Nazar 14th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ansh gets angry at Mehdashwi

Nazar 14th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ansh says you are imaging things. The only problem is me. Why should I listen to you. You are not my real mom. Medashwi slaps Ansh. Everyone is dazed. Chitali says is that how you talk to your mom Ansh? Apologize. Mehdashmi is crying. SHe says son can be foster or not but mother is always real. She cries. Chitaali takes Mehdashwi inside. Ansh recalls is moments with Mehdashwi.

Chitali says please don’t cry bhabhi. Control youself. She sees Ruby. chitali says ruby what are you doing here? She say aunty look. There is a sign on the floor. She says I went to pray. This was on the floor and lemons are black.
Mohana says no one can save you. Chitali and Mehdashwi are scared. Rubu says aunty look there.. They see all the fishes in the fish tank are dead. Mehdashwi says she came here.
Mohana said to Ruby you have to bring him to the devil. Ruby says there is something. Mehdashwi said to Ruby when a witch marries a human I will come back.
Ruby says if you think me marrying Ansh will solve this I will marry him. Mehdashwi says he won agree. Ruby says don’t worry i will convince him. she hugs Mehdashwi and says get ready Ansh.

Ruby says now I will hypnotize Ansh and make him mine. You wont ever know why I was sent here.

Scene 2
Mehdashwi is worried. Shekhr says don’t be sad this day please. she says other people are congratulating me for my birthday my own son didn’t wish me.
Ansh recalls what happened. Chitali says he must be asleep. He was up all night planning surprise party for you. Mehdashwi says did he prepare for the party? Neha says we all planned it. Shekhar says you don’t know who is coming to the party.

Ruby climbs on the balcony. Mehdashwi says when my own son wont be there why would I go to party. Neha says he wants to apologize. He is very guilty. She says he didn’t even come out of room. Neha says it takes time for him to express. Mehdashwi says if he cared he would have come and wish me. He doesn’t repent or care for me. Truth is that he doesn’t consider me his mother. Ansh is there. He hears it all. Mehdashwi turns back. He has gone already. She says even if he considers me an outsider he is a son to me. I wish I could tell him the trouble he is in.

Ruby comes to Ansh’s room. Mohana says I will come back at any cost and take my son Ansh. Ansh comes back to his room and sits on the bed. Ruby climbs the wall. She says I will hypnotize and make him agree. Someone opens the door. Its Neha Rishi and Kajal. Ruby hides.
Neha says you act like kids sometimes. Come and say sorry. Kajal says its her birthday come down and say sorry. He says I disrespected mom. The mom who didn’t gave birth herself so we don’t have to share her love. She sacrificed for us that even a real mother can’t do. And I told her she isn’t our own. Rishi says come downstairs. When you face each other everything will be normal. Neha says come. He says I can’t face her. Kajal says you can say sorry. Neha says even if you can’t come downstairs then I am sorry then leave the house. If you don’t wish her while staying in the house she will be really urt. Ansh says fine. He leaves. Kajal says brother.. Neha says let him go.

Ansh comes to the elevator. Piya is there with her friends. They say hello to Ansh.
Mehdashwi waits for Ansh but he doesn’t come. She looks at the door.
Precap-Kajal says Ansh would come. Please cut the cake. Ansh is alone in the house. Ruby says this happiness wont stay for long. I will take you away from your family once you marry me Ansh.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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