Jee le zaraa…Live a little…RoshAn SS Part 7

Jee le zaraa…Live a little…Part 7
Sitara entered the house.
Kabir was happy to see her:Sitara!
Sitara walked towards him,but she tripped and he caught her.

Kabir:As usual…because of your high heeled shoes you were about to fall down.
Sitara:Kabir..stop teasing me.
They both laughed.Vanita saw them.Vivek came near her.
Sitara went near them and touched their feet.
Vanita-Vivek:How are you Sitara?
Sitara:I am fine.
Vanita:It’s surprising that you came here.
Sitara:Kabir is my best friend.How can I not come here to help you all to make the arrangements?It’s Kabir’s engagement.Right?
Vivek-Vanita smiled.

Vivek:Kabir is lucky to have a friend like you.
Kabir:You are right dad.
Sitara smiled.Both of them walked away.
Vanita was lost in her thoughts.
Vivek:What are you thinking?
Vanita:Did I make any mistake by not choosing Sitara for Kabir?
Vivek:What are you saying before Kabir-Roshni engagement Vanita?
Vanita:Roshni is perfect.But I am confused whether Sitara would have been better for Kabir seein their bond.
Vivek:Leave such thoughts now Vanita as Kabir Roshni are going to get married.
Vanita nodded.

Kabir introduced Roshni and Sitara to each other.
Kabir:This is my to be wife Roshni.
Sitara felt an unknown jealousy towards Roshni while Roshni faked a smile.
Kabir:This is my best friend Sitara.She is my business partner too.
Roshni and Sitara smiled.
Kabir:You know her peculiarity is she always falls down because of her pointed high heeled shoes.

Sitara:Liar!I have never fallen down.
Kabir:That is because I save you always.
Sitara pouted:You…
They both argued.
Roshni smiled:What a cute friendship you both share!

Kabir-Sitara smiled.

Roshni wrote a letter for Kabir about her love for Aman and kept it on his table.
Sitara who came searching for Kabir saw the letter flying in the wind and caught it.
Sitara:What paper piece is this?
She opened it and read it.She got shocked.

Sitara:Oh no…if Kabir reads this he will be shattered.He loves Roshni a lot.Kabir should know the truth.But he should be told peacefully.But how?

Sitara was preparing sweets in the kitchen.
Roshni came:I will help you.
Sitara:No need.You are the to be bride.
Roshni:But…you are a guest.
Sitara:It’s ok.I will do’s for Kabir’s engagement function.
Roshni:You both are best friends.You guys never felt love for each other.
Sitara became dull.Suddenly she remembered Roshni’s letter.
Sitara:Kabir did not fall for me.But I fell in love with Kabir.
Roshni was shocked:What?You did’nt tell him that?
Sitara:Yes.But he wanted to marry you as you are his mother’s choice.
Roshni felt guilty.
She thought:I am a bad choice for Kabir.If it is Sitara Kabir will get love.How will I make Vanita aunty understand it?
Sitara:Roshni…I am not with Kabir now as he does’nt love him.But you have Aman’s love.Then why are you not with Aman now?
Roshni was shocked.
Sitara:I read your letter.
Roshni was not able to face Sitara.
Sitara:Don’t worry.I will not tell this to anyone.Tell me why you agreed to marry Kabir?
Roshni told her everything tearfully.Sitara was shocked.
Sitara:It’s a sensitive matter Roshni.Writing a letter is not enough.You and Aman should tell the truth to Kabir and others.They deserve to know it.

Roshni:But I don’t have the courage to tell him the truth.

Sitara:I understand..but…
Roshni:Where is the letter I wrote?
Sitara:I had kept it in my hand bag.I will give it to you.

After the sweets session Sitara opened her hand bag to take the letter.The letter flew away in the breeze.She ran behind it to catch it.But it was caught by Kabir.Her heart skipped a beat as Kabir opened it and read it.He was shattered as she expected.She felt upset seeing him break down.
Sitara held his shoulder:Kabir….Control yourself.
Kabir looked at her in disbelief:So you knew about this letter?
Sitara nodded painfully.
Kabir:Then how are you asking me to control myself?My own brother and Roshni sacrificed their love for mean and our parents?How can I bear this?More than knowing Roshni does’nt love me their sacrifice for me is what hurts me the most.
Sitara looked at him emotionally.
Kabir was breaking down and weeping like a kid.
Sitara who was holding his hand took him to his room.She made him lie down.
Sitara:You take rest.After some time it will be fine.
Kabir:How can it be fine Sitara?Our engagement preparations are going on.

Sitara:We will find a solution Kabir.

Kabir looked at her painfully.
Kabir:Sitara…now I understand your pain when I rejected your proposal.When I realized that Roshni does’nt love me,I understood the pain you went through.
Sitara looked at him painfully in disbelief as she never expected Kabir to talk like this to her.She had never even expected him to understand her pain.

Kabir:I am sorry Sitara for hurting you.
Sitara got touched by his words.

Sitara:No need of that Kabir.You did’nt do anything wrong.We cannot love everyone.
Kabir:Sitara…even though you loved me,you supported my decision to marry Roshni.I want to be selfless like you.
Kabir:I want to unite Aman and Roshni.
Sitara smiled emotionally.

Roshni was looking at her engagement dress and weeping.
Roshni:I can’t wear this to get engaged to Kabir.
“Then don’t wear it”
She heard a male voice and turned back.She was stunned to see Kabir there.
Roshni was nervous to see him.
Kabir:I read your letter.Don’t worry.You don’t have to get engaged to me.
Roshni was relieved.But she was guilty to hurt him.
Roshni looked at him tearfully.
She closed her eyes weeping:I am sorry Kabir.
Kabir:This is not the time to say sorry.This is the time to make things alright.And there is no need to apologize and you did’nt do anything wrong by not loving me.

She opened her eyes and looked at him.
Roshni’s respect for Kabir was growing more and more.

Engagement party…

Vivek:Where is the couple?
Kabir and Roshni came.

All were shocked as they were not dressed up for the function.
Vanita:What is this?This is how you both dressed up for your engagement function?
Kabir:We are not getting engaged mom.
All were shocked.
Vanita:What are you saying Kabir?
Kabir:Mom,you wanted me to marry Roshni.But you failed to notice what Roshni wanted.
Kabir:Roshni agreed to marry me only for you mom,not because she wanted it.She was so grateful to you that she sacrificed her love for you and me.
Vanita was shocked.
Aman was becoming nervous.
Aman thought:Did bhai come to know about me and Roshni?He must be broken now.Oh God!
Vanita:What?Roshni sacrificed her love for me just because of gratitude?
Kabir:Yes mom.
Vanita:Who is he?
All were shocked.
Vanita:Roshni…Aman….is this true?
Roshni-Aman were silent.
Vanita became upset:Why did you both do so?Roshni…I just wanted you as my daughter in law.I chose Kabir as he was the eldest one.If you wanted to marry Aman also I would have been equally happy.There was no need of any sacrifice.I am happy that you love my son Roshni.
Roshni-Aman were surprised.
Vivek:I think now Aman and Roshni should get engaged now.
Kabir:Yes right dad.
Roshni and Aman felt guilty thinking of Kabir.Kabir noticed it.
Kabir:Are you both worried about getting engaged because of me?
Aman-Roshni were silent.

Kabir:Guys…no need to be guilty.I am perfectly fine.
Kabir:During childhood I used to sacrifice my toys and story books for you.That was my right.You tried to snatch that right from me by sacrificing your love for me.I will not let you make any stupid sacrifice for me.Sacrificing is only my right.Got it?
Aman looked at him emotionally.
Kabir held Roshni’s hand.
Kabir:Come Roshni.
She smiled.

He brought her near Aman.
Kabir:Roshni belongs only to you.

Everyone smiled.
Aman-Kabir hugged each other emotionally.
Vanita caressed Aman:I never knew that my son has grown so mature.Both you and Roshni are epitomes of sacrifice.So you both make a perfect couple.
Aman-Roshni smiled.
Vivek-Vanita were very happy seeing them happy.

  1. So nice 😍❤️😍 update. You are amazing writer so cute story for Aman and roshini. Thanks for updates. Please weekly two updates kind request 🙏 and tq for updates.

  2. You are amazing 😍 ❣️ please update weekly two times.

  3. Shesha485

    Beautiful episode. The FF is going very well. Sitara falling and Kabir teasing is a coincidence. Thats so cute. SiBir is so cute when they fight in front of Roshni. Is Roshni had the thought of running away from the marriage? Gladly Sitara got the letter and she helped Roshni to unite with Aman. Sacrifice dialogue is relatable to me 😅😥 Roshni’s respect for Kabir is good. I too feel it would be great if there is update twice a week.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thanks a lot.Roshni did not think of running away from the wedding.How is sacrifice dialogue relatable to you?
      I am writing short stories on pearl-ada,pearl-tejaswi,shaheer-ada, harshad I am not getting time to post this ff twice a week

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