Namah 27th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahadev Consumes Halahal

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Namah 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Narayan walks towards halahal poison when Mahadev stops him and asks if he will bear all the problems alone, he already lifted Mandar mountain on his back in tortoise avatar/form, he will not let him consume halahal now. Mahadev walks towards halahal and consumes extending his hands gathers halahal and consumes it. Mrityu watching it with Kalyug tells him that Mahadev will not leave even a drop for them, so she will go and stop Mahadev. Kalyug stops her and asks him to have patience. Mahadev consumes whole halahal. Devi Shakti holds Mahadev’s throat and stops halahal from entering further down his body. Halahal stops in Mahadev’s throat. Narad tells Nandi that Devi Shakti held Mahadev’s throat with love and stopped halahal, she is really great. Narayan praises that Mahadev is in

each atom of life and if halahal had entered Mahadev’s stomach, whole universe would have been in trouble, Devi Lakshmi stopped halahal with her hand so easily, it is looking like a most beautiful jewel on Mahadev’s body, now Mahadev will also be called Neelkanth and whoever chants this name will be free from any problems. Devtas chant Neelkanth.. Indradev says let us start Samudra manthan again.

Mrityu tells Kalyug that Mahadev consumed whole halahal and it is impossible to get it from Mahadev’s throat. Kalyug says possible is hidden in impossible and shows her 2 drops of halahal still left on a tree. Mrityu asks why don’t he consume it right now. Kalyug asks her to have patience and wait for right time. Asurs with devtas continue performing samudra manthan and get impatient when they don’t get what they desire. Amirth emerges and asurs are amazed to hear about it. Dhanvantri emerges with amrith pot. Asurs excitedly rush towards Dhanvantri. Mrityu tells Kalyug that asurs are so eager to get amrith. Kalyug says their greed for amrith will with take him towards remaining halahal drops.

Devtas comment seeing asurs eagerly rushing towards amrith. Asurs and devtas start fighting for amrith. Brahamdev asks Indradev and asur king Bali to stop fighting. Kalyug brainwashes Rahu that asurs like snatching things and not beg for it. Bali says fighting for amrith is the answer. Rahu snatches amrith from behind and shouts only asurs have right on it. Devtas allege asurs as tricksters. Narayan tells Mahadev when they are being called as tricksters, let him trick asurs and get halahal. He turns into a beautiful women. Devtas praise Narayan beautiful avatar. Mahadev describes her qualities and names her Mohini. Asurs gets mesmerized with Mohini’s beauty and stop fighting.

Precap: Kalyug via halahal hypnotizes Narad and Nandi
who request Mahadev and Narayan to end their friendship.

Update Credit to: MA

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