I am alive because of u(season 2 with arshi,ishra and swasan) epi 24

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Hi guys..

In the other side…
Sanskar was sleeping in the bed while a small baby boy came crawling and sat above him..
He tried speaking small words..
Sanskar wakes up and takes him in his hands..
Sanskaar: naughty..
The boy smiles.
Sanskar: u r laughing? He tickles him.. the baby laughs…
Sanskar: so where is ur mom?
Baby shows the direction of outside.
Sanskar: com lets disturb her partner..
They both come out.. meanwhile swara and ishu was cooking food..
The boy comes and pulls ishita’s hair.

Ishita: ouch… akash
Akash smiles naughtily..
Ishita picks him in her arms and kisses his face.
Akash: mumma..
Ishita smiles.
Swara: u forgot me? unfair akash
Akash peeps and goes to her .
Akash: please..
Swara smiles.

Sanskar: not please “sorry”
Akash: please.
Ishita laughs.
Swara: where is another papa?

Akash stares at sanskar.
akash: come I will take u.
He carries him to the room where raman was sitting in front of laptop and working.
He leaves him in doorstep and akash goes running to him.
Raman sees him and takes him in arms and twirls him..

Akash laughs..
Akash: papa.
Raman: hi handsome. What r u doing here. who left u?
Akash: papa..
Raman: oh. Come we will play games. They both sit and play games..
Later swara ,ishu and sanskar to joins them and they all play with akash.This is how the life of them 4 was beautiful with this new member among them.

Flash back….

At Diwali time..
The house was decorated well with great interior designed.
It was night time..
Ishita was wearing a blue saree with respective accesorries and looking beautiful..
She was arranging things for puja as swara was resting as swara is last stage at pregnancy.
She calls everyone for the puja.
First came raman to the puja.
Raman: u r looking very beautiful today.
Ishita smiles..
Ishita: u r to good..

Raman: I know.
Ishita: oh . this much greatness is not needed. U r looking ok.sanskar is looking good.
Raman: oh really?
He moves forward and ishita move backwards.
And she finally reaches the wall end.
Raman pins her to it.

Ishita: raman. sanskar.
Raman turns and sees. Meanwhile ishita tries to run away but raman lifts her from backward and twirls her.
Ishita: raman. leave me.
Meanwhile sanskar opens the door and he comes out of the room with swara.
Swara and sanskar gets shocked seeing this.
Raman leaves ishita down..
Swara: I don’t know my jiju is this much romantic.
Ishita: omg shona stop it.

Sanskar: yeah. We both r kids..
Raman: kids? U both?
Swara and sanskar smile sheepishly
With a bell all raizadas came in..
Khushi has also came as she took 3 to 4 days holiday for this function as they told her she should come for sure.
Raman hugs khushi.

Khushi: hi raman..
Swara: hank god ur fought is over.
Khushi smiles sheepishly..
ishita: who spoke first?
Khushi: me..
Arnav: don’t say em u r having angriness? No one will not accept.
Khushi: I have . It is very difficult for me to not speak to him for a day also but I did a world record. I spoke after 1 month..
Sanskar: u forgot me? not fair.

Khushi: sanky. yaar. how can I forgot u. she went hugged him.. how is swara?
Sanskar: she is good. Doctor told it is last stage. Need to be careful..
Khushi: take car shona.
Swara: ah.i will yaar. band karo. Come we will do puja.
Anjali: everyone forget that there is a small girl like me?
Arnav: hey. U r small girl.

Anjali: yeah. All married me no.
Arnav: u want to marry. I will surely see u a groom..
Anjali: arnav . I am just 24 . I need to study more.
Khushi: u first focus on ur career.
Anjali: thank u bhabi..

Ishita: ok come we will do the puja..
They all together did the puja and distributed sweets among them…
All were sitting and chatting with each other.
Meanwhile swara was feeling uneasy but didn’t care..

But after sometime she winced in pain holding her stomach..
Swara: amma.. it is paining.
All got panicked..
Khushi: we will take her to the doctor.
Sanskar lift swara and they went to hospital..

Swara was sent inside with khushi .
Sanskar was impatiently walking out the operation theatre.
Ishita ,raman,arnav,anjali all where praying..
Meanwile the operation theatre door opens and khushi comes with the baby boy in her hand.
Khushi: use that sanitizer and take that baby..
Sanskar immediately takes that baby in his hand..his face had tears.
Sanskar: swara?

Khushi: she is unconscious. We can shift her to the room . u then all can see her..
All were happy.. they surrounded the baby and explores him..
That small baby cutely opened his eyes..
Arnav: sanskar warning . he is exactly like swara. same eyes. Same look..
Sanskar smiles.
Sankar: hi cutie. I am ur father..
Raman: he is a boy right. why cutie..
Sanskar: its ok. he is so cute. So…

Meanwhile they shifted swara ad te baby to the new room.
Khushi also joined them and was waiting outside where as sanskar was sitting quietly and watching the baby sleeping and waiting for swara to get conscious.
Swara wakes up a little tiredly..

Sanskar helps her..
Swara: where is the baby..
Sanskar lifts the baby and handovers him to swara and sits beside her in the bed.
Swara too carries him and smiles…
Sanskar: he is like u.
Swara smiles.
Sanskar: u r ok..

Swara: a little tired..
Sanskar: ok he is sleeping. Let us leave him in the cradle.
Sanskar slowly puts him on the cradle..

After 1 day..
Swara gets discharged from hospital..
The house was well decorated for the naming ceremony.
Ishita welcomes swara and the baby with an aarti..

There was a cradle lying in the middle of the house with flowers.
All were present. Raizadas, singh, and gadodias.(swara’s parents. sumi and shekar) and even guptas..
Raj and garima expected that they will be called to anme the baby.

Ishita takes the baby and leaves it in the cradle..
Sanskar: khushi. u name the baby.
Khushi: what me? but.
Raman: go khushi.
Arnav: eyah. Go..

Khushi went to the cradle and whispered in the baby;s hears.
Khushi: u r very special to us. ur name is akash sanskar gupta. She whispers it in his ears 3 time.
Sanskar: akash. Wow. Superb. Cute name.
Everyone comes and whispers him in his ears..
The function was almost over..
Khushi was sitting happily chatting..

Arnav comes towards her..
Arnav: does madam remember u have a flight to catch in 3 hrs?
Khushi gets shocked
Khushi: oh my god flight.. come we will leave.
Khushi bids bye to everyone and rushes to raizada mansion and arnav drops her to the airport..

After some months..

ishita was cleaning the room..
ishita: raman.. always doing the room messy with ur things.
raman: sorry.
ishita: pick up ur clothes and drop them in the basket.
Raman: u do na..

Ishita: u do. ur mistake.
She leaves a quite angry because she was exhausted.
Raman holds her wrist and pulls her towards him.
Raman: sorry.. I wont repeat it again
Ishita: no need of ur sorry. she turns her face.

Raman kisses her cheeks.
Raman: thank u for tolerating me.u only know me only. Thank u for coming in my life.
Ishita smiles a little blushingly..
Raman goes near her and ishita closes her eyes.
But a sound startles them both.
Akash has come there crawling to their room.
Ishita: oh akash
Ishita went and picks him and plays with him.
Raman too plays with him..

They all had a beautiful life with the coming of new member of the family….
This is how the life of swasan and ishra was there where they were all looking after the baby very keenly. akash call swara and ishita as mumma and sanskar and raman as papa. Meanwhile adarsh and swadeentha got married and settled in London..

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  1. Veronica

    Goood loved it

  2. Jasminerahul

    delivery scene and naming part was cute.akash has ishra and swasan as parents.so nice. ishra scene was nice

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