Nazar 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Piya ready to help Ansh

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Nazar 4th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vedsheree tells family that Mohana lied to me that Karan died at time of birth and I believed her. Shekhar says dont blame yourself. Vedsheree says Karan had to bear to be alone in this world. Avi says he lost his wife and son too. Chitali says he was all alone. Ansh says we are with him now, we have to end his pain, we have to find out what happened to him. Piya says we tried to talk to him but he didnt open up. Karan comes there with Mohana and says my wife and son are alive and someone made them of stone by magic, I will make them fine. Ansh says we will make them fine, tell me if there is any way. Karan says you promise? Ansh says ask me anything, I can give my life for you. Karan says we have to do a pooja infront of my wife and son. Avi says we will do anything. Karan says only Piya and Adi are required in pooja. Piya asks why? Karan says because your mother cursed my wife and son and made them of stone. All are stunned. Mohana smirks and flashback shows how she asked Karan if why he cant blackmail them? Karan says I dont want to hurt Ansh, he is innocent in all this.

Piya says to family that I didnt hear of this pooja before. Ansh says its a small pooja.

Karan tells Mohana that I have to bring Piya infront of my wife and son and make her of stone, when Piya comes infront of them, I will make her of stone using sand.

Piya tells family that if you want then I will do pooja but I need to talk to Karan.

Karan comes out of mandir. Ansh meets him and says preparations are done for pooja. Karan says I am ready too.

Piya sees Adi missing from his cot. She looks around and sees him with a peacock feather that Mohana had. She looks on.

Piya comes to family and shows them peacock feather. She says to Karan that why mother attacked your family if they were innocent? Karan says I am a davansh, she was attacking me but I dodged her and mistakenly my wife and son got attacked. Piya says my mother never had bad aim, she always targeted right. Mohana comes there and says Karan I told you Piya will never help you. Vedsheree says you are a biggest liar. Mohana says you married a witch hunter to Ansh and her mother destroyed Karan’s family. Shekhar asks her to stop it. Mohana says they are my sons. Karan says stop it. He asks Ansh that you promised to help me but I was wrong to trust you. Ansh says I am ready to give my life for you but I cant force Piya to do something which she doesnt want to do. Karan says if family cant respect and help me then I shouldnt stay here. Ansh asks him to stay, we will find a solution, I will talk to Nishant. Karan says you are not in my place, will you wait and do nothing for your family. I helped you save your family but you cant do that for me? He says to his family boxes. Ansh sadly looks at Piya.

Scene 2
Naman takes pheras with Sanam. Saanvi thinks that there is something wrong with Sanam. Sanam’s feet start turning to chudail but she controls herself. Naman fills her forehead with sindoor. Sanam smiles. Naman gets tensed hearing chudail like laugh. Sanam says it was my aunt laughing. Naman says to Sanam that I will keep you happy.

Karan is leaving with his family. Piya comes to him and says stop, I am ready to help you. Karan says are you sure? Piya says you are part of our family, we are with you. Ansh hugs Piya. Mohana thinks she doesnt know that she is making my work easy.

Nishan is tied to witch tree and recalls how Karan tied him and told him that his daughter and grand son will bear punishment of his wife’s deed. He leaves. Flashback ends. Nishant says I have to free myself.

Adi is crying. Ansh and Piya console him. Karan sees their family moment. Ansh sees him and asks him to come inside. Karan sadly leaves from there.

PRECAP- Karan asks family to light diyas. Family does and become of stone as Mohana used magic. Ansh is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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