Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima suspects Anupriya and Kabir


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anupriya and Kabir having drinks. She says the family believed the stupid story. Dadi says you did good to think of Anupriya’s happiness, give the keys to Kabir and show his new room also. Riddhima says okay. She takes the keys. Kabir says stupid is those who takes decision from heart, who is it, I will give three options, Riddhima, Riddhima, Riddhima. She says such a stupid girl. He says she doesn’t know she invited a big danger home. She says I know, you don’t need to take disguises and come home, you came as electrician and others, it was tough. He says I came as doctor also, you remember. She says you came as servant also, you used to hide and come, no need to do this now, you will have right to come. Riddhima says its tough to face that man, I wish you were here. She sees Vansh’s pic on her phone.

Kabir says I just got a room, see I will rule on entire VR mansion soon. Anupriya says our dream will get fulfilled Kabir, very soon. She laughs. Riddhima comes and looks on. She asks which dream. Kabir gets up. He thinks she didn’t hear much, I have to fool her. He says my dream to get a family, I got it through you, thank you, I got this family because of me, I have mum, Dadi, chacha, chachi, everyone. Riddhima says Dadi has sent the room keys for you. She thinks I don’t believe you Kabir, I feel strange. She goes. Anupriya says Riddhima got sharp, we have to be careful now. Kabir says you don’t worry, until she finds anything, it will be late, we will be enjoying the success party of our mission. She asks what’s the plan now. He says there is something.

Kabir says I have prepared a cake for you all, I know you lost your loved one, but I want to fill sweetness in your life. He serves cake to everyone. He says I got my mum and a beautiful family, I got a Dadi, Chachi, I m someone’s elder brother like Vansh. Ishani shouts stop it, you can never take Vansh’s place, we won’t let you, you can’t become my brother, Vansh never liked pineapple cake, his likes and dislikes are our likes and dislikes. She goes. Dadi says sorry Kabir, Ishani is hot tempered, don’t feel bad, our wound is fresh, Siya is in coma, we are worried. Riddhima says sorry Dadi, Ishani wasn’t wrong, Kabir can get love and respect being Anupriya’s son, but not Vansh’s place, no one can take his place in this house and family’s heart, Vansh ruled on our hearts always, he isn’t with us, but he will always rule on our hearts.

Dadi says Riddhima is right, you just be what you are, why do you want to take Vansh’s place, make your own place in our hearts. Riddhima says sorry, Vansh didn’t like pineapple cake and I also don’t like it now. Everyone goes. Dadi says my sugar is high, doctor asked me to check diet, I can’t have the cake, don’t feel bad of Ishani’s words, give her some time. She goes. He smashes the cake. He says how dare you insult me in front of everyone. Anupriya says talk slowly. He says I m the elder son, Ishani should respect her elder brother, she never dared to talk like this to Vansh, how she spoke to me, I will make her right, she will call me Kabir bhai soon like she called Vansh, Vansh has to leave from their hearts. She stops him. Riddhima looks on. Anupriya takes Kabir with her. They see Riddhima.

Riddhima thinks what happened to Kabir, why does he want to take Vansh’s place, I want to talk to him. Kabir’s wallet falls on the stairs. Riddhima sees it. She picks it. She sees Kabir and Anupriya’s pic. She recalls Anupriya’s words. She says he looks grown up in this pic, are they together, are they foolish everyone, no, I can’t decide without proof, I have to find a proof.

Anupriya stops Kabir and says it looks risky to do this with Ishani. He asks what, it was not right that she insulted me. She says but her punishment isn’t our priority, we have imp work. Riddhima looks on. Anupriya says according to Vansh’s will, Dadi got all the money, we have to find a way to handle it, you understand. He says I m not a guest here, mom, I m in Vansh’s place, I deserve that power, position and respect, I can choose any way I want, its my right, I will teach a lesson to Ishani, you have stayed here for years, you worked a lot, now I have come, let me handle it, you need rest. Riddhima says I can’t hear anything, it doesn’t look like they met after years. Anupriya goes. Riddhima says how did he go in Ishani’s room in anger, is Ishani in danger. She hears Ishani and says she is outside, why did he go in. Kabir looks at the room. He hears footsteps. Riddhima comes and calls him out. She doesn’t see him. She says why did he come here. He hides and recalls hearing her voice.

He says Riddhima, I will do what I want, you remember, student can get smarter than teacher, but can’t outdo him. He says Ishani, you should have not hurt my ego, you have to pay a price. Dadi says Kabir, new clothes fit you well, come, you both united after years, I should ward off bad sight. Anupriya says its enough for me that you have permitted him to stay here, thanks. Dadi says thank Riddhima, she had suggested this, she cares for your emotions. Kabir thinks Riddhima thought of this, she will have some wrong reason. He asks where is she. Dadi says she is busy in some work. Riddhima thinks sorry Dadi, I asked you to ward off bad sight, I wanted to keep them busy and find evidence against them. She checks the room. Riddhima says its big danger for the family, I have to protect the family as Vansh wanted. She says there is nothing, I will check Anupriya’s room. Kabir says I have to send a mail. Dadi says no, you can’t even move until ritual ends. Riddhima gets the school bag. She checks the books. She gets a receipt.

She clicks pic and sends it. She calls the shop and says I have sent a school bag pic, is it taken from your shop. The man says yes, your kid damaged it in two days, we can’t replace it. She says check again, tell me. She says how is it bought two days back, it means this new bag is made old, it was a part of a plan, everything is false. She checks the writing and says its same, its Kabir’s handwriting, it means the story of mum and son’s meet is fake, they are fooling everyone. She thinks I have to get the truth out. Kabir comes clapping. She looks at him.

Kabir says I knew you will reach this truth, but so soon, you made a big mistake to give Ragini to me. She asks did you kill her. He says ys. She says I will tell your truth to everyone. He says I have taken many lives and won’t think to take another. He pushes her in the pool.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Amazing episode and riddhima is on spy mode again 😂 . But this time against the kabir and I am very happy. I am eagerly waiting for vihaan’s arrival in vr mansion

    1. hope he will be the one rescuing ridhima in the swimming pool. hope sooo

  2. Ohhhh!!! Now it’s gonna be interesting!!🥰
    Where’s angre???

    1. Angre will appear when Kabir will harm Ishaani, I guess.
      BTW it will be fun to watch Kabir vs Ishaani. Who do you think will win? I bet on Ishaani.

  3. Why colors is doing this . Today they uploaded the episode so early on voot . It will hamper the trp . First they are not giving any ptomo of upcoming episode second they stoped the repeat telecast third they are not posting anything related to immj2 on their insta account fourth they uploaded today’s epidode so early but have not upload episodes of any other shows . It indicates that colors is igonring immj2 . If it continues then i fear our show will go off air in 2-3 months .

    1. Don’t make a buzz of the show going off air bcz it isn’t happening so soon.

      *Colors didn’t show new promo bcz 24 hours baazi was so far the last promo. After that immj 2 had no diwali special episode and also Vansh’s entry is yet to come. So don’t blame Colors. They need to show promos on relevant track. If there is no new promo for the current track what will they show? Vansh’s entry will be a new promo and Vansh’s death was the 24 hours baazi promo’s linked episode.

      *immj 2 is the slot leader and with 1.6 TRP it’s still in top 9 and it happens sometimes that the episode is uploaded way too early. It’s not regular that they are uploading it earlier regular.

      Immj 2 is staying. Be positive guys and pray for this crap storyline to be changed. If not then forget about the channel, I’ll demand to make it off air.

    2. Earlier they used to give promo in every 2-3 days . I am just worried . They are promoting pinjra wich has 1.6 trp at prime time slot but not immj2 .

    3. @Abc I’m giving you hopes but I’m scared as well. But I think the makers also have problems.
      The recent story makes me feel like that even they don’t know what to do next.

    4. I thought colors is not like starplus but no . Zee tv is far better in this matter . Every channel at a point ignore some shows to replace that with another new shows . If you noticed a channel stops giving promo of that show which they consider as replaceable . I am not saying that immj2 will go off air in a month but i am saying that colors now ignores immj2 means they put it in observing zone

    5. ABC i agree with Tonni. But if you have noticed colors, even isn’t promoting other shows whose trp is more than immj2 like shakti, choti sardaarni etc. if i am not wrong. It is only busy promoting the bb14 which is worst watching. Even ABC I agree with you that colors has starting being biased like starplus.

    6. They aired choti sardarni barriser babu and pinjra promo . They are not promoting immj2 but want riansh to promote molki

    7. @ABC
      Relax dude…..
      Pls chill and apna BP mat badhavo.
      Nothing is gonna happen. I’m unable to watch TV. May be they are not posting any promo because they wants to promote upcoming shows. While IMMJ2 is popular among all they thought no need of promoting as every viewers are busy in promoting the show through internet and all.

    8. Yes you are right . But still waiting for promo

  4. Kabir is a psycho. He wants Vansh’s place. H is not only greedy for Vansh’s wealth but he wants everything what Vansh has. Everything!!!!That’s the sign of a psycho personality.
    Kabir will now try to harm Ishani I guess bcz Ishani humiliated him. Don’t know why but I feel like he can cause miscarriage of Ishani and put the blame on Riddhima.

    If Riddhima gets to learn the entire truth of this mother-son duo she won’t be able to do anything.
    Kabir will blackmail her that he’ll expose every truth of Riddhima and they’ll throe her out and Kabir will harm the family. Riddhima will again become a ragging doll of Kabir.
    Kabir may also end up paralyzing dadi for her sign in the property paper.

    At this time, it’s a complete family drama rather than a thriller and I see no storyline upcoming.
    Anupriya and Kabir are the main story now. Once they are exposed, Vansh’s mom and Ragini’s case both are solved. What’s next?
    I really don’t see any future now of the show.

    1. That was the reason I didn’t like how makers made Anupriya Uma’s murderer. Instead they would have shown like after Uma left, Anupriya trapped Vansh’s father and married him. Then a separate plot could have been developed to narrate the reason behind Uma’s leaving and what happened to her. Maybe murdered by someone else. Then again a fresh story could have been made. But now the whole story is revolving around Anupriya’s character. Now they’ll have to drag and drag her character till the end and we will have to see her poor acting. But as of now only Vansh’s father’s background story is left and I seriously hope that the makers don’t drag Anupriya here also.
      You, in whole comment, have forgotten Vihaan’s entry. I don’t think till the time Vihaan/Vansh is alive, Kabir will be able to do anything. Yes, Riddhima can’t tackle Kabir but surely Vihaan/Vansh easily can.

    2. @B Vihaan/Vansh whoever he is, must return soon.
      This Anupriya and Kabir’s melodrama is irritating me.
      Ishani need to come up with something against Kabir but first let’s see what Kabir does to her and how she survives.
      The only person who is in deep trouble now is Ishani bcz dadi can’t be killed untill Kabir gets the property and Kabir won’t kill riddhima bcz he wants her to satisfy his ego. But he surely can harm Ishani without doubt.

  5. Kabi……r vansh ban naeki Koshish math Karna yaar. Koshish Kya at least sapanae Mae bee math sooch kyu kee, hamare vansh aur thujmae bahuth bahuth fharak Hai pls thoda thoo ijjath kar.
    Voo good yaa bad lekin vusae money, power yaeh sab sae jyada apni family bahuth important. Apni family Kae liyae kuch bee karsaktha. Soo pls don’t try it’s just… Waste of time.
    Wow riddhima you become Mrs.vansh raisinghania now.

  6. Denza

    AnuBir really disappointed me. i thought they might be doing something big instead of this crap melodrama…
    1.Kabir is completely a wacko. I was right, he wants everything that Vansh had. LOVE , WEALTH , RESPECT etc……
    2. Its good to know that Ridhima’s brain doesn’t left her🤭. She is back on her Angelina Jolie form (spy form)
    3. In Ishani’s case 2 possibilities
    a) He do something which cause her miscarriage and put the blame on Ridhima
    b) Ridhima saves her and the duo tie up to expose….. ( i know its not as simple as we think)
    4.Its damn sure that Kabir’s next target is Dadi. He might ends in paralyzing or killing Dadi.
    5.Vihaan pls come soon yaar…………. we are fed up with wicked mom-son duo melodrama………
    i guess after entry of Vihaan…… either a bang or a comic track we could watch. i Cant expect anything more. As he knows about everyone its good to watch what’s going to happen… BUT SURE WE WILL BE GETTING RID ANUBIR MELODRAMA AND ANNOYANCE

  7. Kabir 😂 can never take vansh place. This is getting interesting 🤔

  8. Yaha pr jo log comment krte h n…. they develop amazing storyline yrrr….you people are betterthan the writers… seriously 👍👍

    1. Hain exactly.. man reading these comments just make my day like atleast i see more ppl who think like me

    2. Aap daily comment karthae kyaa. Kyu kee Apka Naam Kabi my Nahi dhekim iss liyae Puch rahihu

    3. Tqsm for your compliment
      But I don’t agree with you

  9. When will vansh (vihaan) give his entry iam eagerly waiting😥😥

  10. Mm the story will go like this that vihaan is actually vansh itself and he is doing this to identify the real enemy which is anupriya and kabir i bet it once they are exposed he himself will reveal this😬😬😬

  11. What ishani did to kabir was justified…and now to satisfy his ego,kabir will do something stupid.
    @Tonni I agree there will be no story after Anubir’s truth will be out.
    No thrill in upcoming episodes…

  12. Isn’t that photo of anupriya and kabir in his wallet an enough proof to ask in front of everybody…. y she need more proof damn!!,….. and when kabir said ” ab ye riddhima konsi khurafath karr rahi hai” I just laughed the hell out me🤣🤣🤣…. I was like wahi karrahi hai jo tum ne sikhakar bheja hai tho ab bhuktho😂😂😎

  13. Just saw the precap. Kabir is confessing all him crimes and then he pushed Riddhima into the swimming pool. But I don’t think the swimming pool is that deep that Riddhima will die. But Riddhima needs someone’s support now to fight back . Myabe it’s time for Ishani to turn into a positive character.
    But if Riddhima disclose everything (truth) to Ishani, she’ll bash Riddhima first..😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. @tonni
      No, if Ishani know the truth about Redho, she will help Kabeer to kill Redho 😂😂😂

    2. @tonni
      Come on dude…. Kabir is not any idiot. You forget that he is father of chemistry😂😅.If he wants to remove her he might done it with chemistry ( gases or 💉 or 💊).
      There might be a track that Ridhima reveals to Ishani that Vansh suicided because of Kabir. Then Ishani might join hands with her. But our over smart Ridhima doesn’t do that.😂😂
      Or Ridhima might inform Angre. Because he was trustworthy to Vansh. But her over confidence doesn’t allows.😬😬
      Let’s wait N watch📺

  14. The series has many obstacles, how Kabir can enter the minsion so easily
    Yes, of course, he will destroy the rest of the family, Ishani and Daddy, while Redho always looks in the wrong places and in the end she loses.
    Entering Vihan / vansh will either be in favor of Redho or it will be the end of it,
    I hope trp be in the favor of the series and not off air soon

  15. I think
    May be Ridhima brings Vihaan to mansion if she comes to know about AnuBir.
    Dadi was upto transferring whole property to some one exact time Vihaan enters.
    Jo Bhi ho I guess Vihaan will be better than Vansh ( if he is not Vansh). Because Vihaan is also intelligent as of Vansh. The main point to be highlighted is He IS NOT ANY EMOTIONAL FOOL like Vansh who compromises for relations. Because for Vihaan nobody is nothing to him except Ridhima to whom he was attracted . Everyone will get a big shot by him. May be throw out the Unwanteds from the mansions to garbage too.
    Eg: Anupriya, Kabir, Aryan etc ….
    Good point is also left for Vihaan

    1. Ss i agree with your point that if vihaan is not vansh then he will not give importance to his family like vansh always but may be for ridhima bcoz he was attracted to her

  16. Precap: bohath hoagayi kabir grir… now it’s time for some heroic actions whether it be riddhima or vansh/vihan… but the story need to shift form kabir and anupriya…my personal opinion if riddhima and ishani join hands i dont think kabir will be spared…

    1. Now only I watched precap
      I think it’s not a dream….. how Kabir could be these much stupid. I meant woh swimming pool tha koi 100 feet Ka kuvva nahi Ridhima marjayein. And now Vihaan would save her from the pool and make his bang entry to the mansion shocking everyone.

  17. Waiting for Vihaan’s entry. I thought this serial is gonna be a daily soap with uttter nonsense but now they proved me wrong.

  18. Oh god ..
    Anyway at least riddhima fulfills everything vansh wanted..but 1 Question..where’s vihaan?…or my vansh?

  19. Why these show makers are taking so much time 😫😩😩 ?? you all are not showing vansh atleast show that Vihaan entered in VR mansion.i am eagerly waiting for vihan ‘s entery in VR mansion.please it’s my humble request 🥺.you all have shown same promo on 16 th also 😑😑

    1. They didn’t show Vihaan because he is busy at growing beard.😂😂😂 And without beard, how can he look like Vansh?
      Jokes apart, I think Vihaan will enter now. Maybe in tomorrow’s episode.

  20. Where is Vansh(Vihaan)……………I think Vihaan Character was opposite to Vansh where vihaan was flirty and free going lad
    Riddhima didn’t take 24 hrs to find Kabir secret………………..but Mission of Vansh she didnt succed………..
    Her SPY mode was very low on Vansh………….
    I didn;t get onething in first episodes she was madly in love with Kabir as she was ready to die for him
    How she fell in love with Vansh where Vansh was Cold to her and he loved and take care of his family only.How Riddhima loved Vansh leaving Kabir……………….

    If Kabir was smart he wants to aski Riddhima why she leave him as we know Riddhima doesn’t know about Kabir real intenions………….
    Kabir wants to ask riddhima when she said she wants to start new life with Vansh………..Why she was leaving him……….as he also take care of her………….As money matters for Riddhima as Vansh was leaving in VIlla and having tons of money………………….
    First of all transformation of love from Kabir to Vansh ……………..Makers didn;t show properly……
    Howcome a girl who was madly love with one guy easily falls for another man……………………..
    Anyway as it was all play……………but in reality also some women are like this………………….

    WATINIG for VIHAAN(Vansh) entry in VR Mansion

    1. The answer to your question-how could Riddhima fall for Vansh goes-
      Vansh is a good man. If Vansh physically abused Riddhima, committed marital rape on her then where could Riddhima go? She didn’t had her phone nor could she could use landline to call police or anyone for help. Also she was not allowed to leave VR Mansion. And in case after these many hardships, if the matter reached court then Vansh can easily hire the best lawyer using his power and get decision in his favour by proving himself innocent.
      But he didn’t do all this which shows his good nature. In fact he shouted on Riddhima only when she pinched him otherwise he always kept his tone lower.
      And coming to Kabir, what care did he take of Riddhima? We protect the person whom we love. We don’t send him to enemy and that too untrained and without any protection. Even if Riddhima went on his saying but slowly slowly that relation between them started getting spoil. That love, care and respect which every person wants to get, Riddhima didn’t get from Kabir but from Vansh.
      If Riddhima wanted money only then why did she fell for Kabir earlier, who introduced himself as a P.T. teacher? We all know how much a P.T. teacher can earn. Even her friend Sejal asked her same question in episode 1 and her reply was because love is done from heart and not from brains. Even during the wedding she was about to run, if that so called caring Kabir didn’t pressurize her to marry Vansh.
      Yeah, in reality some people (both some men and some women) are gold digger but Riddhima isn’t and neither is everyone.

    2. Dude……
      Vansh was saving her continuesly from Kabir’s trap. And also took good care of her. Which every girl needs in life. She eventually starts developing soft corner for him. But She only understood it is Love when Anupriya poisoned in Water melon and Vansh was fighting with life.
      Money was not the matter here….
      But for ITV now money matters in ever love story. Most of the shows a bussiness tycoon or upper class man marries a middle class girl…… they should change the track from this to something interesting and simple

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