Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 18th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Satish’s Alliance

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 18th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sarath tells Satish they should go and check what is happening in hostel, police will not catch them if they keep Ugantar and Vandemataram newspapers. Satish scolds him that he warned him many times not to buy those newspapers, even then he went against his father’s order and bought it; what will happen if father finds out that he is buying them again. Ajith says they should wait till police leaves hostel and then leave to Kodalia directly. He asks if newspapers are in his hostel room. Sarath says yes. Satish says he had removed it already and will not let him go or else police will find out that gave speech the other day. Sarath says he will go to hostel at any cost and walks towards door when Vibha brings snacks and water for them and clashes with him. Water glasses fall down and break injuring Vibha’s feet. Sarath gets tensed seeing blood oozing from Vibha’s feet and asks if she is fine. She says yes and walks to her room. Sarath watches her. Satish asks him to go and help her. He walks into her room and nurses her wound apologizing her.. She suggests him to leave for Kodalia from here and asks if he felt bad. He says when she didnt feel bad yesterday why will he and thanks her. She smiles hearing that and walks out where Ajith informs him and Satish that police found bombs and guns in a house in Murari Pukur and arrested many people. Sarath thinks its Aurobindo Ghose’s house in which Ananth was staying.

At home, family gets worried for Sarath and Satish. Janaki hopes police don’t find Ugantar and Vandemataram newspapers in Sarath hostel room. Pramila asks Subhi if he saw Sarath with those newspapers. Prabha scolds her not to ask kid and asks Suresh. Sarath and Satish walk in. Janaki asks where were they. Satish says a friend’s house seeing police checking hostel rooms. Janaki warns them and says a small boy was found with gun and asks why was Anu crying yesterday. Prabha says she doesn’t know. Janaki warns them to concentrate on their studies. Prabha says today they had to go to see a girl for Satish. Sarath walks in with Subhi. Subhi asks if he knows Khudiram bose as Anu was crying hearing about this news. Sarath says seeing the condition of nation, Subhi has to take each step and speak carefully.

Prabha, Janaki, and Pramila visit prospectus bride’s house. She sits in cart and asks Pramila to send girl in the cab as she is not feeling well. Janaki and Pramila see girl who is a bit dark, and Pramila sends her into Prabha’s cab. Prabha sees girl sweating and asks her not get nervous, wipes her face and finds make up not it, and says not to worry as she came to find a bride for his son who can keep the family united. She returns home. Pramila tells aunty what Prabha did. Prabha says she wanted to check girl’s real complexion as usually girls apply makeup. Janaki walks in and asks whether to say yes or no to girl’s family as he cannot keep them waiting. Prabha asks him to say yes. They joke about Subhi’s marriage. Subhi walks away shying. Sarath informs Satish about his alliance and asks him to smile at least now. Suresh walks in and says he needs feast as 2 bhabhis are coming home.

Precap: Anu informs Subhi that today Khudiram will be hanged, one who loves motherland dies for it happily. Khudi’s sister cries reminiscing him. Khudi is hanged. Subhi asks if they will bear injustice. She says they will not from hereon.

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