Nazar 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Divya and Mohana attack family

Nazar 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vedsheree says to Piya that we have to stop them but you cant go behind them. Piya says maybe Divya is under spell. Ansh says what if she becomes fine once she gets that sword? Piya says they both are dangerous. Vedsheree says we cant lose. Ansh says she is Piya’s mom. Vedsheree says we will face this trouble too, we are humans but I am a mother. Chitali says mothers are protectors. Ansh says they will have to fight me together. Vedsheree says we will live and die together. They all hold hands and smile. Nishant says they will know truth soon so we have to be ready.

Naman points arrow in Panna’s direction and asks her to stop. Dilruba says hit her. Naman hits her but she holds his arrow and says keep it to play with when you have kids. She comes inside but her feet sticks as Dilruba had liquid on floor. Panna tries to attack them but Naman stops her.

Family is putting nail and trishul marks in house. Nishant says we have to use patal liquid.

Divya and Mohana uses their powers together to take help from witch tree. They see sword in Ansh’s house only.

Nishant makes a mark with patal liquid on wall. Mohana and Divya are coming there. Nishant lights up that mark on wall. Chitali says Mohana is here. Nishant says this mark has to light up fully. Chitali tries to stop Mohana but family sees Divya coming from lift as well. They both glare at family.

Scene 2
Naman says to Panna that give me mani and go away. Panna says I will erase your memory. Guru Maa says I cant see so you cant make me lose memory, she tries to snatch mani but it falls and goes near other two manis. Three manis light up. Dilruba says this shouldnt have happened. Blast happens there.

Divya says to family that you were trying to fool but I am a witch hunter and knows everything, Mohana says we used witch tree and found that sword is here. Nishant says they cant stop mark from lighting up. Ansh says we cant do anything.

Dilruba and others wake up and see manis missing. Panna says its not with me. Dilruba says my powers are gone. Panna says I feel dizzy and cant use my powers. Guru Maa says manis must have taken your powers. Dilruba see light coming from one room.

PRECAP- Mohana and Divya try to take sword from wall. Divya says we cant take out that sword from that crystal but someone from this house can. Chitali says Munna.. They see Adi taking sword out of crystal ball. Mohana says time is here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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