Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Subhash’s Determination For His Exam

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 8th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Narendranath Guha comes to meets Janakinath. Subhash greets him as chachaji and touches his feet. Narendranath says whole Cuttak knows Subhash after he won race and actually he defeated British. He asks Subhash to call Janakinath. Sarath says baba has gone out. Narendra says Junior Lord Andrew Fraser is coming and Bengali comittee has decided to felicitate him and he accepted their request, so he has brought a draft letter for Janakinaath to check. He gives draft to Sarath and asks Subhash to recite a poem in front of Junior Lord Andrew Fraser.

Junior Lord Andrew Fraser tells his aide that their ocean is in Orissa’s Cuttack now as Swadesis have gathered there and are supplying illegal arms by stealing them, he needs to go there and stop all this.

Subhash walk into Rono’s room thinking he will read poem from a book which baba gifted to Rono. He walks to Rono’s room and finds Anu’s book in which he finds swadesi poem and tries to read it. Sarath walks in and reading poem thinks how did Rono get this book. Subhash says this is Anu maasi’s book. Subhash reads peom with great difficulty and asks Sarath to explain its meaning. Sarath explains and says he should learn English poem as Junior Lord Andrew Fraser knows only English, he can learn Hindi poem later. Subhash agrees.

Anu enters swadesis’ grocery shop. Swadesis point gun at her and realize its her. She asks if they know where Ananth is. British officers barge in to catch swadesis. Shopkeeper says his family is inside. Anu takes gun from swadesis and throws it in boiling soup and hides them behind grocery bags. When officer walks towards swadesis, she cuts her finger and shouts in pain. Grocer’s wife ties cloth around her finger and grocer says his family women are afraid seeing him here. Officer leaves warning him to inform if he sees swadesis. Anu calls back swadesis, gets gun out of soup and returns it to them saying they need to fight against British.

During dinner, Sarath asks why is Junior Lord Andrew Fraser coming to Cuttack. Tauji says he knows about Swadesi movement here, so he is coming to control them. He asks Janakinath if he checked Narendra’s letter draft. Janakinath says he corrected it. Subhash asks Tauji who is Junior Lord Andrew Fraser. Tauji explains there is British king, then senior lord and then junior lord who is governor. Subhah asks what is samvardhana. Janakinath explains. Sarath asks why should they give samvardhana to Junior Lord Andrew Fraser while they didn’t felicitate Dhwajendra Rai. Satish says Anderson is British and deserves respect. Sarath says there is no need for that. Tauji warns him to stop his swadesi ideas and dare not try to talk about them in front of Subhash. Subhash informs that Narendra asked to recite poem in front of Anderson. Tauji says that is a good thing and its a proud moment for Bose family, asks which poem he will recite. Subhash says English poem and thinks why Sarath didn’t let him discuss about poem in Anu’s book, when will Anu return.

Maid complains Sarath that Subhash is studying day and night without sleeping and pours oil in his eyes to keep himself awake. Sarath is impressed and thinks Subhash should defeat Charles. On the other side, Charles tells Richardson he is unable to read. Richardson asks how can he accept defeat being a British, he has to win against Subhash at any cost. Charles says Subhash is brilliant in studies, so can he stop Subhash from attending exam. Charles asks how can he.

Next morning, Prabha informs Janakinath that today is Subhash’s exam and he should encourage Subhash. Janaki says she should stop worrying instead as her son doesn’t worry. Subhash enters and takes their blessings. Sarath enters saying Rono and Abdul chacha are waiting for him in chariot and asks if he carried alll his belongings. Subhash touches his feet and says he did. Janaki says the race which Suibhash started in ground should end in exam hall.

Precap: Charles warns Subhash that he can’t win. Subhash asks why he is afraid of him. Charles tries to cheat, Subhash stops him and says he will not tolerate injustice.

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