Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Arijit captures Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simmi saying I added medicine in the juice. Mani asks Ishita not to drink it, it will have sedatives. Ishita says I don’t want to drink anything. Arijit asks Ishita is she fine. Ishita says what is he doing here. Mani says I will see. He asks everyone to continue the drama. He asks Mrs. Bhalla and Amma to go. He asks Simmi and Arijit to come and see. Karan and Yug hold Ishita. Ishita asks Ruhi and Aaliya how can they do this. Mani asks Karan to call the doctor. Ishita shouts leave me. Karan calls a doctor. Ishita asks Simmi to help her. She asks Mani how can he tie her up, he is her childhood friend. Mani says I m sorry, we have to do this. Simmi asks her to drink the juice.

Ishita shouts shut up, you added poison in this, you want to kill me, I will kill you. Simmi says have this, you will feel better. Mani says Ishita isn’t fine. Arijit says look, my hands are empty, I just want to talk to you, we have to complete Raman’s dream project, there is a lot of pending work, relax. Mr. Bhalla and Appa come and ask what’s all this, the doctor is here. Karan says yes, I have called the doctor. Ishita asks who is unwell. Karan says nothing, I have to show mom’s reports. He thanks doctor for coming on short notice. He says Ishita is behaving weird. Doctor asks what has happened. He says Raman died in a plane crash, she still thinks that Raman will come back, he is alive, she isn’t ready to accept that he is no more. Appa asks who is this new doctor, why didn’t you call old doctor. Karan says I have called a psychiatrist, she will be the best help. Doctor says I know what to do. He says give her a fake injection and faint her, then declare her unstable, you have to admit her in asylum. She says your family can file a case on me, I can lose my license. He says I know, everything is going as planned, you won’t get blamed. She says okay.

Arijit says we will meet at office and final the inauguration details. Ishita asks them to get this lady out. Doctor says I m your friend, not an enemy, I cane to give you a good news, your husband is going to come home soon, he will not like it if he sees this, did you make the room messy, he won’t like it. Ishita says he will see this mess and go back, I will not let him go, but when is he coming. Doctor says he has sent pics and messages for you. Ishita checks phone. Doctor injects her. She says relax. Ishita says you are a betrayer. Ishita faints.

Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita can’t go to asylum. Doctor says she is getting aggressive, she can harm herself or others, she has to stay away from home for few days. Mihika and Amma say we will take care of her. Aaliya says she can hurt herself. Yug says its matter of few days. Mani says we have to do this for her. Doctor says I will call for an ambulance, we will shift Ishita.

Everyone cries. Doctor says just have patience, she will be fine. Arijit says I should go now, call me if you need any help. Ishita thanks Sunita. Sunita says guard will help you, you won’t have any contact with any patient. Karan says I will come to pick you. Ishita says don’t worry, I have to do it alone, I have to prove that Raman is dead and I m mentally ill, I will be fine. He says this has new phone and sim for you. She says take care, no fights at home. He asks her to take care. He goes.

Nurse gives a tablet to Ishita. She spits it and acts. Nurse goes. Arijit comes there and uses chloroform to faint Ishita. He says you were acting smart but I m more smarter than you, I will torture you as I tortured your husband. His assistant comes. Arijit says we have to shift her, handle her with care. They tie up Ishita. Arijit says when I went to Bhalla house, I heard Karan and doctor’s talk. FB shows Arijit thinking its all a drama, Ishita is planning something. He checks the room and gets medicine bottle. He asks the man to follow the ambulance. FB ends. Arijit says you filled water in this syringe, you thought you will run away, I have kept you captive here. He says once I decide to torture her family, I find ways, Dr. Sunita…. I managed to kidnap her daughter, she handed over Ishita to me and also the keys of outhouse, now she will do as I say. The assistant asks why is Ishita doing this drama.

Arijit says I need to find out why is she doing this, has she found that that Raman is alive, it will be fun now. Mani asks Aaliya to go to everyone. Aaliya says Mani has prepared rasam today, its an achievement, we shall have it. Mrs. Bhalla says how can I eat when Ishita is in the asylum, her life is at risk, how will she find Raman alone. Simmi says I could have helped her if she took me along. Arijit says lets inform her family that she is safe. He messages from Ishita’s phone. He leaves. Karan says I got Ishita’s message, she managed to escape from asylum, she is safe. Aaliya says now we shall have food, we have to take care of each other. Yug asks what will I tell Ishita if we all fall sick. They all go to dine. Simmi prays for Raman and Ishita.

Ishita shouts for help. Arijit comes there. Simmi says I wish Raman and Ishita are safe, they come home soon. Raman asks who are you. Arijit says I will tell you, if you try to run again, I will drug you and leave you paralyzed.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Are they crazy or something? Injecting water in somebody’s body? like seriously!!!! Even a bit of water gets into blood, the person will die as soon as the droplet reaches heart. Ekta you have now completely destroyed the show. I literally feel bad that a show for which one got sooo many scoldings because I watched them in my exams also has become a crap. Ekta, please stop the show. I really don’t want to hate this drama like I do to YRKKH. Please I beg you??

  2. The creators destroyed this show a loooooooong time ago..when they showed Ashok donating his eyes to Ishita: a leukemia patient can Not donate any organs!!
    Shame on the team for not doing even the minimal homework; they don’t even care or give a da$n how wrong they are.
    No wonder KP is quitting the show

  3. The creators destroyed & and spoiled this serial Beginning of the show we all enjoyed .We are expecting date today story. eagarly. Now we understood that Ekt a giving importance negative charcters. How long Ishra will sufer. Pls inform. we didnt watching serial . Dear Mr Karan Patel ( raman Bhalla) pls quit this serial and act some other serial. day by day boring & irritating .

  4. Thank you for KP quitting the show. No need to watching the serial .Always giving more importance to negative characters. Lot of members in the Bhalla family.But only Arjit & his assistant.These two fellows Locking the all family members .The creators put the flower in viewers ears.I fee ashame to seeing the serial

  5. We all know for sure since surrogacy yhm was going thru negative tracks … Nidhi kidnapping Ruhi and Ruhi to Ruhan … like that unbelievable and illogical
    Story line we were viewing … injecting wrong and illegal moves to the audience …I always thought why censor board does not take any actions .Many of Ekta serials are like this
    Whom to be blamed we don’t know
    Story writer for his pathetic writing
    And Ekta to approve it … I always felt if she is the lifter of an actor she is the damager also
    She has few friends whom she favours , for them she will take any tracks … yhm for AH … the plot is totally changed
    I had always thought why KP and DT can’t leave …
    Whether they like the plot or not they did their work
    So well … Their dedication and commitment it praiseworthy . We audience are not going to see any Jodi’s like Ishra … They are magical .
    Usage of BDs are def not the actors choice
    It’s the ph who decides to cut their cost .
    And another thing … This is their job … Acting … they need to move on .. This is their bread and butter ..
    It’s not easy job for them .without knowing the truth trolling KP and DT is not right …we audience can’t watch this rubbish so think of them acting .
    K. P did right by quiting but the ph should have shown a historic exit …of RKB
    It’s purely Ekta and ph to be blamed …
    Not the actors
    KP and Dt together was really fantastic
    Their award show dances are excellent
    No pair has that magical chemistry …
    We wish them the best …..I miss them … but nothing in our hands …
    Literally cursing Ekta and team for ruining this show

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