Namak Issk Ka 26th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Real Kahani is back

Namak Issk Ka 26th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Saroj comes back home. Dadi says Iravati has saved our honor, that dancer was hell-bent to destroy our honor, she is a dancer so we can expect this from here. It’s a punishment to keep her here, we should throw her out of the house. She calls out to Yug. He comes there and sees Saroj sadly sitting there. He asks Rupa to bring Kahani here. Rupa says I have to talk to you. Ronak says you will take Kahani’s side. Saroj says what do you want to say Rupa? Say it in front of everyone. Rupa says Kahani has done a mistake but we should give her a chance. Dadi says have you gone crazy? Saroj says I have just come from jail because of Kahani and you want me to forgive her? Iravati says you don’t care about mother in law? Gunjan says I care about all my family members. You people are being hypocritical. If Kahani has done a mistake then Ronak did a mistake too but he was forgiven. Ronak says I feel like I get taunted every time. Rupa says Yug saved Kahani in time but Ronak is still in the house. Rupa tells Yug that you love her so give her a chance. Saroj says she is right, Yug will forgive her later on so why not now? Yug says Kahani is Saroj’s culprit so she will decide. He asks Rupa to bring her here. Rupa goes to Kahani’s room but she is not there. Satya is hiding from her and says where should I go? Rupa comes to the family and says Kahani is missing. Yug says she didn’t even say sorry and just left like that. Ronak says she is hiding because she did a mistake. He asks Rupa if she said anything to Kahani? Rupa says I told her that everyone knows the trust so she should apologize to everyone. Gunjan says I am your sister but you keep taking Kahani’s side, we could have gotten rid of her but you gave her a chance to run away. Do you hate me? I thought you were abused but now I feel it was good that you had a miscarriage. Ravi says don’t say that. Gunjan says she never takes her family’s side. Yug asks her to stop it. Gunjan says I hate you Rupa didi, she goes from there. Saroj says it’s bitter but it’s the truth. Rupa and Yug have taken some other’s side instead of their family. Yug says wait, I did a mistake and I am destroyed but let me be destroyed fully. I have loved Kahani but I will hate her now, I promise on you that I won’t sit quietly till I bring Kahani to your feet.

Satya is hiding in the house and says what should I do? I have to hide somewhere. She sees a door locked and tries to open it. It’s the basement door. Kahani is on the other side and says who is it? Please open. Satya looks on.

Gunjan says Rupa is such a fool. Iravati asks her to calm down, just do what I say so. Gunjan says I am ready to kill that Satya. Iravati says I know Satya will go to meet her mother so I will handle them there but you just bring Kahani to the family. She is half dead so don’t do any mistake. Gunjan says I won’t do any mistake. Iravati says then you will soon start a new life with Yug.

Scene 2
Kahani pleads with someone to open the door. Satya says who is locked here? Kahani says please help me. Satya says who are you? Kahani thinks what if Iravati sent her? Kahani says who are you? Satya says like I am your sister.. I don’t know who is locked here. She tries to leave but Kahani pleads with her to break the lock, please help me. Satya says fine, let me try. She tries to break the lock but hears someone coming, she leaves from there. Kahani cries for her to help. She says what if it was Satya?

Iravati calls the doctor and says if Satya comes to meet her mother then don’t let her and call me. She ends the call and says I will take care of this Satya.

Iravati comes to Saroj and says I am looking for Kahani. If I bring her to you then promise me that would punish her? Saroj says I will make sure she gets jailed. Ronak comes there and says Gunjan has found Kahani.

All family members come to the lounge. They see real Kahani there but Gunjan has put a cloth on her mouth. Saroj says what to do with her? Yug says she has pained me a lot and now she will bear the pain too in the jail. He tells Kahani that this son can’t forgive you even if I am your husband. He grabs her and says I took you as my moon but you have burned my family. I did a mistake by trusting your big eyes, it’s good that Iravati’s phone was in the room so the truth came out otherwise my mother would be in jail. Did you want that? Kahani shakes her head. Yug says then why did you lie? Why did you try to run away? You don’t care about our love and relationship? Your hate has killed our love today. Kahani sadly looks at him. Iravati says let’s call the police. Yug tells Saroj that you will decide what to do with her. Saroj comes to Kahani and says lies can’t go far. She asks Yug to call the police. Kahani looks on. Yug calls the police. Kahani takes off her clothe and says I want to file a complaint against Gunjan Verma. Everyone is shocked. Gunjan gets scared.

The episode ends.

Precap: Kahani tells everyone that Iravati and Gunjan forced her for everything that she did recently. She asks Gunjan whether that’s true or not. Gunjan says, that’s true. Iravati gets shocked and tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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