Bawara Dil 26th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Shiva gets know about Sarkar and Sonal

Bawara Dil 26th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shiva starts beating Kiran. Soni pleads Sidhi to stop him, he will kill him. Shiva is about to punch Kiran but Sidhi comes in front of him and shouts enough. Shiva says you will stop me now? He tells Soni that you trust her more than me? She is the one who keeps putting me down, who keeps insulting me. She will worry about you? Sidhi says how dare you to hit Kiran again? Shiva says how dare you to bring Soni here? Who gave you the right to interfere in Sonal’s life. Sidhi says I didn’t bring Soni here, Soni brought me here. Kiran didn’t even know we were coming here. You won’t understand as you don’t know what’s going on in your family because you are busy with party work. When I call you, you don’t listen. I called you for Sonal but you didn’t even listen. Sonal trusts me more than you because I have earned her trust, I am there with her when she needs me. Do you even know what happened today? Your Akka Bai and her cheap son came with Sonal’s marriage proposal. Your mother agreed to the proposal so tell me if you want Sonal to marry Sarkar? Soni rushes to Kiran and makes him stand up. Sidhi takes them from there. Shiva recalls Sidhi’s words and how Sarkar was behind Sonal all the time.

Mangala is making a list of things needed for the wedding. She tells Vailash that I can’t believe this is happening. We have to make everything final before Yashwant can do anything. Vijiya comes there and says you should talk to Yashwant. Mangala says I will talk to Shiva first, I will handle everything myself. Vijiya says Soni didn’t say yes till now. Sidhi and Sonal come there. Mangala says Soni is a kid, that Sidhi is trapping her. She turns to Soni and says where were you both? She tells Sidhi that I will pacify my son for this wedding.

Akka Bai is sitting with a priest. The priest tells her that we have a swimming competition and Narpat has a strong contender. Akka Bai says nobody can beat my loyalist Shiva. Shiva comes there and says I need to talk to you alone. She asks everyone to leave. Sarkar asks him to talk. Akka Bai says soon you will be his brother in law so go bring some sweets for him. Sarkar leaves. Shiva tells Akka Bai that I don’t accept this marriage proposal. What Sarkar did with that girl in the market.. Bai says that was wrong and I didn’t talk to him for a month. Shiva says but that didn’t change Sarkar, he tried misbehaving with my sister in the hotel. Bai says he promised on my name that it was a misunderstanding. Shiva says it’s about Sonal’s choice also, she doesn’t accept this proposal. Bai laughs and says Soni is a kid, she will live in my house like my daughter, I would be lucky to have a daughter in law like Sonal. If Sarkar marries her then he will start following the right path. Shiva says why my sister to rectify Sarkar’s mistakes? Bai says why not? You are like my son and I trust you the most, if I have to think about my son’s marriage then why not think about your sister? Shiva says I can’t ignore Sarkar’s mistakes. Bai says we should give a second chance to everyone. I gave you a second chance and brought you out of the jail when you needed me. If I am requesting you to give another chance to Sarkar then why not? Shiva says it’s not about me but my sister.. Sarkar brings sweets. Bai asks him to just think about the swimming competition. She goes from there. Shiva looks on. Shiva is angry.

Scene 2
Jalwa brings Kiran’s mother’s reports to Sidhi. He tells her that Shiva took Kiran’s mother to the hospital. Sidhi says I can never understand that man, where is he? Jalwa says he is with Akka Bai. Bhavin brings sweets and says Bai talked to Shiva and he accepted the sweets. Sidhi thinks Shiva agreed to this proposal? This can’t happen. Mangala asks Sidhi to stay within her limits. She grabs her hand, Sidhi pushes it away and the sweets that Bai sent fall down.

Soni comes to her room and cries. She turns to see Shiva there. He wipes her tears and says I know you are miffed with me. Soni says I am very scared, I knew my brother would save me from every trouble but today.. I feel like my brother can’t save me, that scares me the most. Shiva is hurt hearing that and leaves from there.

Sidhi is looking around for Shiva. She sees the family gone for shopping. Sidhi starts walking to her room and trips but Shiva saves her just in time. Sidhi and Shiva share an eye lock. He says be careful, you could have gotten hurt. Sidhi says no, you are here to protect me. Shiva says I won’t be here all the time. Sidhi says you will save me in the future too, can I trust you that you would take my side when I am in a trouble? I trust you but I am still asking you. I am hopeful that you didn’t eat the sweets of this proposal, have you thought something? You have to stop this marriage, you can’t destroy your sister’s life, tell me. Shiva thinks I will not fail her, I will find a way to stop this wedding but I can’t promise her right now, he goes from there. Sidhi says he didn’t answer me, did I do a mistake by trusting him? How can he forget that Sonal is his sister.
The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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