Nazar 8th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Piya brings Mohana’s truth out to Ansh

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Nazar 8th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Priest asks them to break the door, Ansh tries but cant do it. Piya comes there and holds his hand. They both attack it and it breaks, they come in to find many statues like Vedsheree standing there. Mohana comes there and smirks, she says sister? Chitali says so many ice statues? Shekhar says she is one of them. Priest says moon is coming on its place. Ansh asks Mohana to help, she says I dont know. Priest says we have less time. Piya says my blood, her blood feel on Vedsheree so one statue should it. Ansh and Piya searches for Vedsheree. Ansh finds blood mark on one and says Maa, all other statues vanish. Priest says we have to take her under moonlight.

They bring her statue on balcony. Priest asks them to hammer nails in wall and make a star. Ansh and Avi do it. Priest says now moon light will fall on her through star and she will become. They see light melting her and she becomes fine again. Vedsheree wakes up and hugs Ansh.

Saanvi talks to crow and asks if he found Nishant? Crow says I didnt find him in dishank lok, he might not be there. Saanvi says he sent hints for Vedshree but not for himself.

Vedsheree hugs Chitali. Avi says Priest saved you. Mohana says we should let her rest, she takes her hand but Vedsheree asks where is Piya? Piya comes there in her snake avatar, Vedsheree is stunned. Piya says I promised Ansh that there will be no truth hidden between us, this is my real avatar? Vedsheree says I knew you are a sarpika way before. Piya says what? you knew that? Vedsheree says yes I saw Divya in Sarpika avatar and knew you would become sarpika too. Piya says you wanted to marry Ansh to devik but I am not devik anymore. Vedsheree says yes I wanted a devik for Ansh but you are doing everything which devik could do, you have bigger power than devik that is love, love is above evil, I am proud to call you my daughter in law. Piya hugs her and cries. Mohana says if you are done then let Vedsheree rest. Vedsheree says to Piya that you promised to tell everything to Ansh so tell all secrets. Mohana says Ansh knows that I gave nitin mani to bring Piya back. Vedsheree says she made Ansh because of her gain, you made Piya fine to stop Ansh from marrying chudail. Mohana says I thought about my son. Piya says you did it because of your plan against Ansh. Vedsheree asks what? Piya says she is just a dayan, she just thinks about herself, Ansh she is not your mother, mother is like Vedsheree who can life but not take it. Mohana says you think a mother can kill her kid? Piya says a dayan can kill her kid. She says to Ansh that I am sorry but I wont hide anything from you, all dayan’s age is 251 and then they die, Mohana is of 250 years so she has one year left, she has one way to increase her life and that is to eat her Davansh son, all are shocked. Ansh asks if she is saying? Mohana says she is saying rubbish. Piya says she trapped evil tree to not show truth but I will use my powers to show you what she wanted to do with you. Piya creates a wall which shows Mohana eating Ansh’s life, all are stunned to see it.

PRECAP- Mohana says this girl is a snake, I will finish her, she is about to beat her but Vedsheree stops her. She pushes Vedsheree away. Ansh stops her and says dont hurt my family, leave before I forget you are my mother. Chitali says if you are dayan then we have power of family.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Finally mohana truth is out…
    Ab piansh ka romance dikhayenge as monalisa posted a promo of them on her insta acc…?

  2. Finally mohana truth is out…
    Ab piansh ka romance dikhayenge as monalisa posted a promo of them on her insta acc…?
    Now new daayan will make her entry too(ruby ki mom)? again new twists

  3. Let’s see but don’t want Monalisa to be out of the show she is the main villain and she should exist in the show untill it end’s. Love the show a lot. Piansh romance was best…. Every day the end of episode make us upset????

  4. Nishant ji has come back in the show. Love him a lot. Message from Insta. Love the romance b/w Pia and Ansh…. ?????.

  5. Awsm new type of romance. ? With romance of Pia nd Ansh. Love it. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Best serial in my life till date.???. Let’s see what Mohona will do now. I love her as a villain of the show. She brings more spicy to the show.

  6. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Atiba.

  7. Ooshi

    Liked the episode very much.
    At last the truth revealed.
    Emotional but happy (about and by Vedshree dialogues)

  8. Amazing precap….finally they are united….

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