Namah 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Narayan Advises Raja Manu

Namah 7th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Narayan gets angry and lifts his trishul. His snake seshnag emerges in front of Manu’s wife and sadhus who identify him and think Manu completed his task. Manu’s wife Satrupa asks where is Manu. Seshnag says he was hungry, so Manu became his food. Satrupa shatters hearing that and says without her husband her life is useless, so he can consume even her. Seshnag throws Manu away. Manu and Satrupa thank him. He asks them to get into ship before cyclone emerges. Manu says he will not get into ship and will be immersed in cycle. Narayan emerges and asks him to get into boat for his safety. Manu apologizes and says he doesn’t want to. Narayan says fate cannot be changed, he created this nature/world and cannot stop himself from seeing it destroyed. Mahadev throws his trishul and creates cyclone. Narayan asks Manu to stop thinking much and get into boat. Manu gets on boat and keeps praying Narayan. Narayan in fish avatar drags ship. All gods greet Narayan including devi Saraswati and Lakshmi.

Raja Bali gambles and loses. His aide says he is losing game. Bali says gods play and when they get over it, they bring cyclone, but soon we will be more powerful than gods. Guru Shukracharya enters and asks why is he celebrating. Bali says he burnt Bali’s ship and got cyclone. Manu and his wife see 3 horses on boat instead of 3. Manu thinks it is Narayan’s wish and feels sad that he couldn’t save his children and praja. Shukracharya says Narayan loves Bali more. Bali says Narayan always blesses humans, but he will not let that happen now. Shukracharya says Narayan saved nautre/shirsti’s seed and will regrow the world. Bali asks what will happen with it. Shukracharya shows a small seed and throws it on ground, which turns into big tree instantly. He says Manu will grow shristi with dharam seed again. Bali asks him to tell him what to do. Shukracharya asks him to destroy dharam seed.

Vedas chant Om Namo Narayan. Ketup angrily shouts to shut up and complains Manu why king chose them for this task. Bali enters and says he chose them with a reason and orders to destroy dharma by killing vedas. Devi Saraswati asks Devi Lakshmi how will Narayan save vedas from asurs. Devi Lakshmi says Narayan must have thought a way to save vedas.

Precap: Narayan takes horse’s avatar to save vedas and fights with Madhu Ketup.

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