Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedika and Kartik’s bitter argument

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira saying I would have told you if school informed me. Kartik says I would have told you also. She asks why didn’t they call you instead me. They argue. Kairav asks them to stop fighting. He says I m practicing for interviews, you always fight, say sorry, I feel sad. Kartik stops the car and says sorry. Kairav smiles. Kartik says naughty. Naira says I knew he is acting. Kartik says but he said right, we are going to get his admission and fighting. Naira says sorry. Kartik says Kairav will learn new things. Kairav says I will teach you also.

Dadi asks did you see Vedika. Suwarna says no. Guard says Vedika left, speeding the car. Dadi asks did she go to Singhania house. Suwarna asks guard to go to her dad’s house. Dadi prays. Vedika comes to Singhania

house. She greets them and asks where is Kartik. Bhabhimaa says he went out with Naira and Kairav. Kartik, Naira and Kairav meet the principal. Kartik says our child is lucky to get mid term admission. Principal says you do a lot for the school, management had to agree. Naira asks her to take Kairav’s test before interview, process should be fair. Kairav says I m ready for the interview. He answers the questions.

Principal says you have worked hard on him, he is bright, I m glad to see your coordination. Kairav says my parents are the best. The principal asks them to sign the form. Kartik and Naira sign on the form. Devyaani says I was feeling scared. Naksh says this blame may come on Naira. Bhabhimaa says it will. Kartik, Naira and Kairav come home. Kairav says we will go for shopping. Kartik says we will take whatever you want. Kairav says don’t tell them. They see Vedika.

Kairav says I went to my new school, there is a swimming pool also. Vedika says wow, go and call Vansh, he would be missing you. Kairav goes. Vedika says I need to talk. Kartik says we will go home and talk. She asks are you in a mood to go home, I want to talk right now, Kairav will come back, let me finish. Naira and everyone go. Kartik asks what’s all this. Vedika asks are you asking me, since when will this go on. Kartik says I have come to spend time with my son. Naira hears their argument. Vedika says you are married now, by your wish, I supported you, you got Kairav home, you said Naira will also come, you didn’t think how would I feel. He says sorry Vedika, lets go home, nothing is imp to me than my son, give me some time. She says I want your time, what did I do to get punished. He says I feel bad, its not in my control. She asks how shall I pacify my heart, I hate this life.

He says no, its not our mistakes, I didn’t know my wife will come back. She says you knew you married me by your wish, you tell me is this fair, you didn’t know anything and feel responsible. Vedika says you have relation with me. He says yes, did I break relation with you, I know its unfair with you, I m responsible for this, it wasn’t easy for me. She asks why can’t you give me my place, I m your wife, why do you treat me like an Italian statue in Goenka house, I can accept Kairav, but Naira… Kartik asks how did she come in between. She shouts she is in between, our marriage is nothing, I feel like a small child lost in crowd. He says I m doing this for my child, you and Naira aren’t involved in this. She scolds him. He shouts Vedika…. Naira cries hearing them. The argument goes on.

He says leave me and my child alone, I just want him, whoever want to stay in my life can stay and whoever doesn’t want to stay can’t. Vedika says I wish you knew this, everyone will say your ex wife came between us, getting along her child, fine then, we will tolerate this, Naira and me… but you do what gives you happiness. He goes upstairs. Vedika cries and leaves. She says keys are inside… She walks out. Naira goes after her. Vedika runs. Naira asks for her. A man tells her. Naira runs shouting Vedika. Vedika thinks of Kartik’s words and cries. She goes to jump down the cliff. Naira comes and stops her. Vedika sees Naira.

Naira says its happening because of me, I will fix this. Kartik gets divorce papers. Naira says I will divorce Kartik. Kartik says Naira has sent divorce papers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stupidity, atleast now ,kaira should realise their mistakes and sit and explain themselves and also to their family & Vedika..

    Now this nonsense track , Naira giving divorce but Karthik can’t live without his son..

    Atleast use it common sense and brain

  2. Stupidity, atleast now ,kaira should realise their mistakes and sit and explain themselves and also to their family & Vedika..

    Now this nonsense track , Naira giving divorce but Karthik can’t live without his son..

    Atleast use it common sense and brain.. Tellymag

  3. Kaira has a habit of running away from can kartik take it all so lightly..usko v itna sense hoga ki vedika kabhi na kabhi to ye sab dekh k effect hogi..either choose vedika or naira..har waqt son son karta rehta hai..

  4. what nonsense?
    Divorce drama is going to be ugliest
    I wonder when will kaira understand their mistake and also their child’s feelings,about which they both don’t care of

  5. I didn’t expect these many things between kaira.they are spoiling vedikas live too.and seriously they are always running from problems.sad for yrkkh this phase.

  6. Nonsense track I have ever seen in YRKKH

  7. r u srs the divorce track before was heartbreaking enough but to c it again that’s too much not 2 mention the custody drama these tracks r killing me and srsly wat is it with naira deciding everything by herself does she rly think divorcing kartik will make him hpy I don’t likfe this naira she should fight 4 kartik instead of having vedika put her down time and time again especially since vedika isn’t rly his wife

  8. Soofia bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia naira dint send the divorce papers it was vedika because vedika what’s naira kartik to divorce each other so she can snatch kartik Kairav away from naira how can vedika separate naira kartik wen naira kartik won’t ever divorce each other again forever

  9. Vedika's friend

    Well done Vedika!!! I am do proud of you. You showed the mirror to that idiot Karthik…kya dhoya hai👏👏👏, Naira could never😂😂😂.

  10. Vedika have already broken material relationship between feudal Duke prince named Kartik and his feudaless duchess princess named Naira She is wanting to santch their son feudal family heir Kairav from her ,. The last human symbolic resemble of her husband feudal duke prince Kartik ,. Because the cause is the producer Rajan Shahi collaborated /- mergered /- professional partnership between Pearl Grey and Shanti Bhushan

  11. Here 100%kartiks mistake , what vedika saying I like it because of his crazy ness naira will be gettingtaunted , he is ruining 2 lives . Writers again divorce custody case is not good .writers what are you guys thinking , is yrkkh fans are that fools
    Always divorce , marriage doubting etc other than that u guys r not getting any ideas. What are you guys thinking writers , you guys don’t have any value for marriage and love, always u guys are focusing on kaira whatever happens blame goes on naira and their marriage life is affected.
    Don’t do this kind of stupidity writers please

  12. Vedika have already broken material relationship between feudal duke prince named Kartik and his wife feudaless duchess princess named Naira and now she is trying out to santch their son feudal family heir Kairav from her ,. This means that the producer Rajan Shahi had already his production organization authorized as Director’s kut collaborated either /- mergered else /- professional partnership between the his second scripted fiction project show Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai produceress Pearl Grey and politician turned writer turned production Shanti Bhushan
    professional partnership between the produceress Pearl Grey and politician turned writer tuned producer Shanti Bhushan with their production company authorized as Spell bound production walk water media ltd scripted fiction frist project Maan ki awaaz Pratigya since 2009 but when frist Karan Mehra left and Arhaan Behl also left the shows and than their replacemens Karan Mehra’s replacement Vishal Singh and Arhaan Behl replacement Darshan pandeya and took place them as Naitik and Krishna After five
    months for fifteen days Hina Khan switched to big boss and Pooja Gur switched to Pyaar tune kya kiya the content of the scripted plot summary turned to Naira Kartik and some other far family friends relatives and their all the pawn and one Krishna’s brothers he is as his own named Samarth,.

  13. Wowwww now the show’s name should be changed to yeh divorce bhar bhar kyuon Hota hai 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  14. The only sensible character in this entire show is that of Vedika. Every word that she said today was absolute truth. Rest all of them are behaving like retards and emotional fools. 100% the mistake is of kaira. Kartik should realise that now Vedika is his wife and should be his topmost priority, even above his son from his previous wife. Naira on the other hand is simply doing a stupidity by staying in the city. She should go back to Goa along with her son and start life afresh.

    1. Naira can’t leave the city o one size kartik is threatening her and it’s not hard for kartik to g to goa that time also blame goes on naira and this stupid show and writers can portray like illegitimate relationship . Nobody will blame kartik but everyone blames naira for the too.
      Atleast it good that she is in mayka and secured here with elders , naira gets moral support and she need to answe kaira.
      It’s not that easy to leave city and go.
      Vedika and kartik has to work on their relationship not naira. She did her work.

  15. Majority is not liking this story line I don’t even want to watch this , I couldn’t stop myself by mentioning to writers this and I just want to quit watching this show .
    I just want to highlight instead of naira just deciding herself and giving divorce papers to kartik she shld consult her elders and inform to kartiks family wha vedika did( suicide attempt) and let elders explain to kartik and all the elders and these 3 decide all together come to conclusion. Common writers all the elders are still alive let the elders characters do their characters some justice.
    Kartik is so pampered whatever he wants to do his family will just let him do . Yes I accept sugar a made him understand she did her motherly duty .
    What about that stupid dadi by heartattack thing she can make kartik to convince for marriage but she can’t do other things. They shld remember bcas of their family naira and Naksh lost their mom.
    Even kartik has to remember and vedika shld be known that too
    Show some sensible and realistic writers, don’t make this serial worst. If u can’t just end this show.

  16. is these vedika don,t have no shame, when naira went to goenka house, vedika taunted naira, then how dare these vedika came to naira maayka.

    1. because she can ….vedika is in no way wrong here … she is just asking for her place in the family…..I don’t ship kaira anymore….It would be better if kartik and vedika are a couple

  17. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    see while y’all quarreling in here… my mom said she read a segment where Vedika will eventually leave the house… then Kairav will get sick again, and dies 😣 n this will lead to another shadi for Naira and Kartik… don’t know how true but…

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