pratima ask yuvraj he s saying true or not.. yuvraj also says haan maa.. muje aur koi rasta nahi hi.. issliyee mei…pratima hugs him and says beta muje wo suhani bhoat pasant hi… tume pata hi.. jab mei suhani ko dekha kab se muje pasant aarahi hi suhani…. yuvraj gets shocked pratima loves suhani…(yuvraj do u know I lik suhani very much..)
Pratima cares suhanis face with love… sharad told yuvraj in husky voice..
Sharad: guru mausi , ko suhani pasant hi…mausi ne dil se suhani ko apna liya.. ab kya karon hum…(guru now wat u do. Mausi lik her very much she does not knw iit’s drama.)
Suhani about to tel she not love him…and she cant understand wats going on.. but dadi and rags came there…. All see dadi and rags…

Dadi: thik hain yuvraj jo tumare marzi… muje tumare yeh pyar mansor hi.. menka le aao mere tofa…(OK yuvraj. I accept.. U also accept my gift)
Yuvraj suhani and sharad gets shocked and seeing menka brings one plate covered by red cloth…pratima gets happy for dadi accepting suhani..
Menka: ji dadi… yeh lo aap ki tofa.. dadi ask yuvraj to remove the red cloth..
Yuvraj not do…dadi: thik hain rags tum karo.. tum is ghar ki badi bahu na.. choti bahu kliye tum dedo tofa..(rags u give this gift to suhani..u r 1st daughter in law )
Rags takes rings from the plate.. suhani was almost faint… yuvraj cant expect this from dadi.. sharad open his mouth in shock… pratima ask yuvraj to took ring.
Yuvraj: maa aaj…suhani ki family yahan nahi hi.. muje time dedo..(dadi I need time bcz suhani family is not here!)
Dadi and rags and happy but hide infront of yuvraj.. dadi: kaise baat kar rahi ho yuvraj.. kon mana kar sakte yeh ristey ko.. all girls come in line to marry u..(y u think lik tat. who refuse to marry u. I will talk wit suhani parents!)
I will talk with suhani family..u don’t worry.. aaj ring phena do… suhani tume yeh mansor hi na…. .(suhani do u lik yuvraj na?)
suhani s speechless, pratima puts his hand on suhani shoulder..suhani cant talk anything.. suhani see yuvraj who already seeing suhani…(suhani thinks, yeh sach me yuvraj wants to marry me… I cant believe.. mei rohan ko kya jawab dedogi.. mumma pappa…oh god…) yuvraj took ring and came closer to suhani,
dadi and rags get tensed..yuvraj hold suhani hand seeing her eyes deeply… suhani also give her hand, she was lost in yuvi eyes and that moment….she is not refused to yuvi…

precap: suhani faints… yuvraj hold her.. sawaree plays…… pratima ask yuvi to took her to room..

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  1. yaar ur ff making more excited day by day its is amzing epi.i have no words to describe it.plz plz updated nxt very very soon.

  2. Avanikamdar

    Day by day i m in love with your ff plz post asap ..

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u avani…..sure I post regularly..

  3. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thank u sri.. if u feel something fishy inform me.

  4. u r making me go crazy by ur ff its awesome tat too precap cho sweet continue

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u abi….if u HV negative cmnds pls tel me…

  5. Wow wow its superb .

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank u radha dear.

  6. Aqsxxh

    It is amazing di!
    I am lost for words

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thanks aqsxxh di….

  7. Superb yaar…

  8. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    thank u so much feba… keep reading

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