Namak Issk Ka 22nd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Rupa doesn’t tell anyone

Namak Issk Ka 22nd January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Yug says tell me what happened between you and bhabhi ma. Gunjan comes and hugs Yug. She says what is happening? How is all this happening? What happened to didi and why? Yug says the moment I find the reason, I will destroy it. She’s my bhabhi ma.

Yug sees kahani and says what are you doing here? She says I came to see how Rupa is doing. Saroj says Ronak tell me what happened to her? The doctor leaves. Rony says she will tell once she’s conscious. Saroj says she’s your wife.

Yug brings Kahani to the rooftop and says do you know falling from here means all bones will crack and you will die. She didn’t fall, she was shoved. It was you who shoved her. You’re the one who wants her dead so you can live with Rony. I am sure she did this because of you. Yug says does she know? He grasps her hand and says I will give you so much pain. I will destroy whoever is behind bhabhi ma’s pain. Kahani sees her bleeding hand. Rupa opens her eyes. Yug comes in.

Kahani comes in as well. Iravati says how dare you come here? Go from here. Gunjan says didi I called her. It’s okay. Iravati says why? Kahani says the house that gave me so much love will only give me hate now. Rony says before it gets worse, I will say I hate Kahani. Rupa says I had to talk to Kahani. I didn’t know this would happen to me. Saroj says how did this happen? Yug says why did you jump from the roof? Iravati and Saroj are shocked. Rupa says I am the reason behind it. I made a mannat (prayer) for Gunjan’s wedding. I knew her heart was broken. So when I went upstairs to pray I slipped. Yug says is that true? She says yes. Iravati says be careful. Rupa says I will be. Saroj says to Rony come and sit with her. Rupa looks at him.

Rony holds her hand and says are you okay? Rupa recalls everything. Saroj says Rupa, why did you call Kahani? Rupa recalls what Rony said. Iravati says you must know the way out, so leave right now. Or should I show you the way out? Iravati says you are not well. Talk to her later. She leaves.

Scene 2
Kahani is walking out on the road. Yug stops her. She falls, Yug holds her. She faints. Yug takes her to her place. Yug looks at her and says I had to give you pain but I gave you bruise and got pain. You left me no other reason. But you weren’t the reason behind what happened to bhabhi maa. Yet I punished you. My heart still says there’s a reason behind what you’re doing. Life won’t have been like this if either of us were different. Rani comes and says what happened to didi? Yug says she got injured. But she is okay now, will be conscious in a bit. Yug leaves.

Rony says to Rupa why are you guilt tripping me? She is silent. Say something. I thought you would tell everyone. Harsh comes. He says mama are you okay? She says yes. Come sleep with me. Rony says I will die from suspense.

Episode ends.

Precap: Yug throws money at Kahani and says now she will do as he says. She asks where she needs to go?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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