Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Subhash Accepts Charle’s Challenge

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 16th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Subhash gets disappointed hearing principal’s decision that only Britishers and Anglo Indians can participate in camp. Sameer says they are not behind Britishers, even they can lift rifles. Subhash says nobody can use gulel/slingshot better than Sameer. Sameer says he had accompanied his father for hunting and saw his father hunting a lion. Charles laughs on them and says Indians cannot even run properly, forget hunting they are cowards. Subhash warns to dare not insult Indians. Charles challenges him to prove it and asks him to hit him. Subhash says why should he without a reason, he should not think that Indians are cowards, they are much superior than them. Charles gets irritated hearing that. Choto mama/Rono scolds him for confronting Charles. Subhash says Charles insulted them and was laughing. Rono says they were discussing peacefully and Charles was laughing with his friends, why did he confront Charles, he should have kept his head bent, what if his father hears this. Subhash says father taught him to keep his head straight always and walk firmly without fear.

At home, father asks Abdul if he dropped Subhash and Rono to school. Abdul says he saw then entering gate. Father asks him to inform Prabha/Maaji to meet him and lock all the doors. He then hears few youths chanting slogans and inviting for Maithri sabha and thinks what happened to these youngters. Prabha walks into kitchen and guides cooks. Chotimaa walks in and guests are coming, if she got out blankets for them. Prabha says she knows and made all the arrangements. Chotimaa says she knew. Cook says jhinga machli dish is ready. Prabha orders to keep it for everyone and give only 2 for Subhash as he is having stomach upset. Chotimaa says why only 2, add 2 more. Prabha says she speaks only once and doesn’t repeat. Chotimaa gets afraid. Badimaa enters and says there was a lot of crowd on road today, a few youngsters had gathered and discussing something.

At school, British teachers hears Krantikari’s slogans and invitation for Maithri sabha where Aurobindo Ghosh will address people and invite them to tie rakhi to each other to maintain unity. He asks Subhash and Rono to close all the windows and doors. Subhash walks towards window while Charles smirks. Teacher sees Subhash peeping from window and asks why didn’t he close window yet. In market, Ananth waits for Anupama and thinks why didn’t she reach yet, he hides seeing new faces and thinks he fears any new face maybe of police.

Subhash’s tauji gets angry hearing youngsters’ slogans and says what they want to prove. Subhash’s father says their way is wrong, but they are not wrong. Tauji supports Britishers and says if they had not come, Indians would have died due to cholera and other diseases; krantikaris are wrong and are ruining India. Father asks not to say that. Other brother enters and says its not like that. Prabha walks in and asks what is happening, if Subhash and Rono are safe. Father informs about Krantikari’s maithri sabha and says he will send vehicle to bring guests. Prabha say Rono and Subhi/Subhash went to school, how will they handle themselves.

Anupama travels in a boat and reminisces Arvind’s warning to be careful while carrying books with weapons as it is a risky job. She says when they are risking their lives for the nation, why can’t she. She reaches shore and gets into van thinking she has to fulfill this responsibility. A lady sitting along looks at her carefully and touches her. Anupama asks if she wants to say something. Lady says a lonely widow shouldn’t travel alone, where is she coming from. Anupama says Kolkota. Lady’s son asks lady to sit quietly. Lady asks Anupama if her in-laws disowned her or she ran away from them. Anupama says they disowned her.

Subhash looks at students playing in ground. Charles pesters him and calls him loser who ran away from competition. Subhash asks why is he troubling him. Charles challenges him for a race in Mela maidan. Subhash thinks there is Maithri sabha in Mela Maidan. Charles continues provoking Subhash and says he cannot win over him and walks away saying you loser native. Subhash says arrogance is the path for destroyal. Charles asks what did he say. Subhash says his mother taught that arrogance heads toward destroyal. Charles says they natives are losers and cowards. Subhash accepts challenge and says he will compete with him in Mela maidan. Rono and other friends warn Subhash to not accept this challenge as even Sameer cannot win over Charles in running race, let us go back to class. Teacher orders them to go back to class. Subhash determines to prove Subhash that Bharatis are not cowards.

Precap: Rono informs his father and Abdul that Subi is not in school. Prabha asks Sameer where is Subhash then. Sameer says he left school early. Subhash walks towards Mela Maidan thinking he will prove Charles that Bharatis are not coward. Ananth sees him and asks him to go home. Police barge in and start lathi/baton charge at crowd. Abdul rushes and covers Subhash from Britishers’ attack and bears attack himself. Subhash shouts Abdul chacha…

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