Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Narendra’s life in danger

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 15th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the guy asking Vaishnavi to bring some proofs and tells that if she doesn’t bring the proofs of her husband’s innocence, then he will hang him. Rajjo’s step mother beats her.

Sometime back: Bharti waits for Narendra. Narendra comes there and tells that he didn’t kill anyone. He tells everyone. Lakhan brings some men to Narendra’s house and tells that he has killed Dinanath. The old Lady tells that Narendra can’t do this as he is innocent. Lakhan says he has killed my Malik. Narendra swears on Bharti and tells that he didn’t kill anyone. Bharti asks him to trust Mata Rani and tells that nothing will happen to him. Bhakti comes there and asks what happened? Lakhan tells that Narendra has killed his Malik. They get inside Bharti and Narendra’s home and take Narendra. Lakhan asks the men to tie his hands and tells that he might kill me also. Bharti says you can’t take my husband away and asks for proofs. Lakhan takes him forcibly. Bhakti cries and asks Mata Rani to help them. Vaishnavi tells that she understands their pain, but they have to handle with patience and courage, tells that destiny will take their big test.

Rajjo cries. Her father asks her to tell what happened? Rajjo says that…His wife comes there and asks him to have food and water. He sends Rajjo out and asks her to go and see in the bag, what he brought for her. Rajjo goes. He then thanks his wife Kulotma for taking care of his daughter, after Rajjo’s mother died 2 years back. He says you didn’t let her feel that her mother is not in this world and asks who did this. Rajjo finds the toy and also the chunari which Kulotma tries to tear. She asks her father, where did he get this chunari? He tells that he didn’t know how it fell on him and came to him flying from somewhere. Rajjo gets happy. Her father tells that he has decided to do business here. Kulotma fumes and goes from there. Rajjo’s father sees red marks on Rajjo’s hands and asks her. Rajjo tells that she wants to tell about Maa. Banke comes there and tells that father and daughter are talking. He asks Rajjo’s father to come with him and surprise his employees so that he can check on their work. Rajjo’s father gets thinking and tells that you are saying right, I shall check. He leaves. Banke thinks he has left, now I will see Rajjo.

Lakhan tells Senapati that Narendra has killed Dinanath. Senapati tells that he will get death punishment. Narendra says I am innocent. Bharti comes there and asks him to leave her husband, tells that her husband is innocent. Senapati says this is the justice court and asks her to bring the proofs of his innocence. Narendra says I swear that I didn’t kill anyone. Senapati asks the men to separate them. Bharti and Narendra cry. She asks him to leave her husband and tells that he is innocent. Senapati says it is enough of your drama, asks her to listen carefully. He tells that tomorrow morning he will be hanged and asks her to bring proofs till night else. Bharti is shocked and says no. Narendra shouts calling Bharti. Senapati’s men take her outside. Narendra cries.

Kulotma tells that Suraj Bhan will stay here now. Banke tells that if I haven’t reached on time then your truth must have been exposed. Kulotma says how dare she? and asks Banke to catch her. Rajjo runs to kitchen and hides. Banke comes behind her and catches her. Kulotma comes there and says I will lock you in the cage and will keep you at such a place, that even your father will not know. Rajjo says she is scared of cage and asks her to leave her. Kulotma picks the stick and beats Rajjo. She says I asked you not to open your mouth infront of your father, but you didn’t agree. She asks how dare you to say against me. She beats Rajjo and the marks comes on Vaishnavi’s hands. Kulotma asks Banke to leave the stick. He says you are holding it. Kultoma throws the stick and it falls on Banke’s face. Kulotma apologizes to Banke and takes him from there. Rajjo faints. Vaishnavi holds her and takes her to bed. She heals her injuries and covers her with bedsheet. Rajjo wakes up and thinks where did my injury go and I am not feeling pain also.

Bharti comes to Sarpanch and asks him to help her. Sarpanch tells that he can’t help him. Panch member asks why did he go there, when Dinanath refused to help him. Bharti tells that she had sent him, though he didn’t want to go. Sarpanch tells that don’t forget Lakhan had seen Narendra with Dinanath’s body and the open locker. Bharti goes from there cryingly.

Precap: Bharti comes to Devendra and asks him to save Narendra. Devendra asks her to pay the price and asks for her mangalsultra. Bharti is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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