Kunj and twinkle entered in room she is in his arms he went towards bed and place her on bed they both didn’t break their eye locks maintained perfectly. Kunj kissed on her forehead twinkle closed her eyes moving her hand on his face he lay down beside her.she cuddles him tightly he didn’t said anything while she too as well.And both quickly sleep.

In Alisha room she walking from here to there in anger just twinkle and Kunj photo flashing in her eyes

How dare she enjoying everything with Kunj and even he too they both were so happy how man I toh did each and everything before party what happened so suddenly I didn’t get it fully.I have to do something and else talk to twinkle as well Alisha spoke..

She take beer bottle from wardrobe and sit in side and started drinking like mad.

Having numbers of anger for twinkle and Kunj her eyes .

At [email protected]

Twinkle and Kunj sleeping so beautifully Kunj resting his head on her chest cuddling her fully like a baby.Twinkle wake up and open her eyes she look at Kunj and smiled recalled last night memories. She cuddles more Kunj and caressing his hairs

I’m so happy last night is so beautiful he take me for long drive.Aww she said. Kissed on his cheeks and try to get up.

He didn’t leave her somehow twinkle get up and went in washroom she get freshen up while thinking about Kunj she come out of the washroom and see Kunj still sleeping today is Sunday so let him sleep. She get ready beautifully and went downstairs. Usha and Bebe was in kitchen twinkle entered in kitchen they see twinkle get surprised to see her.

Good morning mummy ji and Bebe twinkle said.

Twinkle puttar tum good morning both said together.

Haan woh last night I come she said.

Acha but when suddenly with whom Bebe asked.

Woh Bebe Kunj bring me we went for drive of he bring me here directly she said while looking down and having shy smiled Usha and Bebe both look at each other’s and give flirty smiled.

Good you come back we missing you like Kunj Usha said:

I’ll see na breakfast you both go and sit twinkle added.

Nahi mummy ji I’ll do it please I wanna make something for Kunj she said in low voice.

Ahha Bebe okay beta Usha murmur ?. They both happily went out of the kitchen while twinkle tie her hairs and started making Kunj punjabi favourites breakfast. Usha and Bebe Tell Manohar he get happy.

Yeah after twinkle Kunj become so happy thus happiness and smile missing from his life which bring with twinkle Manohar said.

So true every day I thanking babaji that Alisha take this decision and she select twinkle for our Kunj and she entered in his life and filled his life with a smile and utmost love. Usha added.

Twinkle done with breakfast. She come in living room.

Breakfast is done smell coming awesome seemed like today Kunj will be hell happy bebe said they all giggles this bring blushing on twinkle face..

I’ll see Kunj twinkle said.

Haan go beta Usha said and she run from there she entered in room. And see her husband still sleeping his back facing to ceiling. See this man how nicely he sleeping huhu she murmured and went towards him and sit beside him. Caressing his hairs than smirked and moving her finger on his back sensually he moving in sleep she enjoyed.Than she went near his face.

Kunjjj baby wake up morning hogi she said in low voice.

Huhu twinkleeee..He mutter.

Twinkle bite his ear helix and lay down at him slightly wake up na fast kunjj she said.Kunj open his eyes.He immediately turned and take her beneath him.

Kunjj.Twinkle scream slightly.

Kya kunjj why you waking me up like this haan he said .

Because you didn’t wake up itself na that’s why she said.?.

Whatever.He said.

Acha go and get freshen up everyone waiting for us at breakfast she said.

Acha okay give me 10 minutes. He get up but before peck at her lips she blushed and push him. He run in washroom while she take out his things and keep on bed and she went downstairs along with servants she arranging breakfast at table Bebe and Usha Manohar come and take place. After get freshen up Kunj too come.

Heyy good morning he said.

Good morning my son Manohar replied back. He looking so happy.

Sit Kunj puttar today you will get your favourite things which twinkle made for you specially Bebe said he look at twinkle and sit twinkle served them Kunj smiled to see his favourite breakfast she sit beside Kunj.They start the breakfast and all praising lott.

It’s yummy twinkle Kunj said she give smiled.Rest of them admire them in very less time they get so close and understands each other’s and thinking about each other’s.

Kunj today is Sunday take twinkle somewhere Usha said .

Hmm okay Maa I’ll see he said.They all finished the breakfast.

Twinkle finishes her all kitchen work she went and sit beside Kunj who watching match alone in side.

After get freshen up Alisha come down and see twinkle and Kunj both sitting with each other’s and taking fun of match..she closed her fist Kunj holding twinkle hand. Playing with her hairs as well.

Kunjj koi dekh lega please stop doing this she said.?

So what let them here only you and me bebe and Maa was in room okay. He said. Alisha bring coffee and went towards them and sit in side twinkle and Kunj see them twinkle try to free her hand from Kunj fist but he hold more tightly he didn’t even look at Alisha once just see match: while twinkle see Alisha.

Twinkle tum when did you come back she said.

Hmm last night not interested to talk to her. She said.Alisha gaze fixed at twinkle and Kunj hand how Kunj holding her hand. Alisha get call she talk and get hell happy.

Kunj baby see I get call from such big magazine she said .

Hmm good Alisha he said.

Kunj baby aren’t happy I have to go Dubai for that photoshoot she said.

Hmm he said. And get up.

Acha twinkle I’m going in room he said and run from there.

What happened to Kunj twinkle she asked her.

I don’t know Alisha she said.

Don’t act smart wit me twinkle don’t forget why I bring you here and do that only I’m going when I come back I want for what you come she said. While twinkle didn’t give heed to her she went from there.

I’ll see her after come back she said and went in room.

Twinkle entered in room Kunj writing his quotes in diary she went near him. He stop and closed.

Kya Hua what you writing and why you so cold at down she asked him.

You wanted I’ll dance there haan he said.

Kunj she going she said.

Let her na her duty is thus only go and come back nothing more than this twinkle he said.

Hmm leave don’t spoiled your Sunday

Mummy told you na take me out let’s go na she said pupply and pulled his cheeks mera kunjj. She humming. He smiled.

Hmm yuvi call me let’s go at his place enjoy there what’s say?he asked

Hmm cool let’s go Than.she added.

Yes.They both get ready and left for Luthra mansion.

Soon they reached Aditi and yuvi was waiting for them.They come out of the car and went inside.

Heyy buddy yuvi said.

What’s up man Kunj added and both hugged each other’s while Aditi and twinkle as well.

Where is my pumpkin Kunj asked? ?

Your pumpkin is there yuvi gesturing him in side where arva were playing.

Hoo Kunj said. He went towards her and see her immediately lift her in his arms from back.

Ahha arva scream.

Kya ahah my cuckoo ?cuddle her. He said

Ale ku.. she said. They all sits arva on Kunj lap.

How’s you baby twinkle asked her.

Goood she said.

What you doing Haan this doll bride and groom with this what you doing arva darling this is yuvi and Aditi haa??.

Huhu Aditi said. Servant give them cold drinks.

Nahi arey madam doing their shadi yuvi said .

Hoo shadi why you toh told me you will marry me haina in cute way he added.

Ale bul gaii??She Said and kissed on her cheeks. She playing in side.

Great twinkle you come otherwise toh Kunj just lost in your thoughts in office ?yuvi said all giggles twinkle remember even Chinki told same ??. She blushed.

Let’s go out yuvi it’s been long time we didn’t went anywhere Aditi said.

Where you will go in this heat.Yuvi said.

Right Aditi outside you even can’t stand Kunj said.

You leave it guys let’s do some fun here only twinkle said.

All smiled they all sit and started playing games together arva sleep in Kunj arms twinkle admire his bond with her.!They have dinner together having great fun.Alisha left for Dubai.

Chale Madam Kunj said

Haan chalo thanks for today yuvi and Aditi twinkle said and kissed on arva cheeks bye cutie pie she murmured they bid bye to each other’s and left.

Twinkle and Kunj entered in living room.

Usha and Bebe or Manohar sitting.

Finally you both come how’s your day Usha asked.

Great Maa we enjoyed lott she said.

They sit with them.

Today so peace why Kunj asked..

because Alisha went Dubai.Bebe said

Kunj and twinkle look at each other’s..

They all chit chat with each other’s Than twinkle went in room.She changed her clothes and wearing a night Kunj entered in room and smiled to see her he lift her from back.

Ahah Kunjj twinkle scream.

Kya always kunjjj both falls down on couch twinkle upon twinkle.Both looking at each other’s and give smiled And cuddles each other’s

After Alisha went twinkle and Kunj fully enjoying their life they going for dinners and movies with their friends sometimes Kunj take her for shoppings and they attend many business parties together twinkle get mingle with Kunj all friends even they like it.

Kunj open new company on twinkle named she get hell happy.

Kunj even sending times with twinkle family as well rt get hell he went there and stay there like a nice responsible damaad he did each and everything even Meera and Haider too loved Kunj. Both twinkle and Kunj enjoy every single moment of their life they Romancing Kunj teasing end he writing poetries for her she get hell happy when he praise her and give all love and respect.

Both families of twinkle and Kunj they were hell happy to see their kids so happy they never thought this marriage give them this much happiness.

At [email protected] Sarna Mansion.

Twinkle and Kunj sitting at poolside. Today Usha and Manohar went in wedding while Bebe went to anjali house khush wasn’t well. So twinkle and Kunj thoughts only Kunj thought to spend some romantic time with his wife nobody at home as well so golden chance.

Kunj did all date set up there he gifted twinkle a wester dress she wear for him and come there. She get amazed to see the ambiance..

Why this candles ?! And all’s here fully date setup Mr. Sarna twinkle said ?. Irada Kya Hai.. she asked??

Irada kuch nahi hai Mrs Sarna don’t you like it he said.

Hmm yeah I like it still they way you buttering me praising me tabiyat toh theek hai na she said ?.

Hmm tabiyat is fine niyat theek nahi hai he murmured she listen and blushed.. ??.

Acha let’s enjoy I didn’t asked you about you twinkle he said.

Hmm asked me na who deny you she said. He hold her hand and kissed on her hand she blushed.

Hmm I always feels like I know you feel so connect I mean he said.

Acha even I feel maybe we made for each other’s she said.

Yeah ?he added.

You tell me about you kunj I didn’t asked you anything but today I wanted don’t feel bad okay. She said.

Haan asked he said.

Kunjj you love like this much I can’t even describe I read your diary but why she doing this I mean today you are with me we are happy with each other’s Kunj doesn’t you miss her and feel bad feeling cheating like she said.

Hmm twinkle yes it’s true I love her I don’t have words you know what most important thing if I love her like anything than I’m happy with you more than I love Alisha twinkle you give me what she never give me trust me twinkle I really likes you don’t know when you become so important for me I can’t see my life without you know I don’t know why you come in what circumstances our relationship happened but I know this I love you completely truly wanted to live with her.

Cheating Alisha really? What she did for me in this years nothing to be honest she just love me for money Aakash was right now I understand and believing on his words see her she went if she loved me she calls me and asked me if I m with you it’s looking cheating than sorry twinkle She itself did this all things she makes me away from herself I toh don’t wanted anyone apart from here but she wanted na she didn’t love me it’s just one side love that only from my side not from Alisha side I get it each and everything.Pata hai meri le bacha pan ki dost ti when we meet with each other’s in a summar camp there we fight lot but we can’t stay without each other’s I used to teased her and she as well she is damn cute.One day we playing games completing with each other I falls down and get hurt she leave the game and come to me and help me twinkle because of me she lost the game.

We are ladaku but have little love innocent even this also I didn’t get it from Alisha when something happened to her I become made if something happened to me she didn’t bothered to asked me once I can see my Maa didn’t feel good she isn’t happy with Alisha they all get ready for our marriage just because of my happiness but her son didn’t get that happiness from Alisha I always say Maa I’m happy but today I’m saying.


Khush nahi ta me but try to be happy with her I finding happiness but she didn’t give me happiness.

Aaj tere saath itna khush hu me jitna me kabhi hohuga bhi nahi twinkle.

Me us ke bina jeena nahi shakta ta mere bina

Woh jee shakti hai me uski yaad me rota woh nahi.

Aaj usne mujhe apne bina jeena shika diya hai. Na hi uski yaad me ab aasu aate hai but bahut afsosh

Hota hai mere usse pyaar kiya jisne mujse dil bhi nahi lagaya: dil dukhta hai mere tab yak jab yeh dil uske liye dhadakata ta ab nahi.My heart didn’t beat for her. Aaj me yeha hu uski waja woh hai. Usne dur karna chaha me hogya. Usse bahut dur pata nahi ab usko dekhna bhi chahata hu yeh nahi me.


Kunj you were so much in pain why you hurting yourself if she didn’t love you it’s her mistakes Kunj if she lost you than also it’s her mistakes she don’t know what gem you are what she lost it.

Trust me Kunj I don’t know when you too become my life for me Alisha bring me in your life you become my life now Kunj. She said.

Pata hai mujhe I can see love and care for me in your eyes tu itni achi hai twinkle I was feeling like you are missing from my life. At girl after that incident I fall for her when I’m 16 years old boy in few seconds her goodness stole my heart and after her your goodness as well she was the first and you are last ?.He said.Twinkle think something but leave it. They both keep talking about each other’s sharing their all things with each other’s their funny secrets.Twinkle teasing Kunj Lot both running behind each other’s. Kunj caught her and falls down along with her in pool she shocked.Both look at each other’s.They drenched fully.They both dancing under pool and playing with water with each other’s twinkle removed Kunj shirt he play with her hairs.

They both look at each other’s Kunj sealed her wet juicy lips both started kissing each other’s in pool. Like anything Kunj biting her lip even she too she open her mouth he entered and both playing with each other’s tongue. In between kiss twinkle moaning his name. She break the kiss and push him blushing fully her clothes hugging her body showing perfectly enough for Kunj go crazy for twinkle. He pulled her back he backhugging her Kunj remover her hairs in side and kissing on her neck he bite.And sucking the part.. she breathing heavily.she turned and look at him both looking each other with desired Kunj immediately lift her in his arms. She looking at him. He went inside and moving towards their room. They entered in room. Kunj place her on bed she looking at him turned her face in side Kunj come top of her and started kissing her fully she moaning his name he linked their fingers. He give her love bite she turned her back facing to him her body can’t control Kunj moving his hand on her wet and almost bare back he open the zip of dress. And kissing on her back she clutch the bed sheet and moaned fully.

Kunj make her Turned she looks at him. He cupped her face and both again go for a long lip lock. Kunj hand travailing on her body fully. With one hand he removing her dress making place for himself to explore her body with his love. ?.

Kunj bite her collar bone. She can’t bear more she push Kunj and come top of him. She started kissing on his body he smiled and enjoying his torture sweetest one ?. His hand went inside her dress and pressing her body. She moaning loudly. Aaha kunjjj. Both totally turned on. Kunj push her on bed back and come upon twinkle .she look at him he too Kunj gestured she get shy and give blushing smiled and open her arms for him he smiled and kissed on her forehead.Within no time they are naked and Kunj and twinkle take the step to consummated their marriage he made his way in her she screamed and giving him nails mark but he don’t care. Slowly slowly she become fine and enjoying with Kunj both loving each other and today showing with moves.

They makes love finally become one. She is so happy and feeling happy become his and he too hers. They covered under the blanket and go for again love.. ??. Their this night just fills with moan and groans and unlimited pleasure and love ?..


Maid knocking twinkle and Kunj room door. Both lovers sleeping peacefully in each other embrace they were tired after love full night. Due to thus Kunj and twinkle back.

Ahha kaun hai twinkle said.

Bhabhiiii maid said and went twinkle open her eyes and look at Kunj. He too her both get surprised to see each other and smiled as well Kunj continuously looking at twinkle she blushed.

Why you blushing now haan she pulling blanket try to covered herself. Why this haan don’t forget last night what happened ?. Went near her ears humhari first night ?. He sAid She blushed more and Kunj cupped her face.

Are you happy I mean can’t control he said.

Why you saying this I’m so happy you make me yours Kunj you love me so much last night is very special for me I never thought in this marriage I will get this much love ?feel so blessed thanks to you she said Kunj smiled.

Even last night was special for me as well twinkle.

He said and kissed on her forehead are you okay na he asked her with a concern.

Haan im okay. She said.

Acha go now let me go in washroom she said.

Why so soon let’s again ?he said.

Tum pagal pure meri life me pagal years back see maid come even room condition as well wanted to stay like this haha she said.

Hmm I don’t mind ??if we stay like this in thus position. He said.

Bahut naughty hogye ho Kunj tum she said.

Haan aaj kal na ??. He said proudly. They giggles than Kunj ready to let her go she went in washroom.He too get freshen up in another washroom. Both get ready twinkle looking so beautiful.

Someone is looking extremely beautiful what’s the matter haa he said ??.

Acha bachu I’ll tell you she said and both went downstairs. And joint everyone for breakfast twinke get shy when Anjali and Rohit teasing Kunj and her ?.

I think khush you will get bhai and sis soon Rohit said. Twinkle chocked..

bas bas don’t teased my daughter more Usha said

All giggles Lot end the breakfast. Kunj left for office. Anjali and twinkle went for shopping for khush forcefully Anjali buy little baby things.

Arey di why you taking this haan so small for khush: she said.

Nahi twinkle it’s not for khush I buying as a bua for my future niece and nephew ??she said.

Kya di aap bhi just waiting for moment to pulled my leg. She said

Arey take don’t worry Anjali said and they take twinkle smiled.

They went back to home after lunch everyone resting in room twinkle get bored so she smirked and packed food for her and Kunj in lunch box and left for office she reached within no time and directly went in Kunj cabin. Kunj engrossed in his work she smiled and went towards him sit on his desk. Hii honey she said Kunj look at her surprise to see her heyy twinkle tum office he said.

Haan get bored so bring lunch for hubby she said. Cool I’m hungry he pulled her make her sit on his lap. Both looking at each other’s.

Even I think someone too looking hot twinkle said ??.

Haan you become of me and I’m because of you ??he said both giggles. Twinkle cupped his face.’

Missing you why you come office haan she said.

Kya karu ?phir he said.

Hmmm nothing just love me ?enough for you. She said just for fun Kunj smirked and loosing his tie.

Kya kar rahe ho she asked him.

You just said love me so I’m following your Oder jaan ??.replied..

office hai she said

So what we will made room for us i m the boss he said ??. Twinkle pulled his cheeks and he peck on her lips.

Pagal ladki Acha Chal lets have good he said both sit in that position only twinkle feeding Kunj with his hand he happily having.

{ I always dreamed my wife come for me in office we spend time with each other’s see Alisha she fulfilling why all dream we aren’t made for each other maybe I’ll clarify everything with you don’t wanted to hurt you as well he think}


{Murjhaayi si shaakh pe dil ki

Phool khilte hain kyun

Baat gulon ki zikr mehak ka

Acha lagta hai kyun

Un rango se tune milaaya

Jinse kabhi main mill na paaya

Dil karta hai tera shukriya

Phir se bahaare tu laa de

Dil ka soona banjar mehka de

Sukhi padi dil ki is zameen ko bhiga de

hmm. hoon akela, zara haath badha de

Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de

Waise toh mausam guzre hain

Zindagi mein kayi

Par ab naa jaane kyun mujhe wo

Lag rahe hain haseen

Tere aane par jaana maine

Kahin na kahin zinda hoon main

Jeene lagaa hoon main ab ye fizaayein

Chehre ko chhooti hawaayein

Inki tarah do kadam toh badha le

Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de

O. hoon akela, zara haath badha de

Sookhi padi dil ki iss zameen ko bhiga de..

You didn’t have haan he said.kunj feed her as well they enjoyed this romancefulled lunch. Than twinkle bring chocolate no sweet so she hold one side of chocolate with her teeth and another Kunj having chocolate and in the end share a lip with chocolate taste ?. Just than yuvi entered in Cabin he saw twinkle and Kunj started coughing they come in sense and see yuvi twinkle immediately get up from Kunj lap. Both looking here and there yuvi giggles.

Sorry I come at wrong time you both enjoy I don’t know this ?good idea kaam ke saath Romance ?we have meeting okay he said went. Twinkle look at Kunj she blushed.

You didn’t leave single chance to blushed I didn’t see any girl blushing this much haan he said.

I’m like this I’m going bye have a great day see you at night She Said and peck at his lips and run from there Kunj smiled

Meri zingadi ban chuki hai tu. He murmured and left for meeting.

Days were passing quickly twinkle and Kunj mad for each other she can’t stay a second without her and he too they spending lovely dovely moments even in Dubai Alisha as well.

Today leela and rt invites Sarnas at their place for dinner twinkle getting ready Kunj come and backhugged her.

Kya Hua siyappa queen not well today?he asked.

Hmm feeling low Kunj I’m thinking this maybe I’m pregnant she said

What he said she turned and look at him.

Haan Kunj Kya what did you see yourself didn’t leave single night didn’t let me sleep don’t know when I sleep peacefully ??.So I’m having doubts chances is possible Kunj she said.

Great than I’m toh happy but don’t worry we will clear your this doubt as well before going Maa house come with me first she get ready and Kunj as well they said they had work they will directly come Taneja house Kunj take twinkle to hospital his friend was a dr so. They went in her clinic.

Hey Kunj she said.

Hi dr he said

Aisha see she is my wife twinkle I told you na about her he said.

Haan I know meet with her many times she said

What happened to you twinkle she asked.

Dr I’m not feeling good from many days feels so low she said

Hmm okay I’ll examine you and do your test as well come with me dr check her than do her pregnancy test. You both have to wait for sometimes I’ll give your report quick she said and they nodded in yes Kunj take twinkle and sit in lobby.

Kunjj she said

Don’t worry na twinkle everything will be good he said she rest her head on his chest not well really Kunj cuddles after sometimes later dr call them in her cabin.

Yes dr what come in her reports Kunj said

Hmm Kunj report is good your wife is pregnant congratulations my friend ?she said and forward the report to Kunj he take in his hands and read the report he get so happy and look at twinkle she giving smiled.

Thanks dr for this I was waiting for this kissed on forehead he said .

Haan i know. Dr said. She give her medicines come after they went.

Siyappa queen happy you are damn lucky for me yAar after you everything going so good and now this news everyone will be happy he said

Haan Kunj I’m so happy kunjj you will leave she said tears running down from her eyes.

He get shocked why you saying this I understand you marry for baby but I didn’t twinkle you are pregnant with my baby and my wife as well our relation becomes more strong samji don’t this thought come in your mind Kunj said

Okay I’ll not tell me who is Jasmin last night you blabbering her name in sleep haan she said

Bas jealous girl Chal Abhi will tell you he said and they left for Taneja house.

They went to Taneja mansion everyone was sitting and chit chatting with each other’s just than twinkle and Kunj entered there Kunj holding her from her shoulders.

Lo love birds come Haider said in teasing manner. They went towards them and sit.

What happened twinkle leela asked.

Wait Maa he said Kunj open the sweet box which he bring while coming here he get up and went to her and feed her sweet she get surprised like this he feed everything they get confused and stuffed Haider mouth fully

What Haider said

Eat Saale ji you behind me lott he said

Kunj puttar why this sweet twinkle giggles bata na bebe said

Hmm baby sweet why because twinkle is pregnant he said as soon as they listen thus get shocked and look at twinkle she nodding in yes they all surprised and get happy

Meri bachiii???leela said and cupped her face kissed on her forehead I’m so happy she said.

Rt too kissed on her forehead and hugged her Bebe and Usha was extremely happy they were waiting for thus news like anything they cupped twinkle face give her love and blessing

Really twinkle thanks for this finally our this wish too fulfilled. Tere me mere Kunj ko ek SACHA HUMNAVA mila hai who didn’t leave his hand for a second thanks for this bebe said

Kunj and Haider teased twinkle Kunj too happy finally he going to become father. His own baby.They all sit for dinner all pampering twinkle lottt.

Bas Maa I’m done I can’t eat more please twinkle said.

It’s just a start twinkle just wait and watch now Kunj added?.

We just waiting for this moments only now can’t leave you always behind you bebe said.

Haan twinkle beta I’m going to become dadu ?.. Manohar said.

Hip hip hoorayyyyy Haider screams loudly all giggles twinkle hug Kunj to see this happiness. After dinner they left for Sarna Mansion during whole way bebe and Usha just telling twinkle and Kunj do this and that now don’t go here and there.

Kunj take twinkle in room now you rest I’ll give you your medicine Kunj said and sit beside her and take out twinkle medicine and give to twinkle.

Let’s sleep now he said he kissed on her cheeks she cuddles him

Kunjjj today everyone is so happy even I’m too she said

Haan twinkle I’m too happy I’ll have my babies than we will play with them haina he added twinkle nodded in yes. She peck on his lips and lay down Kunj caressing twinkle hairs while twinkle thinking about Alisha what she will do and after baby most. She fighting with her thoughts Than later she slept.

At midnight Alisha come back from Dubai after her photoshoot her trip was amazing.She too sleep after get freshen up.

At morning.

Kunj wake up first and see twinkle she sleeping like a small cute baby he smiled and kissed on her forehead than keep his hand on her belly.

Good morning mamma and bacha he said and went in washroom get freshen up don’t wanted to give her any trouble as now. He went downstairs and stand beside Chef and telling him make healthy breakfast for twinkle do this and that Bebe and Usha come there and see him they understand soon papa busy in kitchen.

See Usha Rani he didn’t come in kitchen at this time how today bebe said

I think bebe?for his wifey maybe Usha added Kunj look at them.

You both ladies impossible she must be hungry na that’s why he said Usha and Bebe cupped his face

You know we are so happy to see you this much happy your face and your smile giving us so peace you don’t know this smile missing from my Kunj face after twinkle come back ?you are happy now

Both said together

Haan Bebe and Maa I’m so happy with twinkle after her everything becomes so beautiful and I get my smile and real happiness which I didn’t get it with Alisha. He said they kissed on his forehead.

Sir breakfast ?is done chef said

Yeah okay I’ll take for her he said bebe and Usha nodded in yes.

Twinkle wake up and sit get freshen up and again lay down and finding Kunj he thought he must be done.Just than Kunj entered in room with a breakfast.

Hey good morning wifey and baby. He said she smiled he went near her peck at her lips now she is so happy to get this utmost and conditional love from Kunj.

Good morning baby papa she said he sit beside her. This is the way to wish me good morning Mr Sarna she added. ?

?yes Mrs Sarna Chal lets have breakfast full Healthy for you twinkle look at breakfast. He said

Kunj no paratha??she asked

Yes baby now this only he replied?.

Open your mouth he said she making faces Kunj give her frown look she smiled and open her mouth eat from Kunj hands.

Tasty Kunj twinkle said

Haan I told chef make chatpata because my wifey like this ?. He said she make pouty lips they both have breakfast together in a peace just love echoed in their souls heart. ?..

Alisha wake up and get freshen up she went downstairs and meet with elders all give her faint smiled. She asking for Kunj and twinkle Bebe said twinkle was in her room while Kunj left for office.

After breakfast Alisha to left she went to Kunj office and asked about him his pa she told her that he went for meeting.

Than she went to manager asked him to pass her cheque but he deny..

How dare you refuse my cheque haan she asked him.

Because mam amount is so big and without Kunj sir sign and his wife I can’t pass and give he said

Acha I’m his wife don’t forgot Vikram you are just a manager I’ll fire you she said

Mam sorry but I can’t go and take sir permission as well twinkle madam as well he said as soon as she heard twinkle name.

TWINKLEEEE ?what twinkle permission I’ll need why she said

Because she is Kunj sir wife now Kunj sir changed all rules before taking any money a person have to need their signature after Than I’ll give otherwise I wouldn’t. He said

I understand Kunj permission but that twinkle from which angle haan she said


i m his wife don’t you know ?. She said

You was mam but now she is he said

You blo*dy she said and went from there in anger from office employees she get to know Kunj open company on twinkle name she get more angry

This kunjj how dare she did I just went for 2 months this all happened now I understand why she flying so much she have to submit money because of this all time went above.This raise her anger fully

Alisha leave everything went Sarna Mansion.She went in twinkle and Kunj room she see twinkle she doing her work.

Twinkleeeee???. Alisha said

She turned and look at her Alisha twinkle spoke..

Yes I’m wow you staying like a queen haan great. She went near her hold her hand tightly tell me what Magic you have done did you forget for what reason you come here and this house in my husband life and you become his wife ?really now I need your permission to take anything twist her hand she said

Ahah Alisha what is this leave my hand please I didn’t understand this all things my permission haan she said

Haan Kunj give you all rights of his wife without your will nobody do anything why Haan congratulations madam he opened company on your named clapping like evil. Hold her shoulder I think you started seeing dreams that’s why behaving like Kunj wife and Romancing with him haan she said

Acha Alisha I’m his wife and I don’t know about this all things leave me I’m not well please Alisha agin twist her hand twinkle started crying she don’t have strength Don’t know why feeling low maybe. She added.. just than Kunj entered in room and see twinkle and Alisha.

Alisha yelling at twinkle like anything and dragging her he get shocked and rushed towards twinkle.

Twinkleeee Alishaaa he said

Kunjj see this Alisha what she saying me I snatch you from her twinkle said

Shh why you crying don’t cry it’s not good cupped her face and give her side hug twinkleee he said and look at Alisha

Alisha leave my wife hand what is this he asked her.

Kunjj you tell me what is this I need money and manager didn’t give me why because great twinkle ji ki sign chahiye without her I can’t why she said

So what take her sign he said

Really I’ll take this behanji permission my days doesn’t come so bad why you giving her this much powers I’m your wife she not she said

Correction Alisha she is my wife and I’ll give her all powers and it’s my wife and her right as well you don’t need to fly. He said

What wife which wife don’t forget Kunj why she come in this house she is just working for me she isn’t less than slave who get ready to sleep with someone husband cheapo she said Kunj look at

Alisha and raise his hand almost on her but twinkle stop him..

???Alishaaaaa I told you many times mind your tongue what didn’t you said haan someone husband really haan I’m her husband. Shadi ki hai issnee mujhe Se and mene bhi 7 promises we take together see this sindoor in her hairline this my name and this mangalsutra in her neck that too don’t forget and look at yourself numbers of time I told you.


If you hurt her I’ll not leave you stay away from my wife get it nobody is worse than me now you play with my emotions lott not now he said

Kunjj what you saying haan im your wife Alisha Kunj Sarna she is just for sometimes we want baby I bring her you love me this b*t*h cheat me she added

Really Alisha she cheat you or else you cheat us yes it’s true I marry her for your happiness but not for baby only respectfully I marry her yes you bring her but now she is my wife and she is TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA NOT YOU.. he said in stern voice

You twinkleeee I’ll not Leave you she push twinkle she said

Alishaa behave yourself she is pregnant understand. Leave her he said Alisha get shocked but she slip and her head hit with side baldy…

ouchhh Alisha scream.


How was the shot??


So twinkle is pregnant ?now story come to on end ???. Let’s see what their destiny hold for them.

What you all thinking

Alisha Yah twinkle.. do tell me..

bye love you all


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