Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 27th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Subhash Learns Hindi

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 27th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prabha in kitchen scolds cook for spoiling food and asks if they can serve this to guest. Pramila informs her that Baba’s guest has come and Baba is calling her to living room. Prabha walks to living room, and Janaki introduces her to Akshay. Akshay says he came to clear the misunderstand, he never wanted to cancel this alliance, his wife misunderstood and wrote a letter, so he apologizes for that. Badimaa asks Prabha to bring sweets for Akshay babu. Satish drags Sarath near window and hears their conversation. Prabha asks Prabha to inform guest to have food and go. nSarath returns to his room. Janaki asks Prabha to drop her anger and accept this alliance. Prabha tells Taiji that Akshay’s family insulted her son Sarath and she will not tolerate that. Janaki says Akshay is a dignified person and they need to reply him. Prabha says her son will not go against her wish. Sarath gets tensed and thinks what he should do now. Prabha asks his opinion. Sarath says elders decision is his decision. Taiji says Sarath also likes Prabha and is silent because of his respect for Prabha. Janaki says if they reject this alliance, Vibha will be blamed, so Prabha should agree.

Subhi at school asks Charu if he is looking good in dhoti khurta. Charu nods yes. Another classmate says he may look one among them, but cannot read Hindi fluently like Charu. Subhi says he may not read fluently like Charu, but will try his best. He returns to his seat and practices Hindi. Charu scolds classmate for bullying Subhi. After class ends, classmates stick a poem behind Subhi’s back and walks behind him bullying him. Head master Beni Madhav noticing that scolds and sends students away and tells Charu that he didn’t expect this from him, he should have stopped other students from bullying Subhash. He pulls paper from Subhi’s back and reading poem asks Subhash if he didn’t notice students sticking it behind his back. Subhi reads poem fluently. Beni Madhav praises him. Subhi realizes that he can read Hindi and gets very happy. He returns home and reads Hindi book fluently. Rono and other kids praise him. Subhi walks to h is room and continues reading. Prabha goes to his room and gives him clothes to change asking if he is feeling uncomfortable in dhoti kurta. He says no. Rono and Subhi run away playing. Sarath walks in and says he didn’t want to hurt maa’s feelings. Prabha says she trusted him a lot and thought he will never disobey her, but he didn’t inform what is in his heart. He says he was afraid. Their conversation continues.

A sadhu comes to Bose House. Subhi greets him and calling Anu and others asks to bring something for Sadhu baba. Sadhu asks who is he. Subhash tells his name. Sadhu says he is Murari and Anant sent him here. Subhi asks how is Anant, when will he return home. Murari says Anant is fine and will return soon, asks to call Anu. Subhi goes and informs Anu same. Prabha seeing Sadhu asks maid to bring something for Sadhu. She Taiji says he came at an auspicious time. Prabha asks Pramila to touch baba’s feet. Murari feels nervous thinking how can he let elders touch his feet and says girls are like mother and he cannot let mother touch his feet. Anu brings charity and dropping it in his bag silently asks if everything is alright. He says yes and drops a chit in her pallu. Subhash thinks what Sadhu baba must have given to Anu mausi.

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