Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Subhash’s Worries For Sarath

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu cries hearing Khudiram’s arrest and prays god that Khudiram is a small kid and Kingsford will not spare him. Subhi hears her and asks what happened. Anu cries hugging him and says she doesn’t know if Khudi or someone else were caught. Sarath with Satish visits Vibha’s house. Ajith asks Vibha to come and see who has come. Vibha sees Sarath and in distress breaks her pearl necklace. Sarath asks Ajith if they came at a wrong time. Ajith says Vibha is tensed since a few days, it would be good if he can speak her. Sarath walks to Vibha’s room and says he got her letter, what has happened. Vibha says her mother, he should ask her brother, she starts crying profusely. He offers his kerchief to her and says if possible he will help her and she can trust him. Vibha picks his kerchief. Sarath walks out and asks Ajith if there is any problem. Ajith asks if Vibha didn’t inform him anything. Vibha brings snacks and asks them to have it while she brings tea for them. Ajith tells that mother cannot wait more and wants to fix Vibha’s alliance with someone else. Ajith says he can understand, but according to his family custom, elder brother has to marry first, he will speak to didi and ask her to convince family for Sarath’s wedding first. Vibha brings tea for them.

Anu hears Janaki reading news paper and hopes Khudi is not caught. Janaki reads newspaper and says a small boy Khudiram Bose is caught trying to assassinate Kingsford, but killed 2 innocent ladies instead. Family discusses why a small kid took such a big step. Prabha says same. Janaki says let us go to Calculatta to meet Vibha’s parents. Anu runs to her room crying. Subhi walks behind him. She cries hugging him. He asks if police will kill Khudiram like others, if it is wrong to fight for their motherland. Rono walks in and asks him not to discuss about it to anyone. He asks Anu if he can go to Calcutta. Anu says he shouldn’t.

Aurbindo asks his team to clear bombs and guns from premises and to be alert. Ananth says he will go and find out about Nandlal who got Khudi and Dinesh arrested and walks away even after Aurobindo’s warning. Aurobindo orders Barin and others to hide bombs and guns soon. Police barge in with arrest warrant.

Subhi walks to Anu and hugging her says he wants to accompany her to Calcutta to meet Sarath. Janaki walks in and says there was another boy named Dinesh who tried to assassinate Kingsford and committed suicide when constable Nandlal Bhoir tried to nab him. Prabha informs him that Subhi will accompany them and asks Subhi to go and ask maid to pack his bags. Janaki travels to Calcutta with Prabha, Subhi, and Pramila. Police stops their car and insists to check. Janaki says he is a public pleader, but to no avail. Prabha fumes. They reach uncle’s house, and Pramila informs how police searched them. Suresh tells that police even searched hostel and found Vandebarath news papers. Subhi hugs Prabha and says he is worried for Sarath bhaiya.

Precap: Anu tells Subhi that today Khudiram will be hanged and don’t know what will happen, people who sacrifice for nation will be remembered forever. Khudi’s sister cries remembering him. Khudi is readed for hanging. Khudi chants Vande mataram before being hanged. Ananth and other swadesis mourn his death.

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