Mayavi Maling 14th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Chegu doubts Angad

Mayavi Maling 14th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Angad’s wife making fun of Pranali. Pranali asks who are you. Angad’s wife says I know you are Pranali, you won’t be alive to tell this to anyone. She gets a sword and says lets see who kills you. Pranali gets saved. She also gets a sword. Angad’s wife says I will win. She fights with Pranali. Angad gets a knife and says how did this come here. He gets the hair wig and says that girl has come in disguise. Angad’s wife asks Pranali to accept defeat, she is the best. Pranali cuts her hand. Angad runs to see his wife. His wife gets her hand back. Pranali gets shocked. He asks are you fine. Pranali says she isn’t the Queen. He says you have hurt my wife, this will be your life’s last day.

Pranali says I… his wife says don’t do this, she isn’t that girl who attacked me, the girl who injured me has hurt me, she has saved me. Angad asks are you fine. She says don’t worry for me. He hugs her. Pranali recalls Angad hugging her. Angad gets some gold and throws towards Pranali. He asks her to keep the prize for her bravery. Pranali picks the gold and goes. She says Angad has given me my jewelry as reward, this happened because of that magician, Angad used to get gifts for me.

Someone hides from guards and comes to meet Angad. Angad pushes him. Arak says its me, your brother Arak, I went far to catch butterflies, I fell into a pit and my clothes got stained, guards didn’t allow me, so I have hidden and come here. Angad pushes him and laughs. He asks the guards to throw him in prison or outside the palace. Arak gets shocked. Arak says leave me, I m Mahapuram prince Arak, go and ask Maharaj. Guards beat him. Chegu comes and holds Arak. Guard says this guy reached Maharaj Angad’s room. Chegu gets shocked seeing Arak. Arak tells him everything. Chegu asks why didn’t Angad identify you. He thinks what happened here, I went to kalkivan for few days. Arak says something wrong is happening in palace.

A man says I know you Chegu, I went to meet Maharaj, but Angad was on the throne, there was no one from Maharaj’s family. Chegu says I have to do something, they might be in problem, Angad might have captured them, such a big cheat, I will not leave Angad now. Pranali thinks of Angad’s wife. She says how can this happen, that woman have grown her hand on her own, she can hurt Angad. She goes and collides with Angad. He scolds her. She moves back. She falls down. He falls over her. His wife comes out and gets shocked seeing them. She asks what’s happening here. Pranali pushes him away. He gets hurt.

Angad’s wife says you just see how I win Angad forever. Pranali says I will kill you. Angad’s wife pushes her and says you can’t win over me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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