Tantra 8th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Niyati finds the book

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In the car, Kanchan thinks Niyati eased her work by herself. She tries to start her car but couldn’t.
Akshat calls back on the number, a stranger takes the phone and says a young girl came to use their phone, she wanted to use internet so they sent her to Mall. Akshat takes the route to Mall.
Niyati was injured and walks down the street. She tries to stop an approaching car for lift, but Kanchan was in there and instead hits Niyati. Niyati wonders who was there inside. She was determined to reach Mall Road no matter its Saudamini or her Tantra.
Niyati finds the book store locked and thinks she can’t wait for the book store to open. She breaks the glass of the window to break into the shop. It was dark all over. Niyati slips over a table and the table lamp was turned on. She turns the computer on.
Someone had broken into the shop. Niyati feels someone’s presence. The figure approached behind Niyati with a dagger. Niyati finds a single related book, History or Missouri. She wonders where she must find this book. She turns to walk across the book store. The figure was hiding behind a book shelf, it was Kanchan and fearful what if Niyati spots her. Niyati looks around the book store for the book, History of Missouri. Kanchan was afraid what if Niyati finds a way through Tantra Nagri? Niyati finally spots the book and brings it to the table. Kanchan brings the dagger from behind. It was now morning, and the morning light simmered through the window.
In the police station, Damini wonders why Kanchan didn’t call her. Bharat comes to his office. Damini fakes a cry and says she came to take her daughter’s dead body. Bharat asks why she didn’t file any complaint yet. She gives him a letter she found under Nisha’s pillow. Bharat reads the letter and hands a glass of water to Damini who now sobbed. He then allows her the release letter. Bharat gets a call from Akshat that Niyati has gone to the old book store. Damini thinks Kanchan must be done with Niyati till they reach her.
Prithvi comes to inform his mother and family that the rituals are complete, they must hurry back to Missouri now. Sumati denies going to Missouri, the girl responsible for her son’s death, Niyati and she can’t live here anymore. Prithvi convince Sumati that Niyati isn’t responsible for Nirwan’s death, it was a coincidence only. Sumati says first Prithvi brought that girl home and created a wall between themselves, then he gave Nirwan’s share of love to Niyati and now her Nirwan even died because Niyati wanted to break his engagement and killed him. Prithvi tries to convince his mother but she also accused Prithvi. Prithvi promises everyone to tell Niyati’s truth when it’s the right time. No matter Sumati believes or not, Niyati can even sacrifice her life for Nirwan. He tries to convince Sumati with joint hands that he is the culprit, he must be punished not Niyati. Sumati recalls Niyati’s faith and trust on Nirwan. Damini stood at a distance and watch Prithvi and Sumati there. She then calls Prithvi’s name. They were shocked to see Nisha there. Damini cries and says she brought her daughter Nisha’s Astiya. Khanna were shocked.
Niyati tries to run away with the book store. Bharat and Akshat came in, the shop keeper complains to Bharat about Niyati breaking in his shop. Bharat takes the book and asks the shopkeeper to give its bill to him. He then questions Niyati.

PRECAP: Damini tells Niyati that she laid this net of Tantra in her house and Niyati is helpless. She can’t do anything to save her family who are just going to be preyed by this house.

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