Santoshi Maa 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update – Swati’s mood is off due to Indresh behaving rude with her.

Santoshi Maa 9th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Swati’s mother in law in kitchen intimating Lovely to move hands quickly because it’s her father in law’s time of breakfast.

Swati is searching her phone but her mother in law gives her says due yesterday’s late night she forgot the phone.

Indresh is driving the car while Samiksha shows him their advertisement with photo of their project effectively handled by both of them which praises Indresh for his smartness of finding discrepancies in project working.

Swati calls Indresh but after he watching it’s Swati’s call he gets bugged & tells Samiksha to answer while Swati pleads him for forgiveness but also tells him you were also at mistake & he asks what he did hence she says he was rude towards both of them not thinking of she & their child too while he feels little emotional but again she tells him weeping to come soon but he says I do not have time I had told you earlier because there is lot of discrepancies in this work & cuts the phone line while Swati wonders why he has become so rude.

Swati’s mother in law watching her depression asks what happened while she is silent but she is calming her to not to think a lot which shouldn’t affect the child & to get ready for Pooja while Singhasan comes showing them the advertisement of appreciation to Indresh whom all are feeling proud of hence everybody is convincing Swati to not to over think & feel depressed while Samiksha’s father also says that son Indresh is able to become partner in this resort business who is so efficient & Singhasan also says he is your son hence you decide what to do & Swati is smiling. Singahsan signals his wife & she explains Swati that see Indresh is progressing so do not become hurdle in his progress & he’ll definitely come while she too assures all of them that she won’t.

Samiksha tells Indresh that I have told father to make you working partner in resort business also while he says it wasn’t needed but she says it’s your smartness for which you have achieved this.

Singhasan asks his wife if all the arrangements are done of Satwa Pooja & she says everything is ready & later after Pooja Swati’s pregnancy ceremony will take place but Samiksha’s father says only one thing is missing that is Indresh who may arrive in the evening while Lovely also says that Swati’s smile will be seen when Indresh arrives & she too think it’s right.

Swati along with everybody perform prayers of Mata Santoshi while Samiksha is enjoying song & dance in the car & Indresh is driving & enjoying watching her.

Anju is distributing Prasad while Rinky & Devesh arrive & Rinky says that now Devesh has recovered completely & hearing this Swati feels by Mata’s grace Indresh can come soon now.

Samiksha & Indresh are enjoying drink in their car while Indresh appreciates her lifestyle like British people in which he too might get habited in the same lifestyle & later Samiksha becoming fresh feels blushed finding herself on his shoulders when sleeping in drunk state.

Swati is getting ready with the help of Lovely & Anju who chat with her making her blush while she too thinks the time has passed so quickly that never knew two months have passed for Indresh being away from her while her mother in law is performing rituals on her.

Episode ends
Precap: Lovely & Rinky are singing & dancing on occasion of Swati’s pregnancy celebration while Swati too sings song on this occasion.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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