Qurbaan Hua 1st December 2020 Written Episode Update: RamShankar reveals that Chahat is a Muslim

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Godambari accepted that she has made a mistake after selling the bangles of Saraswati but she had no other choice, Chahat exclaims that she had a choice and If she had asked anyone then her problem would have been solved, Chahat mentions that she knows how attached Neel is too Saraswathi’s belongings.
Bopho asks why they are not searching for Chahat and where she has gone after saving his life, Neel stops the bike then mentions he has installed a tracker in her phone so they are going to Rishikesh in order to find her, Neel asks him to sit at the back.
Chahat asks why did she not talk with Jamuna, Godamabri responds that he has a very soft heart which is why she did not tell him and the blackmailer called her to the old factory after she sold the bangles but it was not her fault, she exclaims that she doesnot know what to do, Neel asks her that he knows what she can do. Godambari assures that she did not have anything to do with the incident in the factory, Neel asks her to call the blackmailer.
Neel takes her hand when she asks inquires what he is doing in the house, Neel punishes her for what she was trying to do, Chahat inquiries what he meant at which he says that she was going to fight the blackmailer alone, Chahat mentions how he also tried to help her in the exams and got punished for that so he should also be punished then they both perform the punishment. Neel and Chahat blame each other on who is more stupid, they inquire it from Bopho who mentions that he cannot choose between them because they both are the same stupid as he read the poster, he mentions the poster which he saw saying that they most stupid thing is love. Bopho is also asked to fulfil the punish, they are doing it when Godamabri comes exclaiming that the blackmailer has called them at the factory.
Viyas exclaims that the owner of the factory would not be comfortable talking with him so he should be the one to make the deal, Baleq comes, Jamuna asks Viyas jee to also inform him about their plan, Viyas jee exclaims that he has decided to buy a portion of the factory as even still it has been closed for a lot of time so he would setup the cooking show for Neel, Baleq also agrees then they all leave, Baleq thinks that he should make sure Neel and Viyas jee do not come close as otherwise he would ask Neel to become the Mant which he cannot bear.
Neel reaches the factory with Godamabri and Chahat, she gets a message from the blackmailer who has come at the backside of the factory, he advises them to stay outside while he will confront the person alone however Chahat refuses explaining that after the incident she will never leave him alone, she doesnot listen to anything and in the end he has to give in to her pressure, they both search for the blackmailer, while searching for him Chahat recognizes the watch of her father however she falls to the ground which tips off the blackmailer, he comes for her, Chahat gets scared when she sees that he has a gun as then she would not be able to call for help, she tries to back away slowly but he suddenly turns however Neel pulls her to the side, exclaiming that he told her to not come and is so angry that he desires t kill her himself, the blackmailer calls him but Neel seeing the sun makes the shadow of a dog, the blackmailer leaves, Neel tries to go after him however Chahat mentions what will she do if something happens to him however Neel says that nothing would happen.
The blackmailer is walking when Neel tries following him however he unconditionally causes the box to fall seeing he opportunity the blackmailer points a gun at him however Neel pushes the gun away then exclaims that because of his blackmailing Godamabri was about to throw the last belonging which he had of Saraswati, Chahat seeing his face recognizes that he works for Ghazala, they are about to inquire him when Viyas jee comes asking what he is doing in the factory and who is the person, Godamabri comes running explaining how he took a photo of her and has been blackmailing her, she exclaims that he might have also been behind throwing the steel on Neel as he was also in the factory however he says that he only blackmailed her because of money but every time Chahat ruin’s his plan, Viyas jee questions how he knows about Chahat.
RamShankar answers that he knows secret of Chahat from which they all are unaware off, Neel gets tensed however RamShankar asks Chahat if he should tell everyone about her, he says in front of everyone that Chahat is a Muslim, this shocks everyone and they are left in awe, Baleq also remembers how he asked her why she was distributing the juice in Muharram, Godamabri also remembers how she wore the hijab in their meeting.
Godamabri slaps him but refuses to listen to his exclamation and then Baleq is also about to hit him but Viyas jee stops him mentioning that he would personally ask the inspector to punish him to the extent that he doesnot forget, Bopho comes with the police, they are about to arrest him when Neel recognizes that he was the one who came into their house at the night disguised as a musician. Viyas jee gets angry saying that he tried to ruin the family which he has protected for so long, Viyas jee inquires why did he try to harm his child, however RamShankar exclaims that he is only a servant.
Viyas jee walks away then advises the police to find out who is his master as that person is behind everything, the inspector asks him and he responds that Baig had ordered him to kill them all, when he is being taken away, RamShankar once again mentions that Chahat is indeed a muslim.

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