Namak Issk Ka 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Yug stands up for Kahani

Namak Issk Ka 9th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Saroj asks Kahani what were you talking about? Kahani says where is the letter? She runs out and looks around. She says the letter should be here, I have to find out to show Iravati’s truth. Iravati comes there and shows her the papers. Kahani is stunned and says give me the papers.

Rupa is crying. Yug says this man doesn’t deserve your tears. Rupa says let’s go. Yug asks Saroj to come with them. Saroj says my motherly love lost today, she asks them to go. Yug takes Rupa from there. Saroj makes Ronak sit up. Ronak is dizzy and says it’s good that you are here, he beat me so much. Saroj slaps him hard. Ronak is stunned and says you asked me to take revenge on her. Saroj says I asked you to molest your younger brother’s wife?

Kahani asks Iravati to give the papers. Yug is coming out. Iravati says I had a doubt about you. Kahani says I got to know the truth, I know you were a dancer and I know you have been lying about Yug’s father leaving them. I won’t let them win now. Iravati says don’t mess with me. Kahani says I am not scared of you. Iravati starts burning the letter. Kahani tries to stop her but Iravati keeps burning it. Kahani takes the letter from her and tries to save it but most of it has burned down. Kahani cries looking at it. Yug and Rupa come there.

Ronak tells Saroj that I am your son and you are doing this? Saroj shouts that don’t talk about relationships, aren’t you ashamed of you doing all this? I did the mistake to not stop you since childhood. I am ashamed of myself but I won’t hide your mistakes now. You have to apologize to Kahani. Ronak says I will never do so. Saroj says you are not a prince, you will have to do it. Ronak says I don’t understand if I am your son or that girl is your daughter. Saroj recalls Kahani’s words that her prayers for her husband have been fulfilled. Saroj says you are my son but you will never understand that. She makes him stand up.

Yug rushes to Kahani and asks if she is fine? Rupa rushes to Rupa and asks how did you burn her hand? She says it’s nothing. Kahani cries and thinks I have lost today. Iravati thinks I have won against her. Yug takes Kahani from there.

In the house, Dadi says anybody who goes out of this house gets injured. Rupa says everything is fine. Yug brings Kahani back. Dadi says why is she back? Yug says she is my wife and daughter-in-law of this house. Dadi says she was your wife when she tried to burn you and Saroj in the lawyer’s house and when she sent Ronak to the jail, why is she back? Saroj says I will answer. She says I have brought back my daughter-in-law, this is my house and it’s my decision to bring her back, if anyone has a problem with this decision then they can leave. Yug asks Saroj if her blessings are with her? Saroj nods. Iravati says Yug has a big heart but we haven’t forgotten that Kahani tried to kill you and Saroj. She is a danger for all of us. Saroj says but she is our daughter-in-law and has a full right to stay here. Yug is with Kahani and I am with them both. Kahani says Iravati is still blaming me. Iravati says your father blamed you too. Ravi comes there. Yug tells Iravati that Kahani is my wife and not some criminal. Gunjan also did a mistake, she tried to break my marriage with Kahani but you didn’t ask her to leave the house? Why? Because she is your daughter and Kahani is not? Yug tells Ravi that Kahani needed you but you went against her? You will still stay silent? Ravi looks away. Yug tells Kahani that I don’t care about others but I am with you. He says to the family that I a stronger now and I will protect Kahani like a wall in front of her, you can’t break her. He takes Kahani from there.

Yug brings Kahani to his room and asks if she is fine? Kahani cries. Yug sees bruises on her arm and neck. He brings a first-aid box and starts tending to her wounds. Sajanwa plays. Yug says if Rupa didn’t stop me today then I wouldn’t spare Ronak. I am burning up from inside. Kahani says your tears are mine and you can’t spend them like this. I am so happy that you took my side today in front of everyone. You have made our love win today. Yug says I won’t let you lose now. I will never ask you to forgive Ravi now, I am sorry. Kahani says if you keep telling me sorry then I will be spoiled. Your love is enough for me. Yug says my life was spent looking for my father’s love but I want to love you. Kahani says I want to say many things to you. Yug says I want to say a lot too. He comes closer and kisses her forehead.

Precap: Iravati and Kahani are coming down on stairs. Iravati pushes Kahani to make her fall and says no one can win against her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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