KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 25


The episode starts with Aryan in a shocked state asking Ranbir “What did you just say???” Ranbir tells him, “Whatever you heard!!! I LOVE PRACHI!!!!” Aryan asks him “Wait a minute, all this while, you were so desperate to make Rhea your girlfriend, and now, all of a sudden, you are saying, you have feelings for Prachi!!! What is all this???” Ranbir is dumbstruck for some minutes to answer the question from Aryan, but then he holds on his breath, and says “It was right that I was attracted to Rhea’s beauty and popularity in the beginning and always wanted to have a girlfriend like her, then, do you remember that I tried to propose her several times, during the Nature camp, during her birthday…finally, I got my chance, to do it!!!” Aryan is surprised, “What, you had proposed Rhea???” Ranbir replies, “Yeah, and believe me, I would have been with her today, as a couple, if she would had told me a “SIMPLE YES”, but it was her who pushed me towards Prachi, and made me fall in love with her!!!” Aryan shouts “What!!!” Ranbir continues ‘Yes, on my birthday, I finally gathered all my courage and went up to Rhea and expressed my feelings towards her, but….” Ranbir slowly describes in detail of his proposal to Rhea and also exposes how RHEA HAD ASKED HIM TO BREAK PRACHI’S HEART FIRST TO GET HER!!!!” Aryan is left dumbfounded to listen to all of Rhea evil manipulative tactics, then he gets reminded of the “Drug deal scam”, he remembers how he had heard Rhea confessing to his mom, of her hand in trapping Prachi in the drugs deal scam. Aryan feels disgusted and tears fill his eyes thinking, “Rhea is my SISTER!! And Abhi Mamu’s daughter, how can she fall so low?? Abhi mamu is not at all like that!! Is it because HER MOTHER is like that???” Ranbir sees Aryan lost in tears and asks, “What happened Aryan?? Why are you crying?? Is it because I hid Rhea’s plan of breaking Prachi’s heart from you!! Look Aryan, we are besties from the time, we came to know each other, and you are more of a own BROTHER for me, to whom I have never hidden anything about my LIFE, but that time I didn’t know what had happened to me!!! I know that whatever I tried to do was absolutely wrong, but at that moment I didn’t know what was right or wrong, my mind was just in the sheer madness that I have to win Rhea at any cost, but look at MY BHAGYA (FATE), that my own mistakes and wrong decision made me realise the meaning of TRUE LOVE, made me meet my true LOVE .”

Aryan is still speechless in confusion. Ranbir sees his confused state and asks him, “What happened bro?? Why are you not saying anything?? Aryan, I’m really ashamed of all my acts, but don’t punish me with your silence, bro, that hurts a lot!! Come on say something!!! Punch me hard, punish me but don’t break our friendship.” Aryan gives out a sad smile and tells him “Dude, I’m glad that you have realised your mistakes and also have penitence for them, and I’m really happy FOR YOU!!! That you have found your true love who is also my favourite Prachi!!!” Ranbir smiles beamingly in happiness and hugs Aryan tightly!!” Aryan is still sad and asks Ranbir “But what about my sister, Rhea??? Do you think her manipulative tricks using you to HURT PRACHI was her FIRST and LAST tactic against Prachi???!!!” Ranbir doesn’t get him, “What do you mean Aryan?? Tell me clearly!!!” Aryan continues, “Ranbir, you remember the drugs scam when you and Prachi were put behind the bars???” Ranbir gets reminded of it and replies, “Yeah!!!” Aryan says, “It was all a manipulation of Rhea with her friends to defame Prachi in front of Abhi mamu!!!” Ranbir is shocked and shouts out “WHAT???”, he then recollects each and every moment of that scam!!! He remembers how his parents, his chief and Prachi’s mom all had go through a deep emotional trauma of distress because of Rhea and realises finally all this was carried out by Rhea only to hurt his PRACHI!!! He gets frustrated and folds his fists tightly!!! Aryan notices his change of mood and continues, “Dude, if Rhea could fall to that extent before, then I’m sure anything in the future to hurt Prachi….” Ranbir catches his collar and shouts “I will not let anything happen to Prachi!!! Remember how I risked my life to save her from the fire, I can risk my life an infinite time to save her life again and again, I will not let anything happen to her!!!” Then suddenly, Ranbir realises what he had been doing to Aryan and leaves him. Ranbir says “I’m sorry, bro, I didn’t mean to…” Aryan tells him, “I understand, but you will have stay more cautious about Rhea, from now on, it is evident, she can go to any extent to harm Prachi. Wait, you told me that you had found Prachi in an unconscious state, inside Priyanka’s room during Diwali party, right???” Ranbir frowns at him and asks “Why are you changing the topic, Aryan??? Wait, do you mean to say???” Aryan looks at him soberly and nods, “Ranbir, I have the STRONG gut feeling that Rhea would have……” before he could continue, Ranbir breaks the glass of his window angrily with his hand and starts bleeding.


Sunny comes and meets Priyanka in DLF Emporio, Priyanka asks him “So, what is the news you want to give me??” Sunny tells her, “Ma’am, Shahana had come to give Rishi his tiffin box today!!!”, Priyanka bites her lips in anger and asks “Then???”, Sunny continues “I could see that Rishi is growing closer to her, but…” before he could continue, Priyanka slaps him hard, catches his collar and says, “Rishi is only mine!!! Only mine!!! Do you get that???”, she leaves from there ignoring Sunny completely, Sunny smiles and gets thinking “That’s a really WEIRD WOMAN!!! Anyways she thinks, she is using me, but the reality is I’M USING HER”


Aryan gets concerned for Ranbir and asks him, “What the hell are you doing??” he continues and tells him, “I think you should talk to PRACHI both about YOUR FEELINGS and EVERTHING TILL NOW ABOUT RHEA!!!” Ranbir remembers his meeting with Prachi that night and looks on.


Guys I know all of you are waiting impatiently for the meeting, but you’ll have a little more!!!

  1. pranbir proposal? Please 🙁 pls update soon 🙂

  2. Jasminerahul

    ranbir’s dialogues to aryan were too good.Aryan revealing to him about rhea trapping prachi in the drug case was good.but since rhea changed now I feel bad for her.I think now ranbir won’t believe rhea though she is a changed person.ranbir telling Aryan that he will not let anything happen to prachi n he can risk his life again to save her was passionate.like Aryan said ranbir should also tell prachi about his involvement with rhea. otherwise prachi will misunderstand that ranbir was faking love with her for rhea

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