Kundali Bhagya 25th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Karan realizes that Preeta is lying about where she has gone

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Shristhi asks Preeta what plan she has and how does she plan to expose Akshay, Preeta explains how they would fulfil their plan in a professional manner, and they would have to keep an eye on him twenty-four hours after which they would be able to expose him.
Sameer asks her what plan she has when she explains how they would start working on their new plan and would follow Akshay so he would surely lead them to Ruchika and then they would find something about him after which they would expose him in front of everyone.

Akshay exclaims how he is falling in love with her, Megha asks what he is saying as he is getting married to Kritika, Akshay exclaims how he is marrying Kritika but there is also something known as a divorce, Akshay exclaims how she might be thinking that he is not of a good character but he got bad after seeing her in the party however she thought that he was following her, Megha asks him what would happen about his marriage to which Akshay explains that he is marrying Kritika only for her money which is why she should become his as she would surely get a lot of money and love from money, Megha leaves when he thinks that he gets a lot of excitement after playing with so many girls at one single time and that he has taught Shristhi a lesson so now it is Preeta’s time.
Shristhi and Preeta are waiting in the car when Preeta asks Shristhi if she is sure that Akshay would come out as otherwise they would be waiting for him all the time when he might not even come out, Shristhi explains that he will surely come out as he would get overconfident when they both call the driver however he is talking with someone when Akshay comes out, they both call the driver however he leaves them when they get out and Sameer comes, they all start follow him.

Ruchika is waiting for Akshay when he comes explaining that she is looking a the next billionaire of the town, he explains how Preeta tried to ruin his image in front the family however he made her seem at fault and then proved that she was just accusing him by making a scene showing that he was misbehaving with a girl, Ruchika asks him to be careful as then everyone would realize what he is actually planning, Akshay assures her that nothing wrong would happen when they both head out to eat pani purri where a person comes and is eating a dish, he stumbles when they both head out, Sameer along with Shristhi and Preeta are able to gather a lot of photos but when they are about to follow them again a car comes and they are restricted but then once again start following them.

Karan comes into the room however he doesnot find Preeta there so wonders where she might have gone but when he doesnot find her then calls Preeta, she is in the car wondering how he would react as if she answers the call then he would question where she is and she cannot tell him the truth as their mission would be spoiled, the call ends so Karan wonders why she is not answering the call when he again tries, Karan apologizes for bring rude with her when she explains that she is at Sarla’s house, however Karan realizes that she is lying because he hears the car horn so ends the call.

Preeta and Shristhi along with Sameer see that Akshay and Ruchika stop the car, they realize that it is the house of Ruchika when they enter it however the door is opened which worries them, they realize that she has gone to the house of the neighbour and there is also a child there, they start searching the house trying to find some proof against them both when they find the album which has all the photos of Ruchika and Akshay, Sameer advises that they can take the photos with them however Preeta mentions how they cannot alert them so would take soft copies of them, Preeta takes the pictures in her mobile when they try to search for some other proof but Ruchika comes with her friend and the child, so they hide and run out of the house as soon as they get a chance.

Preeta after reaching the street asks Shristhi to get hard copies of the photos because they have to get a solid proof as they have to be totally prepared, Shristhi explains how their old video maker has now become a photographer so she would get the hard copies, Preeta gets worried, Sameer asks what has happened, she answers how she has lied to Karan and now knows that he would be angry with her, Shristhi mentions how she was the one to teach her how to be courageous.

Preeta enters the room in the night, karan is sitting angrily, she hesitantly comes asking why he not slept, he responds that he was not able to. Preeta sits with him asking what has happened, he mentions how he desired to not talk about it but cannot remain quiet as he is an honest person and never lies but she told him how she was with Shristhi when she was actually travelling and he himself heard the truth which has angered him a lot.

Precap: Preeta explains how she did not want to lie but was forced to, Karan asks what was the cause because she still lied to him even then, he mentions if trust is broken once it can never be regained.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Preeta and Shristi are full time criminal investigators and never ever get any convictions. Preeta always ends up behind bars. Boring boring and I don’t know how can she get awards for this. Karan is always around to catch her when she falls. This is 2021 speed up the show or go bust.

  2. Leisa s morris

    So why dont she just show karan the proof? Stupid show

  3. She can tell karan the truth because everyone in luthra house believe Karan’s words so that Akshay can be exposed

  4. Samaila

    So this Akshay is cheating on all 3 Kritika, Ruchika, and Megha. Y is Karina in her mayka. R Sameer and Kritika her real kids. Y the f**k is Mahira in Luthra mansion. Ekta, do u know how long a woman is pregnant?!! This is Sherlyn’s 14 month Pregnant! R KKB and KDB in different universes?!! One is 20 years ahead, while the other is 20 years back!

    1. True. This show is boring with preeta trying to prove to right all the time. Can the coma just wake up and end the show. This think is moving in circles and is losing its originality.

  5. These writers need to be replaced. There’s so many different scenarios that can play out, but no same shit different day.

  6. When Sherlyn is it going to deliver her baby? Please tell the writer do something about this drama.

  7. Confusion is? Why nvr anyone told to check cctv footage of loothra house when Akshay blamed prreta

  8. Naomi Von Branden

    The writers need an urgent break from the show. They have nothing knew to entertain us with.

  9. Ektha aunty pls stop ur foolish shows

  10. The writer have personal issues he/she is lacking in common sense. Both shows go in circles. Same shot different days. Writer needs an imagination.

  11. The most useless indian soaps ever. No content, no message, too long, senseless and boring. Take it please. It is annoying

  12. Agree with all of the above . This show is getting so boring. I can stop watching for a month and come back to it a month or so later and no developments. It’s like time stood still.

  13. Amal

    LMAOOO Preeta is back to protecting ‘ her family ‘ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Gurcharan Singh Al Jaswan Singh

    This serial is rubbish

  15. When are they coming back on zeeworldtvafrica cos I can’t wait

  16. Y didn’t syrlin deliver her baby still..is she not conceiving a human baby??? I think the writer has a gagni memory…boring serial always the devil won

  17. This is why her show rating is dropping because she’s making evil win over good enough with the blackmailing and other things reveal the truth already about akshay and kick mariha out and kareena stop degrading middle class people look what you doing to others hurting their feelings but no one can hurt your feelings.

  18. You know what the writer don’t know what to act they should just stop this f**king reality show is not working anymore preete can not get enough prove in any crime in the other hand sherlyn pls when can you give birth i am tired of all this drama

  19. This show is boring. I have not watched from krithikas engagement because i knew nothing will move. So i wont watch until something changes. Rather read the write ups than watch it. The writer needs to start getting new ideas because this series is slowly going to die off and lose viewers.

  20. Let Karina also face some problem nah,why is preeta trying to safe her daughter

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