A new bonding (swasan) – episode 20 (“papa’s girl”)

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hi frnds,,,how are you all….so im bck will next chap…

thanks to stg,sammykapoor,sonia,febi,kumu,phoniex,tani,simi,independent,soujanya,anu
thank u so much guys..without ur support im nothing..

previous chap:Episode 19

sanskar was so confused,,his shona,,,whts she is going through…she was scared of needle,,,didn’t thy knew abt it??..nd wht abt his dad?,,,ram is so scared..he is in tears…why??,,,did ram knew something which sanskar didnt knew???

varun:uncle..we will take her inside,,,

sanskar came bck to relaity by varun’s voice..nd he was abt to pick swara,,but before tht varun pick her in bridal style nd walks bck to mansion,,,ram too stood up nd followed thm,,,sanskar was confused,,,he dont know wht to do??

but his shona is not well…nd he cant do anything,,but wht happen to her,,his mind flashes with her recent talking,,a sudden chill swept through sanskar,as if a cold wind cut through ,he was drowning in guilt,,,how could he do this much to her?

“it takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart”

those lines are true,,he broke her trust nd wht now?…he saw thy all already left frm thr..he walked fast to her mansion,,,he was confused where to go…he hrd some noise nd climb the stairs,,he saw varun putting her in bed ,,ram and sandra was behind him,,sanskar stepped inside nd same time varun look bck at him…

varun rush to sanskar ,,,nd hold his collar…sanskar looks at his eyes,,,a final glance at his furious eyes confirmed his possible outcome.he was going to kill him…but sanskar didnt moved evn a inch,,his life is thr ,,how he can move frm thr,,,but ram came inbetween,,,nd make thm away,,

ram:sanskar go to mansion,,im here,,dont create another scene..pls

sanskar:dad ..i want to be with her!!..wht happen to her?

varun:u killed her..(sanskar blood boils by his words)

sandra:varun,,wht u r talking,,go to her,,i will manage..

varun make a fist nd left to her,,

ram:sanskar come with me..


ram hold his wrist nd took him out of the room where sandra to followed thm,,

ram:sanskar..now go,,

sanskar:no dad..i want to know wht happen to her..

ram:she used to get panic attacks..its one of it..she will be alright

sanskar heartbeat increases and a wave of shock comes over him..he stood on the spot completely still,,,his shona getting panic attacks,,,a girl who always used to laugh with him,,a girl who always wish to smile,,he mentally slapped himself ..

sandra:no need to worry sanskar..she is okay now ,,whn she woke up she will be fine,,,

sandra said with a smile,,,which shocks sanskar..thn only his mind noticed ram,,how he knew all this??

sanskar:how this all happen???nd dad,,,how u knew all this??

ram look at him,,he looks at sandra…

sandra:sanskar..she was in a mental shock,,nd now its effect her health nd bcz of it she is getting panic attacks,,nowdays its bcming worse,,,nd ram uncle met us few days bck,,nd we talked abt it to him

ram:she is my daughter..

sanskar was in tears…he didnt care abt anything else..he just want to take care of her..just want her smile,,

sandra:sanskar pls,u go now,,,

ram:sanskar ..im hr na,,u inform sujatha too,,i will be late..

sanskar stood thr,,he is not willing to go,,,how can he??

sandra:(put her hands on his shoulder)u want her to be fine na..if u stay here thn it will create another scence,,so,,,u dont worry sanskar.

sanskar close his eyes nd sighs…he nods nd was abt to turn..

sandra:its ur duty to make her fine,,so soon do it!

“i will,,,”sanskar went out with a heavy heart…

he dont want to leave her thr,,,but now her health is important,,if he nd varun again come across tn situation may not be in control,,,now her papa is with her,,sanskar is relaxed bcz of it,,,,but why sandra talked softly to him??he went bck to mansion…

sanskar left

ram:sandra,are u not angry at him?

sandra:no uncle,he too went through so much…leaving his loved one for thr happiness is not easy thing,,nd he want her happiness,,,but unknowingly he hurt her,,,

ram:i know..i too was wrong.hmm…where is ranveer?

sandra:he was with other dancers,,i infromed him,,he went to airport,Dr.kabir is coming..uncle come,,we will go to her..

@after sometimes

ranveer:kabir,how’s she?

Dr.kabir:see ranveer,,i already told u,,she must stop taking pills,,those pills are controlling her emotions,,now she is fine…she will woke up soon,,after tht take care..

ram was in tears…kabir,ranveer nd varun was discussing abt her health while ram sit next to swara ,,tears make it way through his cheeks..

ram:wht u did to yourself shona?…its been 2 long years..still u r same,,broken,,

ram went to flashback


tht was the day whn thy all shift to delhi…sujatha refused everyone to infrom swara abt it,,ram and laksh was confused by it,,atlast thy thought she might be planning for a susprise…but after reaching thr too thr was no sign abt swara.

soon ram ask sujatha abt wht she is doing nd she told everything ,,,ram was shattered,,he knew wht thy thinking is not correct…his daughter wont have any prblm to live with thm,,but sujatha is a mother,,,she was concerned abt her son,,,nd sanskar was not able to think anything,,he was confused…

ram starts to avoid everyone,,he was guilty,,he is a father,,,nd he left her daughter thr alone,,it was killing him inside,,,at tht time he noticed laksh,,,laksh too was not the same fun loving boy,,he bcm silent,,,atlast ram decided to talk to laksh

@at garden

ram:laksh..why u sitting here??i mean alone

laksh:nothing dad!..just sitting here..

ram:something bothering u,isnt?

laksh:nd wht abt u?

ram:i miss her,,my shona

laksh:(teary)we did wrong na dad?

ram:yes!!sujju and sanskar is not understanding it,,can we go to her lucky?im feeling restless

laksh:we can call her first dad

ram:but her num was in my sim,,sujatha took it,,i dont have her num

laksh:same with me!..but dad i knew her num..u remember its me who gave her number to mom,,

ram:thn why didnt u called her yet??r u mad?

laksh:i dont know how to say all this to her..im sorry dad

ram:give her number,,i know wht to do,,she is my daughter

ram was in tears,,,after abt a week,,,he is calling her daughter,,,but she is not picking up…is my daughter fine??,,is she angry with me?..if she hate me thn???..his questions got unanswered,,,he once again tried to call her,,,he ws feeling restless,,,his heart beats more nd more fastly,,,

the call got connected,,,but thr wa a silence,,he kept silent to hear her voice,,no she is not talking,,but some sound thr,,,he listened,,its sobbing,,,his daughter is crying,,his heart brks,,,his wound in heart bcm more deeper,,

“shonaaaa”he cried

thr was silence,,her sobbing stopped,,

“papa..papa…where are u???where are u ??say papa…whr is sanky???papa…u all okay n ,,”she was blabbering,,her voice shows her heartbroke,,

“shhh,,my daughter…we r okay,,,”

“where u all went papa?..u knew wht all happened?,hr..”she went silent,,as she was returned to reality..

“shona…wht happen beta…shona,,,u dr?”

he can feel her tears,,,wht happened to his girl,,,

“wht are u doing shona?are u outside?..”he asked with confusion as hr hrd some noise,,,it was quite late..

“im at beach papa”

“r u okay shona??why im feeling thr is something”

“im going papa!”

flashback ends..

ram was taken bck to reality as he felt some movemet,,,swara was gaining her consious

“shona,,,,open ur eyes,,see ur papa is here”ram cupped her face..

swara slightly opened her eyes,,she smiled after at her papa ,,

“papa….”she hugged him tightly,,nd both remain like tht for sometime..

“i was scared,,,wht u did to urself dear”

swara sit properly..

“arey…my cutie papa,,u r my strong papa na,,why to get scared..”she pulled his cheeks..he smiled sadly

“mad girl,,u r not well,,take rest”

“huh,,,no papa…now u r here na…we will do some fun..”

“so who will take rest?”

“my both brothers will take..huh,,,where are they?”

“thy r talking to doc..”

“tht kabir again came?..now he will give me injenctions”

“ur papa is here na…so dont worry”

“yipee…u knew?i miss u soo much”

“nd i too missed my daughter”

“papa,,i want something”

“ice cream?”

she grinned at him nd he shooks his head..

“shona..i know how much sad u r,,,why to act?”

“i didnt act papa?”

“u think u can lie to me?

she hugged him by wasit

“im happy with u papa…dont leave me!”

“i wont leave my daughter..u r papa’s girl na,,,if i ask u something will u do?”

“ask na papa”

“give a chance to sanskar”


thnk u frnds,,how was the chap..please give comments….

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    Happy to see their bond which is same between me and my papa

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  5. You always make me emotional dr. I love ur ff so much . God bless u.

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    Loved it..tc..

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    Awesome update dear

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